Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • SaraRN2
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    How do you add people as friends?
  • melissaaridgeway
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    Looking for some more friends. I had to take a break a couple months back but I'm here again and ready to be healthy again. Add me!
  • AM_1974
    AM_1974 Posts: 27 Member
    49 year-old from the UK looking to keep my body in good nick as I get older. Feel free to add me!
  • ItsMeAnna3
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    I had to cancel apps linked to my email address because it got hacked so back again with a new account.. can't find any of my old friends but if you recognise me send a FR :) Anna from AU
  • AM_1974
    AM_1974 Posts: 27 Member
    You can never have too many friends when it comes to support on here!
  • dblirondog
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    I love to workout and I love the community here. Boom! There ya have it..... that's my speil. We can be friends.
  • I'm new here! Would love support! New friends are welcome!!!
  • csmcozart
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    Looking for some more friends. I had to take a break a couple months back but I'm here again and ready to be healthy again. Add me!
    I can’t add friends from the app on my iPhone. Please add me.
  • WorkerDrone83
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    I've been out for so long that I'm blown away that I actually remembered my password.
    Maybe some new friends will help keep me motivated to log my food and stay on schedule for workouts.
    All are welcome :smile:
  • rcxkfbkm8v
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    Hello world.
  • mikerommfp
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    Hey! I’m back and doing the MFP…again…

    My name is Mike and over the last year, have been through a LOT. With all the stress of life, I gained back about 20-25 pounds and looking to lose that again over the next couple months. I HATE to diet, but always eat better while I get back on track with my workouts so I’m not that worried.

    I love having friends on here to talk to and also to help motivate me and keep me accountable. Please add me as a friend and let’s chat and help each other out!4izj128rtxks.jpeg
  • Dr_Jay_23
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    edited September 2023
    Gained alot during COVID and have 100% WFH desk jobs. I gained alot and ended at around 330 lbs. Have been logging food and walking and 3 months later Im down 50 lbs. Im determined to get back where I need to be to feel better. MFP helps me do that. always lookiing for friends to give and get support through this uphill journey
  • ThisIsMegs53
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    edited September 2023
    Feel free to add me! I’m always happy to cheer on people’s achievements and motivate each other.
  • AM_1974
    AM_1974 Posts: 27 Member
    You can never have too much support on here, I'm 49 years old from the UK looking to maintain my health into middle age. Feel free to add me!
  • JulimarieS
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    Not "new" to MFP, but it's been about 12 years since I logged in. 57.5 years young and a wee bit outta shape and overweight. I workout 3 to 5 times a week at home, with the help of some ladies on YouTube. I like to switch it up between weights, Pilates & cardio, since we gotta keep our bodies guessing! Now that I'm back on MFP I am looking for and to give support and inspiration. So, I will be friending and please do the same. I do have a bit of a potty mouth, but I promise to keep it PG for you folks :blush: Thanks for being here and really looking forward to my journey with you folks ♥
  • lavarjharrell
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    Hello all! Returning user to MFP after QUITE a while away. After some injuries that sidelined me for a bit, I’m definitely needing to get back into a healthier lifestyle and have always found the community helpful. Looking for support and motivation and I always return the sentiment.

    Feel free to add me
  • Runation
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    Back again trying to get myself sorted using myfitnesspal for food logging, peloton for exercises feel free to add me here or on peloton name is runath
  • ItsMeAnna3
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    Always keen to get more friends on here.
  • nroset1085
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    edited September 2023
    Back on MFP after a couple of years off after having my kids (twins!), and the covid weight gain, and all of that. Started over with a new account and in need of new friends so we can motivate each other!! Feel free to add me!!
  • harmoneezy5368
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    Hey everyone! I got sober about 3 years ago and gained about 50 lbs or so. I am working to get to my goal but also focus on health in general. Feel free to add me!