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  • Neon_hippie
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    Back on MFP after a hiatus. Wanted to say hello to everyone who is fighting that good fight to stay in the game. Since the newsfeed was taken away and the activity feed is much harder to get to...those couple of clicks make all the's hard to give a lot of support, but I'm here for it. I am working on losing weight and getting fitter, please add me if you'd like!
  • ImAJH
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    Add me :)
  • BronzeScorpio1111
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    Hello 👋🏼 Welcome!
  • fable1986
    fable1986 Posts: 2 Member
    add me. I am looking for more motivation.
  • TinLicker77
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    Good morning and happy Monday all. Jumping back in after a looooooong break from MFP. Would love some new friends to help stay motivated. Please add me!
  • WeightsMaster
    WeightsMaster Posts: 1 Member
    Hey guys! I would like to make new friends to do sports together and discuss dieting. I’ve been doing it for 5 y now, with a couple of years of breaks in total. I know much about the stuff, however I need to refresh my know a bit.
  • Rxman1971
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    Add me of like
  • KAurora5336
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    New to My fitness pal. Really enjoy the app and interested to talk to others to find out what else is useful in this be besides the food diary and calorie counter
  • BenjaminSwanson2656
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    Hey fitness pals! I'm Ben and new to this app. Recently I've been focusing more on my physical health than I have in the past and would love to get to know some other people in the same boat to motivate each other! Have a good day!
  • petersmatthewadam
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    Hey there :) going on the journey to get fit for my wedding in 2 years! Gotta start early to get the most out of it
  • Mamakat2889
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    How can I add people? This layout is so weird
  • Mmyers924
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    Could use community support and motivation. Can add me if you’d like to 😬
  • kirksie1973
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    Hi all. Please feel free to add. Always need help with motivation and support
  • TeaDrinkerBiscuiteater
    Motivation and support needed
  • jsimms2059
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    Brand new and need some friends
  • ameetkkhabra
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    Would love new friends
  • gail9993
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    Hi everyone. It would be great to connect with people here
  • Keto_Queen_
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    Hi there 😊
    I've been enjoying a low carb eating style since march and have lost about 11kgs.
    I was on carb manager but it got a little lonely so came back to mfp to connect with some amazing humans ❤️ Add me if you want to give and receive regular encouragement 😊.
  • charlottecornish1
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    Hi - I'm new-ish
    I did use the app years and years ago, thought I'd give it another try.
    Please feel free to add me, it would be great to see and share goals and motivation :)