One Year In, 76 pounds down (Long and full of photos)

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I did it! I made it to my one year anniversary!

And now the long story:

In March 2014, I went to the doctor for the first time in 7 years (thanks, Obama!). I walked out completely overwhelmed with what I'd been told. My doctor had diagnosed me with severe depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation and insulin resistance. He told me that I had to lose weight. My BMI was 38.7. I was carrying 232.3 pounds on my 5'5" frame.


A month later I had wrapped my head around what all these things meant for me, and I decided to get serious.

I took some photos and was totally shocked at just how big I was. I mean, I knew I was overfat, but I didn't know just how old, tired and miserable I looked. So I joined MyFitnessPal.

The biggest reason I had been consuming more calories than I was burning was my soda and coffee intake. It was ridiculous. Cutting down on those two things helped me get started. Then I started cutting my portions down. I still ate everything I used to - just less of it. I learned how to do that on the forums :)

Then I discovered yoga, and what I could really do with my body.


I felt so empowered - to really, fully understand that *I* was in charge of my body and what it could do. I got rid of all the "I can'ts" in my brain and really started pushing myself.


I was still doing moderation, not really paying much attention to macros or anything else. Around December, I hit a "plateau" - which wasn't a plateau at all, but me being lazy with my logging. I had gotten burned out an apathetic. So I took a logging break for a week. Managed to lose weight during that time and find my motivation again.

I started with an IIFYM approach and started lifting heavy (<3) in February. After that, I really started *loving* my new body.

The muscles (small though they are).


My sexy waist.


And my butt. I love my butt.


I still have 6 pounds to go until I hit the high end of my goal weight range (140-149), and a healthy BMI. But I've done so much for myself over the past year - and I'm going to celebrate it. I'm amazing.


I've lost 15" from my waist, and 14" from my hips. My BMI is 26.0, from 38.7. I no longer have insulin resistance. I'm healthy, strong, fit, flexible and happy. I currently weigh 156.0 pounds - that's 76.2 pounds lost in 365 days :)

And I did it all by moderation, portion control and realistic goals. I still have a coke with dinner, gelato some nights, pizza. But I also make sure I'm eating fruit and veggies and meeting both my macro and micro nutrient needs. It's all about balance.

The only secret to weight loss is commitment. Be honest with yourself, weigh your food and work hard. It's all about the CICO!

Thanks for reading all this :)


  • PAZlady
    PAZlady Posts: 59 Member
    Great job!!!
  • sweetie1975
    sweetie1975 Posts: 154 Member
    Awesome transformation, you look great! Keep up the awesome work!
  • jrline
    jrline Posts: 2,353 Member
    congrats way to go

  • MyTurnNow2018
    MyTurnNow2018 Posts: 36 Member
    AMAZING job!!!!
  • dredremeg
    dredremeg Posts: 202 Member
    You look GREAT!
  • CoachJen71
    CoachJen71 Posts: 1,200 Member
    You have done an incredible job. I have been shying away from trying yoga and pilates, because I keep thinking I can't do it. I am going to give it a try now, though! *hugs*
  • MisterZ33
    MisterZ33 Posts: 567 Member
    thats NUTS!

    well done!
  • IAmTheGlue
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    Good job! You look fantastic!
  • TheVirgoddess
    TheVirgoddess Posts: 4,535 Member
    Thank you all :)
  • ladyu
    ladyu Posts: 70 Member
    you look amazing!!!! keep it up girlie!
  • jennycina93
    jennycina93 Posts: 127 Member
    You look amazing! Great job :)
  • urloved33
    urloved33 Posts: 3,325 Member
  • esskatee
    esskatee Posts: 1 Member
    WOW! Congratulations!
  • payton58
    payton58 Posts: 19 Member
    Wow great job. Hope I can take inspiration from your journey. :)
  • Terryb99
    Terryb99 Posts: 23 Member
    Awesome job!
    what an inspiration for us all.


  • Hearts_2015
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    Lookin Good... fantastic job, you look great :)
  • ladieofthebees
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    edited April 2015
    You really ARE amazing. And your butt does look great! *is jealous*

    Amazingly well done, you are definitely an inspiration to just keep at it :smile:
  • bhokanson2015
    bhokanson2015 Posts: 75 Member
    Fantastic job, inspiring.
  • Dragn77
    Dragn77 Posts: 810 Member
    AWE!!!! Im so incredibly proud of you, and honoured to have you as a friend!!!!

    Really wonderful too, to read your whole story and just how far youve come in just one year.

    Happy Anniversary you stunning, motivated, goal reaching goddess you! :blush:
  • TheVirgoddess
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    Dragn77 wrote: »
    AWE!!!! Im so incredibly proud of you, and honoured to have you as a friend!!!!

    Really wonderful too, to read your whole story and just how far youve come in just one year.

    Happy Anniversary you stunning, motivated, goal reaching goddess you! :blush:

    Thanks, friend <3
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