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Welcome to a friendly community of women who support and encourage each other in this journey to fitness, health, and weight loss. smiley-happy110.gif

If you set some goals and resolutions for May, how did you do?

What goals or resolutions have you set for June?

If you are new, we welcome you, if you have been with us for awhile, we're glad you decided to continue in June.

Please sign your post with your name (or an alias) and your location, so we can get to know each other better.
1056287i3zmwzup2m.gif Barbie from beautiful NW Washington

Resolutions for May (with end of the month comments)
*walk at least 15,000 steps a day (every day but two, but kept the average higher)
*strength training twice a week (still floundering on this one but at least once a week)
*act the way I want to feel (this is what made my trip go so well)
*work in the yard 30 minutes three times a week (several days a week but not always 30 minutes)
*write the two letters I've been putting off for too long (finished and sent both of them and got replies)

June Resolutions
*walk at least 15,000 steps a day
*strength training twice a week
*don't take things personally
* figure out a good meatless low sodium stew recipe


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    already here :0)
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    Don't forget to click on the star at the top to bookmark this page....I just came back to do that so I can find all of you again in the morning.smiley-laughing025.gif
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    Call me crazy but I love to see other people happy and succeeding .

    Good Evening Ladies,
    I was just getting ready to copy and paste my post when Barbie posted the new room. Thanks for keeping us going, Barbie. <3

    Lisa, good goals and just keep up the good work. Congrats on the pounds lost~~

    Sondre, you are forgiven. FYI, when you hit “Quote” at the bottom of a post, it copies that post into your new post. You will get the hang of this thing, it just takes practice. So guess you need to post more often.

    Mary, big bummer on your colds. Get Cold eEze. How wonderful that you can take your time moving things. That is my favorite way. Feel better fast.

    Linda, when I used to step on the scale at different times during the day, that did get discouraging. Mainly because my weight kept going up all day long. Lol Now I weigh every morning and not again until the next morning. The only exception is when I have a doctor’s appointment and have to weigh at his office, which is always heavier than my first thing in the morning weigh.

    Allison, I’m sure you haven’t gained enough weight to even notice. I’m sorry DFIL hurt your feelings. I can’t believe, even in his condition, that he called you “fatty”. I might have to retaliate for that one. ((Hugs))

    Sylvia, sounds like you just had a great day of shopping. Eeewww on the Root Beer Milk. That sounds areful, but glad your friend liked it. I laughed that you didn’t even make it to the supplier you made the trip to see. (Good story) Your rugs sound cool.

    , good to see you as it has been a while. Sorry about your cold. Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

    Meg, I know I’d feel guilty if that were my DH that had pneumonia. They are usually such babies when sick that we don’t know when to listen to them.

    Carol, glad you are home safe. Tell us more about this date? And good for you for going!!!! Did you meet him there or had you met before? Come on. Details. Oh just read your next post. That S#$%! At least you have had your first date, now on to bigger and better.

    I don’t know where May went??? **looking around on the floor** :* It went so fast that I never had time to get in a groove and my weight shows it. I am a basket case when I have a cruise or vacation to look forward to. Nothing planned in June, so maybe I can concentrate on living right including eating and exercise. I only lost 3 pounds in May, but that's never one of my goals. I have dropped another size, so very happy with that. I wasn't as good on exercising so that is at the top of my list for June along with keep eating smart. Today was a day to rest and start putting up things from the Garage sale. I'm happy to report that everything is packed and put away. I got all the new dishes washed and in the cabinet and packed away the old ones. Tomorrow is a way past due trip to the nail salon. Ladies, thank you all for the support and inspiration that you provide.

    I wish us all a very healthy and happy June. <3

    Words I live by:
    Savor. I have to slow down and savor every bite.
    Opportunity. Each day offers new opportunities for good health and happiness if we just look for them and choose them.

    Myrtle Beach, SC
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    Had a problem with the DVD from Stephanie Huckabee so I did a yoa one by Ellen Barrett instead. The plan for tomorrow is to do one more segment of the Tummy toner DVD, hold my plank, then take the extremepump class. Update: Problem fixed, it was more of a user error than anything else. Oh well.....

    pip - can anyone compare to Kirby???

    Becca - you know what they say "a man is only old when he stops looking". Yea, I thought it funny that pip called me "exterminate", but I knew she meant me. Horray for the liver transplant!!!!! I don't weigh. Not sure why, just never have. But those measuring cups -- couldn't live without them.

    Joyce - I love the movie "Mr Holland's Opus" We went to Texas Roadhouse last night for dinner. Jessica and Colby missed going when we were in PA so we took them to the TR down here. Anyway, some girls were walking out of there going to a prom. We asked which school has their prom so late. The waitress told us. Do you know where they were having their prom? At a bowling alley!!!! We go there on Mondays for our bowling and we know they have a banquet room attached to the bowling alley. I can't get over that that's what they're doing. When my kids went to the prom (actually, only Jessica went, well Denise went under duress), we had an after-prom party. Basically, the gym was really decorated. As a matter of fact, they would have walk-thrus for the parents while the kids were at the prom. It was a really big thing. They would have a "crash room" where the kids could just go and crash. The thing was that basically they were locked in until something like 5 in the morning. This way they weren't out on the streets, drinking and driving. It usually had a theme. This was one REALLY big production, we're talking they spent thousands of dollars. I bet those nursing home residents were quite happy

    Lisa - I live in Newton, which is at the foothills of the mountains. I love it here EXCEPT for the red clay. That stuff's the pits.

    - ouch for your ankle. Hope it heals fast

    - all my kids know not to buy me plants. I seem to have this uncanny knack that I just look at it, and it dies. The only thing I can't seem to kill are weeds

    Janet - sometimes I think Vince thinks that talking about exercising IS exercising. Just because he's exercising his jaw. Well, sometimes I do joke about exercising my jaw, so that may be where he's getting it from. But my bet is that he doesn't exercise. The only reason he eats pretty healthily is because I refuse to serve not-good-food (like hot dogs and hamburgers) exept every once in a while but then I have something else for myself. Good for you getting those sale signs down! I'm still using the every day plates that I got before Vince and I were married -- and we've been married 37 years!

    Lisa - do you get on the scale on Sundays? Then you're not failing -- even if you do get on it other days. I do that too but my "official" weigh in day is Saturday morning. Good for you losing during May! That's awesome. And the running -- wow! You are doing so well on all those other goals

    - don't worry one bit, you do just fine the way you're responding to threads as it is. So glad to have you with us!

    Mary from MN
    - feel better fast!

    Alison - I'm so sorry FIL (or was it dh?) said that to you. Remember all the times when he's grateful that you're there. If it was dh, you don't deserve that, you're too good

    - sounds like a wonderful shopping day you had there. Don't you just hate it when you buy something and then wish you'd gotten more? If you can, go back as soon as you can and get more. I got a pair of sandals, they are soooo comfortable. But they haven't been made since. I bought this real nice coverup for my bathingsuit, now I wish I'd gotten a few more since they haven't had them in years.

    Jess and Colby just left. Off to the pool now for me, unless there's something that Vince needs to have me do.

    So much for the pool -- I went out there, the sun was shining, but I felt a couple of drops on my shoulders. Hopefully, it won't last real long and I can go back out Update: no such thing

    - they take the headstones to the dump??? I would think they'd put them with the bodies wherever they're moving them to

    Well, today I didn't do so good. Ate a lot, but it was lot of decent foods. Like I had too many cherries. But I'll be back on the wagon tomorrow. I guess we all need a day or so when we just have too much of a good thing. Didn't log as I know I'm over. But I'll be back to strict logging tomorrow. I've already prelogged some things

    - I agree that you should post some pics of your tie dye, especially of what they look like finished.

    Feel like I did pretty well in May. My watch got really loose. Now just want to keep it that way in June.

    cruznvso from Canada - welcome. Tell us more about yourself

    Carol in NC - woo hoo, you hot babe you! You know, Georgia really isn't all that far from here....... This year it'll be 37 years for dh and I, I honestly don't remember dating! Update: oh no, married!!!! Well, it did get you back on the scene, so there was a positive

    kim - score on that room!!

    Lesley - you better watch out or you'll disappear.....lol

    Janet - good for you dropping a size

    Michele in NC
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    I finally posted and it's in the end of May.
    Happy June all.
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    What?!! June already!
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    Wow! It's June? When did that happen? Thanks Barbie. Too tired to write more, see everyone tomorrow.
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    May was that crazy chick that stormed out of the thread....
    >>>> pointing at her...wow....she is one quick chick!
    @exermom My simple reasoning to his healthy appreciation to women is all the nudey resorts fault....oh and the Navy! His liver transplant definately put the ZING back into our marriage. The only sad realization is that it took a disease, and 30 years to make it happen. Two more years and 3rd son will join the Navy. Our plan is that we will buy a retro trailer and drive around, see the world and have fun with each other.
    -To remember my purpose, enjoy life, smile often, appreciate my blessings, teach life skills to my son, love my husband, put myself first not last, be present during my day, to treat this body of mine like a temple not a trash can, to listen to what my body has to say, to take pleasure in eating, to laugh heartily until I cry, to log onto here every day like taking a vitamin.
    wow that about covers it eh?
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    Grandmallie, that's just mean of your FIL. And, looking at your pic, you ain't fat. What California Kim said. If your FIL is really out of it, would it help to think of him as mentally 2 or 3 years old?

    SC Janet - dropping another size is major, and shows that the scale Is Not Everything. And 3 pounds is 1 a week for most of the month, anyway. An Utterly Reasonable Amount To Lose.

    My June goals:

    Check in daily.

    Keep the calorie budget in the green.

    Walk in the mornings before work. (Very hard for me; if I listened to my body I'd sleep until 2p every day. I thought a job that started in the afternoons would be ideal until I actually had such a job.)

    JanetM (easier for the rest of y'all to write than Janet in NO. :) )
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    Carol ... Sorry about the first date .. Go figure!

    Cynthia ... Oh no!

    Alison ... Do not take FIL's statement to heart!

    Becca ... Awesome goals!

    Will post goals tomorrow

    Beth in WNY
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    Thanks Barbie! My May goals were,
    May goals :
    Make healthier food choices
    Stronglift 5x5, 3 times / week
    Move more sit less
    Drink 8 glasses of water
    Decrease cardio to 0 - 45 minutes on stronglift days
    Decrease cardio to 0 - 60 minutes on non-stronglift days
    Coconut oil pulling 4-7 days /week
    Word - prioritize
    Quote - I - Know - I Can

    I need to work on drinking 8 glasses of water. I also need to work on making healthy food choices. I am keeping my word prioritize because I need to keep myself as a priority so my goals can be accomplished. It seems like people try to pull my in other directions which can sabotage my workout schedule.

    I'm going to keep these goals for June. I am adding a goal of trying not to obsess over food. I think I will have success if I am consistent.

    June goals :
    Make healthier food choices
    Stronglift 5x5, 3 times / week
    Move more sit less
    Drink 8 glasses of water
    Decrease cardio to 0 - 45 minutes on stronglift days
    Decrease cardio to 0 - 60 minutes on non-stronglift days
    Coconut oil pulling 4-7 days /week
    Do not obsess over food
    Word - prioritize
    Quote - I - Know - I - Can

    Carol - he is a jerk! Poor wife! At least you had a test run.

    Janet from Myrtle beach- you are far ahead of me with packing up your sale. I need to get a set of dishes. The ones that my DH had when we got married have a gold ring 2 inches from the edge and i put one in the microwave and it went off like the 4th of July! It must be real gold inlay. He got them from the thrift store. Great job dropping a size!

    Allison- (((hugs)))

    Have a great night everyone!

    Mary from Minnesota
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    Well got up early this morning, 8 AM, so I could actually make it to Sunday School and have to get up early tomorrow morning to get that boob squeeze you all insisted I have ;) So I'm not posting much tonight. I wasn't going to post anything but I saw a couple of things I knew I had to respond to.

    Cynthia, headstones being put in the dump. What are they thinking???? I hope they make no money on thier wonderful real estate deal.

    I think it was Katla that was talking about alcohol ' Eliminate alcohol. I had an alchoholic beverage and noticed immediately how much it impacted me'. To a nurse this means alcohol gives you an impaction!!! Are you constipated my dear.

    and then Meg said something about they went to church and husband took a nap! I guess being tired makes me a little slap happy.

    Was in the choir this morning and we were to sing this song I had never heard of. I can usually wing it and I read music well enough that by the 2nd verse I can get it. But today was unusual. I stand up with my hymnal and I can't hardly see. Plus something didn't seem right about my glasses. So as I am sitting down after the song and taking my reading glasses off, my finger is able to go through the area I would normally have a lens! I bent down and saw the lens, tried to pup it back in but the frame was broke. The lady sitting beside me could hardly hold back her laughter up there in the choir. So went to Walmart and got another pair for about $6. l was lucky in that I also keep a pair in my purse which was right beside me.

    See you all in June. If my goal this month was to gain weight, I was successful.

    Joyce, Indiana
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    Thanks, Barbie!

    Carol: sorry about the married guy, but I agree it's great you're ready to date again. Take your time and do what feels right for you.

    My ankle is not as bad today. Will go to work tomorrow for the first time in two weeks (bronchitis). I know I'll be tired.

    Hope we all have a good day.

    Cynthia :flowerforyou:

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    Good morning : )
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    Thanks Barbie for posting thread.
    Carol - Just as well he lives a long way from you. Try again now you have done it once, second time is always easier. (Unlike many others here, my partnership has only been 5 years - although if counted as times we actually spend together it is probably less than 1 year!)

    Cynthia - Hope ankle gets better soon.

    Joyce - Good job I was not beside you, I would probably have had tears running down my face from trying to keep laughter in :-)

    JanetM - I am so glad my job starts at 7am, I know I would not be able to get anything done if I started later. Should actually be out shopping now but thought you guys were more important after last months inactivity.

    Becca - love your June goals. Whoops spell check just changed your name to 'be careful'
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    Thanks, Barbie, for keeping the thread going!

    My goals for June are:
    At least 10,000 steps daily (working my way back up after being a sloth for awhile)
    Add more fresh vegetables to my diet
    Drink 8 glasses of water daily

    Last goal is to maintain all of the above while I'm traveling for a week at the end of the month. We are driving from OH to TX to help DD move and experience tells me that I will have to fight to get my steps in AND to stay on track with water and healthy eating. I tend to snack when driving so need to pack healthy options.

    Have a great day, everyone!
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    happy first day of June...
    well here I was sitting in the family room and I hear a drip onto the rug.. so I go get the stepstool and go looking and touch the wall and it is mush :s Oh crap like we need this with all the rest of the stuff going on here at the house. I am hoping this doesnt send DH over the edge...
    Yes it was my DFIL that said that.. but my husband has called me chunky before .. teasing me but told him it hurt my feelings and he hasn't done it since.. although since we have all the cabinets in the living room and we are moving them around I had to squeeze through between a cabinet and a chair and he said im suprised you could get your butt through there :D .. when I got back out from where I was I slapped him and told him to shut up...
    he does like to tease...
    every weekend we are busy busy at the house trying to get stuff done.. no time for any fun.. hoping eventually we get to do something,but I have a feeling until the kitchen is done.. not so much
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    Happy June 1st....May ended with thunder storms and heavy rain fall.

  • DeeDee2211
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    Good morning beautiful ladies :flowerforyou:

    Thanks Barbie <3

    Will be back later to chat!

    Carol NC :) I say we get together and drive to Georgia and smack the nasty little &@^&lt;**@!!!!

    DeeDee in beautiful NC
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    Good morning ladies!

    Thank you Barbie for being our anchor! :flowerforyou:

    My May goals were: 1. Keep exercising and logging. Tick! :D
    2. Sort out the pile of admin in the office and do my rental accounts. Nope! I have just added to the pile!
    3. Do 3 things a week for my book publicity. Not quite! Did something every week. :)
    4. DON'T LET THE PERFECT BE THE ENEMY OF THE GOOD. :drinker: Getting much better at this.
    5. Decide on a new writing project. OK. I'm currently pursuing two. :ohwell:
    For June
    1. Sort out that pile of papers! :sad:
    2. Find 2 new avenues of publicity
    4. Get on with my new writing most days. Find the floppy disc of an old book and get it converted. :noway:

    DH off to cricket. I went food shopping, complained about the loud music and then had to redo all the bill as I had bought one wrong thing for the free offer. :sad: Do you see my June goal up there?
    Because of taking DH out I haven't done my morning writing and I'm feeling very guilty. I have to do my roots this pm for tomorrow's garden party and try to do something with my nails, then cook Hairy Bikers' chicken. See above June goals? ? I will make myself do one paragraph this pm. :)

    I bought a couple of colourful camisole vests this morning, some pyjama bottoms and a summer handbag. It's gold! ! ! ! I have been wanting a yellow one to go with my yellow knitted jacket, but this will go with it and lots of other things. Happy me! I love a bit of bling!

    Lots of love. Must have my squid and artichokes for lunch and then attack my hair.

    Heather in dull, soon to be raining, Hampshire UK