Goal: Let's get out of the 200s!!!!



  • ShowKitten
    ShowKitten Posts: 434 Member
    Love this! At 225 right now and trying to get into the elusive wonderland before going back to university this September
  • maryke22
    maryke22 Posts: 15 Member
    Can I join the group? I am stuck at 285lbs losing the same 5 lbs over and over. Having problems sticking to tracking my food for more than 3 days in a row! Love being a cheering squad but struggling with dedication to myself.
  • shiquirlin
    shiquirlin Posts: 7 Member
    I am In. My goal is 175ish, after 15 years over 200.
  • mogobam
    mogobam Posts: 25 Member
    I'm in! I started at 224, and weighed in at 207 this morning.
  • tlh68
    tlh68 Posts: 25 Member
    Add me! I am at 215 right now. So want that 199.
  • eAddict
    eAddict Posts: 212 Member
    At 218-225 for over a year now. ONCE dipped to 199 but the body just doesn't want to stay down!
  • lnhanson
    lnhanson Posts: 12 Member
    Please add me! :-) At 235 now, long term is 140-160, but short term definitely under 200! Hoping to do it by labor day :-)
  • Ivyzmama
    Ivyzmama Posts: 108 Member
    Add me! 'm at 200 lbs now and I can't even bend over enough to tie my sneakers on any more. I'm exhausted carrying this figurative backpack of 80 lbs of fat around with me 24/7! I want to take this "backpack" off!
  • larueam
    larueam Posts: 4 Member
    Add me please! Currently at 260... not a number I thought I would ever see. Lowest was 195 about 4 years ago, ultimate goal would be around 170-180.
  • larueam
    larueam Posts: 4 Member
  • cassandrag93
    cassandrag93 Posts: 825 Member
    No problem! :)
  • thetwudu
    thetwudu Posts: 3 Member
    Count me in! I had gotten down to 197 from 254 by November 2013 and today I'm at 222. Got to stop it now before it gets worse!
  • omgeneus
    omgeneus Posts: 2 Member
    Current weight 206. Soooo close to 199 !
  • JustinaJohnson83
    JustinaJohnson83 Posts: 8 Member
    I started out at 245 as well, currently at 236 after 3 weeks of MFP, but also seemingly stuck. Haven't lost a pound in two weeks grrr! I've kicked up my exercise routine by adding cycling, hoping that works. Sent a request, looking forward to reaching goals together!
  • 2fabulous2Bunfit
    2fabulous2Bunfit Posts: 47 Member
    Add me if you like! I'm currently just over 200, lost over 20 lbs but that was mostly baby! My second child is now 6 weeks and I really need to get motivated!
  • paradog
    paradog Posts: 378 Member
    Currently at 216 (lost 4lbs this week!) short term is sub 200 than eventually sub 170. I could always use supporters and motivation! add me!
  • Flobaseki
    Flobaseki Posts: 2 Member
    count me in. started out at 238lbs in January and down to 214 presently.End goal is 180 CANNOT wait to crossover to the 100's side.if i may ask what exercise regime are you on?
  • getfitformeee
    getfitformeee Posts: 65 Member
    This is an old thread I started in 2015, but I've had 2 children since then and made my way back in the 200s. As of this morning, I weighed 229, and would like some new weight loss buddies who are also working to get out of the 200s!! Please add me if you're actively working on this same goal, and have an open food diary. I keep mine open to my friends list bc it keeps me accountable and I find it helpful to see what's working for others. Let's get to ONE-derland together 💃🏼🥳
  • jambodesign
    jambodesign Posts: 410 Member
    I'm in. I have lost 78 pounds so far since Nov 2021. I have a long way to go.