How to tell if a woman is into you? Gym crush.



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    But in my opinion if she is in a relationship your head shouldn't even be there. Just focus on the friendship and if she is interested some how, some day it will come out.... Trust me it always does. Your talking to a girl that grew up as a Tom boy and once I grew a pair the dynamics of all my friendships changed and I have experienced it all. So long story short when the opportunity strikes you can make your move but until then don't say or do anything because you will scare her away or even worse force her to mention something to her significant other and he might prohibit her to see you again.

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    She could be in a terrible marriage. You never know. If she looks at you often and goes out of her way to talk to you, she might be into you.

    I don't think she's in a terrible marriage at all, but even if she were I don't want to get involved in any of that. So you are right, I am just focusing on the friendship. Really we are more just acquaintances in my mind but I want to know how to tell if her acts of friendship are genuine or if she just feels obligated to be friendly to me. What signs do women give?

    You are overthinking this wayyyyyyyy too much… Let it go
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    If she takes over the weight room :p
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    as a guy, if a woman asks me for the time i think she wants to get it on. but, the reality is...she really just wants to know what time it is


    PS, the leg-humping reply was classic! LOL!

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    Along the same token, if a guy at the gym walks in and first thing comes up to the machine you're using and asks if he can work in with you, then proceeds to glance over in your direction for the next hour, is he into you?

    Men will be men. I have seen man stare at me like a piece of meat whole doing pull-ups once like wth!!! I am not a steak and you are not the lion in Madagascar!

    You're right, that guy should not be looking at you like a steak, you are definitely a Tender loin! Some people just do not know their cuts of meat :)