Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • cynthiawyx
    cynthiawyx Posts: 1 Member
    i need motivation too!
  • Theotherwhiteclint
    Theotherwhiteclint Posts: 341 Member
    Bring it on
  • h3l3nta
    h3l3nta Posts: 1 Member
    New here, would love some friends, feel free to add me😀
  • Fitandabbs2020
    Fitandabbs2020 Posts: 533 Member
    Add me if you like :)
  • MistrX_2020
    MistrX_2020 Posts: 9 Member
    If you looking for motivation and support in this fitness journey please feel free to add me!!!
  • reedbryant
    reedbryant Posts: 17 Member
    Yes, please. 36 from Texas.
  • true_north32
    true_north32 Posts: 2 Member
    New again! Please add. :smile:
  • balanc41
    balanc41 Posts: 1,508 Member
    Add away
  • Rich1044
    Rich1044 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, all have decided that now is the time to give myself a good kick up the *kitten* and lose weight. am from Southampton in the Uk and would love to have some friends to support each other so why not say hello
  • Rocoup
    Rocoup Posts: 669 Member
    Add me!
  • Berniebutt773
    Berniebutt773 Posts: 28 Member
    Looking for active friends. Been on here for years but haven't quite figured MFP community boards out yet. Lost weight, gained it back, losing again and working out consistently. Feeling good and back to pre-Covid weight.
  • persimmonious
    persimmonious Posts: 2 Member
    edited October 2020
    Just getting started on this long journey and it's easier with friends. :smile:

    I'm 31, about 340lbs (~190lbs to lose), and fully committed to a new, healthier me.
  • Letsdreadlift
    Letsdreadlift Posts: 29 Member
    I wouldn’t mind some support! :)
  • emmawoolridge452
    emmawoolridge452 Posts: 1 Member
    Always looking for new motivational friends in this area !
  • kermitch
    kermitch Posts: 53 Member
    I'm keen for a few connections - just over 60yrs old, working, fairly fit from New Zealand. Working with kilos, so pounds take a bit more to calculate. Though they seem to show more results as they're a smaller scale!
  • M_Shay2414
    M_Shay2414 Posts: 61 Member
    I’m here...again...needing friends. Needing motivation. Last time I was on here, life hit hard and I just gave up. Not willing to do that this time. But would love friends to encourage and get to know as well as vice versa!

    Add Away!!
  • gbhullar801
    gbhullar801 Posts: 1 Member
    I am new to this. I joined because I want to learn new things about health and fitness. I have a experience of body fitness with natural way. So I run my blog If any one want to ask a question, feel free.
  • Roadie_Cyclist1987
    Roadie_Cyclist1987 Posts: 13 Member
    Yes please, a bit of motivation is never a bad thing!