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Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • PNWlife206PNWlife206 Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    Hey... looking for some support and some new friends!! Add me!!!
  • fitnessinmy30sfitnessinmy30s Member Posts: 377 Member Member Posts: 377 Member
    Always!!! Back after a few years and looking to get motivated and toned!!!
  • MPwife10MPwife10 Member Posts: 134 Member Member Posts: 134 Member
    I need a lot of friends to help me stay accountable. I've lost the weight (100lbs) before but a broken foot, pregnancy losses, depression and pregnancy (my rainbow) caused me to gain it all back...then quarantine cause me to gain 20lbs extra.
  • amy3458amy3458 Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    I can always use motivators and positivity in my corner, and I love having friends. Definitely add me
  • Mr_FatMan75Mr_FatMan75 Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    Hi yall. I'm always looking for more friends on here. I'm always willing to support others as well.
  • islander1024islander1024 Member Posts: 744 Member Member Posts: 744 Member
    If you need support - I give as good as I get 😁
  • TruvanessaTruvanessa Member Posts: 326 Member Member Posts: 326 Member
    Feel free to add me for support and motivation.
  • heffalump2014heffalump2014 Member Posts: 89 Member Member Posts: 89 Member
    Add me! I’m active on this app everyday, looking for positivity and recipies if you’ve got any :)
    New to this . How do you add friends ???

  • StepUpToTheChallengeStepUpToTheChallenge Member Posts: 34 Member Member Posts: 34 Member
    Feel free to add me
  • jjsavohjjsavoh Member Posts: 135 Member Member Posts: 135 Member
    Add me. I'm an active user.

    Let's keep each other honest, motivated, and in good humor.
    edited June 2020
  • CountryGirlatHeart97CountryGirlatHeart97 Member Posts: 305 Member Member Posts: 305 Member
    zachduden wrote: »
    I would love to have some friends to stalk... Errrrr.... I mean motivate each other! ;)

    Hahaha! Added! :)

    Just new as of yesterday would love some friends.😊😙
  • CountryGirlatHeart97CountryGirlatHeart97 Member Posts: 305 Member Member Posts: 305 Member
    Sally from New South Wales Aussie land
  • susiehaught1364susiehaught1364 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    1. Friends to help me reach my goals by motivating and supporting each other.
    2. Likes to socialize

    Let's do this !
  • CountryGirlatHeart97CountryGirlatHeart97 Member Posts: 305 Member Member Posts: 305 Member
    zachduden wrote: »
    I'm always accepting friend requests from motivational and inspirational people, so feel free to add me! Also, leave a comment below if you would like others to add you! :)

    Looking for some friends myself. Feel free to send me a request.☺😜
  • ozgurvhozgurvh Member Posts: 168 Member Member Posts: 168 Member
    Anyone can add me :)
  • TomFit18TomFit18 Member Posts: 2,540 Member Member Posts: 2,540 Member
    Good morning peeps...Have a great week! Feel Free to add me!
  • shaf238shaf238 Member Posts: 4,389 Member Member Posts: 4,389 Member
    Truvanessa wrote: »
    Feel free to add me for support and motivation.

    She's a good'un
  • Ginacoates95Ginacoates95 Member Posts: 13 Member Member Posts: 13 Member
    Hi 👋 I’m Georgina I’m 25 and from the UK I started my journey 5 weeks ago and I’m currently 18lbs down, looking to make new friends :) please feel free to add me I post daily and always here for a chat :)
  • HudsonsmaHudsonsma Member Posts: 37 Member Member Posts: 37 Member
    Happy June!!! Always looking for new friends ! Add me please all you wonderful people! I’m from Canada and a mother to two littles :) oh and P.S I tried to add someone as a friend and I don’t see the option ? DUH! Can someone tell me how ? Thanks
    edited June 2020
  • johnisrunningjohnisrunning Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
    Runner here, always happy to add more friends to support. Add me!
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