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  • Deedee1111111
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    Could use some encouragement! It’s my second time around.
  • Ironclad80
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    Add me, I like seeing others updates.
  • lmcgrath1988
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    In my spare time I am a creative writer, and more than anything I'm passionate about learning and teaching new things. A few of my current interests include cooking, reading, and simple-moderate hiking. If you want to see what I've learned about weight loss so far, or you're looking for someone to encourage you, friend me! I got you!

    I'd also love to hear from some of you. I'm no stranger to weight loss and the journey toward a more optimal state of health, but I'm sure there's no end to what I can learn from all of you as well. :smile:
  • MizzouWins
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    I am new here I have already lost over 100 pounds I am trying to lose the last 50 pounds just looking for motivation and connecting with people who struggle like me:)
  • Chaos_Angel
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    🧙‍♂️ friend me for magical times 🧙‍♂️ <3
  • SgtMaC42
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    Getting back into it. Want motivation and more friends!
  • laurajeffers1992
    Feel free to add me always do a daily diary and would love supportive friends ♥️❤️
  • petchulio5
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    Would love some more motivation! Feel free to add me!
  • Mister_X_
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    Hi my name is Xavier
    Always looking for new fitness friends
    To share the journey with
    Feel free to friend me.
  • tinuz
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    had my ups and downs....still going strong and no regrets....
  • jruiz4120
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    Hi everyone I have been on here for a few months so far so good. My work out of choice is running I try to do a 5k 4 or 5 times a week. Everyone feel
    Free to add me we can help each other reach our goals.
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    Feel free to add 😊
  • ItzDannyJr
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    Add me!
  • bigginsbengtson
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    I like to see other people progressing, it helps the motivation.
  • johnnydeadlift
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    Happy Hump Day! 🐪🍑💪🏼🏋🏻‍♂️
    I’m a Fit Dad and CPT from Chicago. Feel free to add me. 😊
  • LilyDaySpa
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    Hi my fitfam. Active daily user here and don’t let the numbers fool you because I know what it’s like to start off as a newbie and I’m a very supportive friend. Don’t believe me ask anyone 😜. I accept anyone with open arms. We are all here for a reason right???
  • MichelleHankammer
    Yes! I want more friends! Hit me up! I'm Hawaii time, so I'm kind of behind the mainland, but I'm on every day keeping my diary updated.
  • m1chg
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    Looking for friends too! I'm in the UK but happy for adds from anywhere. Doing Keto and on Day 10. Done MFP successfully before using calorie count but lifestyle change has meant a gain of 3 stone which needs to go asap as waiting for a hip replacement at 50. Joyous!

    Good luck to all on your journey and hopefully catch up with you some time soon.

    Michelle x
  • ozgurvh
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    I like to have new friends:)
  • pilotress
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    Hi All! Please add me so we can share in motivation and moral support! Curious to hear your stories should you care to share, privately or publicly.

    I'm just starting my weight loss journey (again). Been ages since I even tried due to having a baby then having very bad anemia and related health issues. Have 100+ lbs to lose and a lot to overcome both mentally and physically after letting myself get super sedentary and out of shape. Lots of contributing factors in life has made this path of least resistance easier than getting healthy including family issues, loss, finances, depression, yadda yadda. However, I take full responsibility for my current weight and looking to do the best I can to get back on track. I think the tipping point has been realizing that I've developed sleep apnea and that the apnea is likely the cause of much of my exhaustion and fatigue, not just the anemia and lifelong insomnia which I'd been attributing it to. Basically I've eaten myself into a position where I am too fat to breathe at night! Worse, it likely causes further weight gain in addition to the other issues. So if I don't climb out of this, I'll just keep gaining weight and feeling too tired to exercise and eat food for energy and so on. Also, having fat get in the way when I try to do basic things is pretty humbling.

    Spent most of my life not obese and in my 20s and most of 30s was 125-150lbs, ran regularly, did yoga almost every day, etc. I was also a vegetarian for over a decade and reasonably clean eater for much of that. So I know what it's like to be healthy but boy... my lifestyle is like night and day from that now. Seems like a huge uphill battle to make myself exercise when just walking a block or two makes me breathless and just a little exercise makes my back hurt and muscles burn. Going from basically binge eating tons of junk food and ice cream to counting calories and cutting sugar seems horrifying right now! But I've done it before so theoretically it's possible!

    Currently looking to just do a basic CICO plan but been lurking on /r/keto for a while and very curious about trying keto or low carb diet for the first time. Also interested in intermittent fasting. Very addicted to sugar and carbs though - help!

    Lots more to say but this is just a introduction thread, so hi! Any motivation or tips for a 42yo tech freelancer, woman with a toddler and general slacker, send em my way!! :)