Do any ladies at maintenance want to share height & weight ?

VickiLogan11 Posts: 99 Member
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Really interested in seeing others height and weight as I'm not sure I'm seeing myself right since I lost weight iykwim. Maintaining in the range of 129-134 llbs and I'm 5'9". Although I'm not feeling happy at top end of that range. I would like to see where others are at. I'm especially interested in getting lean and seeing others who are already there so I can have an idea of that. Thanks in advance.


  • michaelabennet
    michaelabennet Posts: 8 Member
    I am 5"4 and currently weigh 150lbs, I want to weigh 140lbs or less.
  • artsyfoxx
    artsyfoxx Posts: 14 Member
    5 foot 7 at 205 pounds, looking to loose about 50 pounds.
  • MissMary75044
    MissMary75044 Posts: 517 Member
    5'4 and 103lbs
  • SaradeWaal
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    I am about 5'9 or 5'10 and 198 pounds. I'd be satisfied if I lost 20 pounds :)
  • Caitoriri
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    I'm 5"4 and 142 lbs. My goal is to reach about 125 lbs. I'm more concerned with my percentage of fat than my actual weight, since a muscular woman my weight and height would probably be far more healthy than a skinny-fat woman my height and 10 lbs lighter.
  • DrCaspianDoll
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    4'11 and 3/4 at about 145 lbs here, looking to lose 20 lbs, add me!
  • annette_15
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    105-110 at 5'1
  • mamadon
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    5'4 and 145 pounds
  • jenniferjohnsonament
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    I'm 5 foot 8 and 150-153 lb range. I reached goal range about a month ago and I've been focusing more on body fat and measurements now that my BMI is healthy.

    I do my first round of measurements next week, but have a feeling they are down as clothing is significantly looser! I'm doing strength and cardio circuit training 4-6 times a week along with ab/arm/and leg work.
  • Crawflowr
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    I'm 5' 8" and 140-142lbs, dropped from 177lbs in 2011 took 6 months to reach maintenance weight of 140lbs and have maintained since. Goal calories are 1640.
  • cbhubbybubble
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    5'3" and in a maintenance range of 137-142. I bounce around in there. I'd like to get to 135, but these last few pounds are a challenge. My original goal was 130, but I look pretty thin at 137, so probably not. Someone recently guessed I weighed 110. I credit lifting throughout my weight loss with keeping me a little more compact than if I'd just lost weight.
  • kristen6350
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    5'11, 36 years old, maintaining range 145-155. I'm 149 today. I notice when the range is tighter I get a bit overboard about things and I'm miserable.
  • maasha81
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    I am 5'4", 33 yr old and maintain at 112 - 115 lbs. Currently lifting consistently at least 3 times a week so wouldn't be surprised if my weight increases a bit.
  • SezxyStef
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    I am 5 ft 7 42YO hit maintenance last summer at 143 and was eating 2400 calories a day, lifting 3x a week and just walking about 10 miles a week.

    Gained over Christmas and my vacation at an all inclusive so looking to lose that plus 3lbs to get me to 140lbs with my range being 135-145.

    I am still lifting and looking to include more cardio and considering adding in running this summer since I quit smoking.
  • CourtneyMorris22
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    I'm 5 ft 2 and weigh 116lbs. I'm perfectly content where I am, I can wear my size 1 jeans and fit into my size small tops, so now it's just about maintaining. Maintaining is hard because I have a sweet tooth of 300 lb woman!
  • RosieRose7673
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    I'm 5'4.5. I just measured my height... Always thought I was 5'5! WAAAH! Anyways, I'm 26 years old. I started maintenance at 133... But this past month I've dropped to 129. Still working on getting enough calories apparently!

    I love where I'm at though. I weigh about 8ish pounds more than I used to before I gained a ton of weight a few years back. But I fit into a smaller size perfectly! I currently wear a size 0 in jeans and S/XS in shirts.
  • CrabNebula
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    5'5", currently 133lbs. Maintenance range is 125-140lbs.
  • nlbez
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    Im 5ft 4 and float between 140-145 lb and feel i look to thin if i go much lower than that x