Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Berniebutt773
    Berniebutt773 Posts: 28 Member
    Looking for active friends. Been on here for years but haven't quite figured MFP community boards out yet. Lost weight, gained it back, losing again and working out consistently. Feeling good and back to pre-Covid weight.
  • persimmonious
    persimmonious Posts: 2 Member
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    Just getting started on this long journey and it's easier with friends. :smile:

    I'm 31, about 340lbs (~190lbs to lose), and fully committed to a new, healthier me.
  • Letsdreadlift
    Letsdreadlift Posts: 29 Member
    I wouldn’t mind some support! :)
  • emmawoolridge452
    emmawoolridge452 Posts: 1 Member
    Always looking for new motivational friends in this area !
  • kermitch
    kermitch Posts: 53 Member
    I'm keen for a few connections - just over 60yrs old, working, fairly fit from New Zealand. Working with kilos, so pounds take a bit more to calculate. Though they seem to show more results as they're a smaller scale!
  • M_Shay2414
    M_Shay2414 Posts: 63 Member
    I’m here...again...needing friends. Needing motivation. Last time I was on here, life hit hard and I just gave up. Not willing to do that this time. But would love friends to encourage and get to know as well as vice versa!

    Add Away!!
  • gbhullar801
    gbhullar801 Posts: 1 Member
    I am new to this. I joined because I want to learn new things about health and fitness. I have a experience of body fitness with natural way. So I run my blog If any one want to ask a question, feel free.
  • Roadie_Cyclist1987
    Roadie_Cyclist1987 Posts: 13 Member
    Yes please, a bit of motivation is never a bad thing!
  • N0easyway0ut
    N0easyway0ut Posts: 193 Member
    hi all, i am back on here after taking a few months out. hope to start connecting again and keeping MFP my daily routine again! i'm from Birmingham, UK. feel free to add me.
  • Staeting my journey today! Some MFP friends would be nice 😊
  • bserrano1508
    bserrano1508 Posts: 1 Member
    It’s cutting season! Add me to follow the magnificent journey.
  • Good Morning Everyone and Happy Thanks giving ! I’m not new to fitness pal but I’m new to looking for like minded friends who are supportive and encouraging through my weight loss journey! Pls add me if you are looking for the same support ! Thank you ! 🌻🍁🍂🏡
  • LoveCartier
    LoveCartier Posts: 1 Member
    I've had MFP since 2011 and never knew this was a thing. Please add me as a friend. I think having friends will help me on my journey.
  • FitAfter4D
    FitAfter4D Posts: 2 Member
    Hey there! I've been on and off MFP for a while now and I'm looking to stay on and be active for the foreseeable future. I'm in Southern California and looking to add other MFP'ers on similar journeys as friends so we can keep each other in check, learn from one another, and keep each other motivated. Doesn't matter to me if you're local to SoCal or across the world. As long as the goals are the same... accountability, support, progress, and sharing what works!
  • 5FitFierce
    5FitFierce Posts: 14 Member
    Hey MFP's! I have been on my health and fitness journey for a couple of years now and I've lost close to 100 lbs. I am on here to meet people on a similar journey as myself so that we can learn from and motivate each other.
  • jbucks007
    jbucks007 Posts: 8 Member
    I try to be consistent with working out, some ups and down. Always like having more accountability. Most of my workouts are BeachBody fitness and strength programs.
  • divinevulpes
    divinevulpes Posts: 2 Member
    Hi all! Not super new to MFP, but haven't used it in a long time. Currently working towards my goal weight, I started in June and have lost 25 pounds so far! Would love to have some friends on here to be a support system and encourage each other 😊
  • lyndseylee143
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    Hey, feel free to add me! You can also message me. I’m active on here daily. My dairy is open. I do post motivational things every once in a while. I do also like and comment on my friends things when I get a chance. I’m from Ohio, which is in the United States. I would love to have more friends. There could never be too many friends. Anyways, again, feel free too add me! Have a good day/night! 🤍❤️🤍
  • BeautifulDarkFox
    BeautifulDarkFox Posts: 2 Member
    I'd love to have friends on here to motivate me on my journey! If you are looking for the same, send an invite my way! :)
  • pessxx
    pessxx Posts: 1,246 Member
    Feel free to add <3