Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • mike_rom
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    Love the friends for accountability, motivation, and just for fun. Add me!
  • Jennifer123az
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    I wouldn't mind some friends on this journey... # GOLO #gardening #science #yoga #Hatha #half marathon #Mt.Whitney
  • ginamarie3420
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    Love this app. I just made the switch from WW to MFP. I'm looking forward to the support and motivation from the MFP community!
  • Spadesheart
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    Always looking for new friends!
  • alexis1616
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    Feel free to add me for support and motivation! Open diary to friends ☺️
  • shawnaleigh210
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    Would love to have some more active and supportive friends on here! I’ve been here for over 3 years, open diary, active, and very supportive of all of my fitness buddies! Feel free to add me! ;)
  • petethegamermfp2019
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    always happy to make new friends. UK based, open active diary - feel free to add
  • nancytyc
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    Looking for new friends. Many of my old friends just didn't stick with it. Looking for friends that are like me. I am 55 years old. I am T2 Diabetic 11 years now. Have gone off all diabetes injections and pills (except maintenance Metformin) and controlling with diet/exercise. I am currently on Ketogenic diet. I've lost and gained over my years on MFP. Life gets in the way sometimes, so that's why I need dedicated friends. I started at 327 pounds, fell to 198, and am now at 245 pounds. Goal is 165 pounds. I am a long distance truck driver (flatbed) along with my husband, so I'm away from home 3 to 4 months at a time. I prepare my meals ahead, freeze dry them, pack them in mylar bags and take them in the truck. Hubby and I are active cyclists, although we have been getting very lazy the last six months. We need constant nudging to get our exercise in. We also belong to Planet Fitness, which we can go to in almost any medium sized town in America, so we really have no excuses. Looking for friends that like to occasionally personal chat struggles and victories. I find that just having friends on the "face" of MFP isn't very helpful to me. So, in recap....anyone Keto, anyone a cyclist, anyone a gym jock, anyone a truck driver, anyone who can become a true supportive friend.
  • Ruben_244
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    Add me
  • stephsjourney2019
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  • markindia5135
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  • healingwmark
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    I need some friends!!

    Anyone trying to do this with a heart condition or chronic pain? hit me up. I feel so alone. :(
  • lsarcher78
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    Hey y'all 🙋 new here. Looking for some friends to help me stay motivated
  • jeanettesanch
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    Hello! I’ve been on here before but got off track , i recently started back up again and I am so motivated! Been logging for 30 days and I am 16 lbs down! (Lost a few pounds before I started logging) I would love some friends this time around to help keep me accountable! 😊😊
  • abigailreynolds1
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    Hey everyone! Always looking for more motivational friends! Add me :smile:
  • connorscm08
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    Feel free to add me! Just rejoined this app after a short hiatus. Need to be held accountable from now on lol! :)
  • lovelylosses
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    Meeee! I just joined (lost 50 pounds through better choices, now trying to lose 50 more by going balls to the wall). I'd love to chat with other women and gain inspiration / chat about food & workouts, etc.
  • smms0714
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    Hi all! Feel free to add me if you'd like. I'm fairly active on here, and always up for new friends. :)
  • Nataliewarde334
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    First Time Using This App Needs all the motivation and helpful facts about using this app as well as helpful feedback in weight loss being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
  • Justn83
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    Yes indeed 😊