Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • mrdowell2017
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    Hi all Tony from England feel free to add atm on the road to add as much as possible love weights not cardio so much
  • adamwatt305
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    I’m returning back on here and could really do with some motivational people. Also people to chat about nutrition and fitness. Please add me if not have a nice day.
  • LoreleiReed
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    New to MFP, still learning to navigate this site. Friendly, like walks, has shots and don't bite, oh wait thats my Jack Russell... yeah I am too, friendly that is. B)
  • ix_flame_xi
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    Feel free to add me :)
    Always looking for more friends and motivation!
  • legblonde355
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    Always looking forward friends for support and accountability! Add me
  • oldrocker1979
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    This old girl has tried everything from WW to NOOM, Atkins to Nutisystem, walking 3 miles 7 days a week to working out in a gym lifting and 45 minutes of cardio 6 days a week for a year and several off best programs with very little success over the past 30 years. I have no trouble sticking with it and following the plan, I am just so impatient to see results. After 6 months of faithful workouts and eating losing 10 pounds is just not cutting it as I have 150 to lose and don't want to wait 7 years to see results. My doctor has recommended bariatric surgery and I am just not sure it will be worth it as I only eat twice a day and around 1300-1800 calories (so over eating isn't the issue) and still do not lose the weight. I have been heavy all my life and am being followed for hypothyroidism, T2DM for the past 15 years now. I just want to see movement in the right direction and trying to find the balance that my job will work around as well as financially. I feel I have wasted so much money, thousands, on the aforementioned things and I don't want to waste any more.
  • YogaMusician
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    looking for people !!! how does this community work ??!!
  • cherchechristine
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    Hi from Cincinnati--Returning to MFP after finally acknowledging the covid15! 58 and very active but need support with snacking & too much wine...i am single and that tends to bite me. Looking for support in same category...goal is to drop 10 before heading to Vail in Dec. any one out there feeling the same?
  • TylerLauren93
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    I could always use motivation! Feel free to add me, 😊
  • TylerLauren93
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    Trying to get back in shape, and lose 50lbs!
  • SWolfw00d
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    Hi, I would love some motivation and support
  • Tritriagain08
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    Hi all, starting again (:() and looking for a "tribe" - I have made goals for this next year that have nothing to do with pounds lost but hoping the result will be the same and the scale will move in the right direction. I have allowed myself to get over 250 lbs and spent the last year in therapy unpacking the emotional issues - still working on the mental aspect but now looking to add in the good foods and more physical activity. I have always been pretty active - this past year I have enjoyed hiking in Zions National Park and Glacier, last season was my first skiing and have a season past for this year, white water rafting and ready to bust out the snowshoes. Looking forward to cheering everyone on in their journey. Goals: bench 200, hike a 1/2 marathon, lose 12% body fat and leg press 400.
  • NeedCaffeinee
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    Hi! Here looking for accountability buddies and support. I lost 40lbs and am trying to lose my last 10 but it's just been very difficult for me. Feel free to add me!
  • alyshaccc
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    24 year old mama of two. I've lost almost 40lbs in the last few months and looking to lose another 20 hopefully.. Feel free to add me 😊
  • anna_nintey3
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    I'm always keen to have new friends but if you're gonna just delete me after a few weeks don't worry about adding me, I need supportive friends
  • Mangoperson88
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    I don't care of you ignore me :D I just want a bit of a noise on my newsfeed. It's getting dull and boring- I know it's holiday time in USA :) Just want to see people push their limits! That's it!!
  • bionicrooster
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    feel free to add me as well! I am 10 years and counting with MFP success!
  • Ecoffee93
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  • smithketomommaof2
    Lets do this! Add me!!
  • dulcedenisse
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    In need of more friends!