article: "5 really simple new rules for weight loss"



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    I'm concerned that they advise to load up on nuts for protein... My personal opinion is that too many people believe nuts are a healthy choice (go, healthy fats!), so they eat too many to stay within their daily calorie allotment if they aren't counting calories. I could eat a whole lot of mixed nuts (like, a half a container...) and still be ready for dinner in an hour. Just a minor take-away from the article...

    I NEVER found any kind of nuts to be satisfying, with the exception of eating something with peanut butter - like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup when I was starving and it was 2 hours till I could eat a meal - that could take the edge off enough for me to tide me over....but eating a random handful of nuts here or there? No....never worked for me. I was still starved after eating the serving size....