Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • atucker0821
    atucker0821 Posts: 106 Member
    I'm back...

    back on step one.
    back at my highest weight ever.
    back to struggling through eating issues.

    I need friends and motivation.

    I offer the same in return.
  • phoenixrising5721
    phoenixrising5721 Posts: 2,252 Member
    Hi from Michigan. Always willing g to make new friends.
  • Maureen6961
    Maureen6961 Posts: 2 Member
    I am looking for friends!
  • EpilepsyWarrior
    EpilepsyWarrior Posts: 56 Member
    More friends who are women around 30 (but doesnt really matter) or have epilepsy or mental health issues. Looking for support and people I have things in common with.
  • MohsenSALAH
    MohsenSALAH Posts: 182 Member
    As your new friend, I promise to:
    *Like all food post, comment on most.
    *Read you food diary.
    *like picture of pets
    * congratulate you on progress
    * tell you how great you look (post only, not DM)
    * not be overly serious.
    * make you laugh at least once per week.
    * encourage always

    I will not
    *creep in your inbox
    * like cardio post. Eww cardio
    * judge food choice
    * criticize you for any reason

    He really mean what he said 😁👍
    A great friend 👍
  • Eric_smeric
    Eric_smeric Posts: 40 Member
    A few friends slots have just become available. I have very strict requirements including 1. have a pulse -- this is very important. 2. Be willing to have a little fun. 3. See number 1.
  • 1FitBabe
    1FitBabe Posts: 111 Member
    For those who are unclear how to add friends - click on the blue name under someone's profile picture. A pop up with 'Send a Message' and 'Ignore' comes up. Above the pop ups is the person's name in blue. Click on the name. Then click on the green 'Add as Friend' button.

    Now that you know what to do - add me :)
  • DrifterBear
    DrifterBear Posts: 265 Member
    Add me!
  • Jim_Kintsugi
    Jim_Kintsugi Posts: 58 Member
    So I think someone at work deleted all my friends.
    Came in today and my feed was empty.
    Feel free to add me back. So far I have one lol.
  • WC1982
    WC1982 Posts: 137 Member
    Add if you want
  • eddykuhan92
    eddykuhan92 Posts: 2 Member
  • corpsebride3406
    corpsebride3406 Posts: 13 Member
    Always on the lookout for supportive friends, I don’t really have much support anywhere else, so thought here is a good place to start😃
  • ozgurvh
    ozgurvh Posts: 182 Member
    let's connect and start to share :)
  • denisejane1992
    denisejane1992 Posts: 5 Member
    Have just started on my journey again. Have lost motivation and given up in the past but this time am much more motivated. Feel free to add me and we can support each other 🙂
  • Please... need motivation
  • Tony_Von_Stryfe
    Tony_Von_Stryfe Posts: 153 Member
    Chatty, funny, motivating, that's me
  • mariwrh
    mariwrh Posts: 11 Member
    I'm starting over so I'd like some motivation:)
  • andresfelipe53
    andresfelipe53 Posts: 14 Member
    Let’s go!
  • JakeTheSteak81
    JakeTheSteak81 Posts: 7 Member
    Add me