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to carb or not too carb?



  • nvmomketo
    nvmomketo Posts: 12,019 Member
    Not too carb.

    Carbs don't seem to agree with my health, and avoiding them makes it easier for me to lose weight (reduced appetite and no cravings). It works for me.
  • Miss_Mania
    Miss_Mania Posts: 163 Member
    I have a low to moderate carb approach. However I don't think it's essential for a weight loss plan. I say do whatever works for you and whatever you can stick with. None of us will have the answers for you.
  • emhunter
    emhunter Posts: 1,212 Member
    Different strokes for different folks. If you can manage to keep them in your diet, go for it! Like @nvmomketo carbs don't agree with me.
  • GaleHawkins
    GaleHawkins Posts: 8,159 Member
    After some experimenting the carbs from grains are a class of carb sources that I now stay away from. No two people are alike.
  • KateTii
    KateTii Posts: 886 Member
    I love carbs. They keep me full and satisfied. I've found out of equal amounts of carbs and protein (calorie wise) the carbs will always keep me feeling more satisfied and fuller.

    However not everyone is like me. Some find it a gateway to hunger and end up feeling deprived. Others can't say no to just a reasonable portion so they avoid it all together.
  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 25,298 Member

    I see no reason not to carb.
  • javakitty
    javakitty Posts: 31 Member
    Low carb is especially helpful if you are insulin resistant or have blood sugar issues. For me it makes a big difference. Low carb allows me to eat as much as I want of satisfying foods, and I am able to lose without hunger.
  • lindsey1979
    lindsey1979 Posts: 2,395 Member
    I prefer lower carb, but not so low to be in the keto area. Keto for me is too much and hits my thyroid numbers too much (which it's known to do for some of us that have hypothyroid issues). But, I feel much better and can hit my cals/macros when getting most of my carbs from non-starchy veggies and limited numbers of starchy veggies and fruits. I rarely eat many grains any more or highly processed grain products (bread, pasta, etc.). I'll do steel cut oats or rice on lifting days if I need to get more carbs, but that's about it for me.

    This has taken a lot of trial and error to figure out what works for me, but this seems to be the best combo. Others do much better with carbs (and I so envy them:)).
  • Patttience
    Patttience Posts: 975 Member
    EVeryone has a lot of things in commons hte differences are fairly minor.

    Carbs are not bad for for you but eating a lot of refined carbs is not helpful for weightloss. Reduce your carbs and choose unreinfed carbs as much as possible. Legumes are good. But also keep yoru protein up and your vegetables and fruit.
  • Christine_72
    Christine_72 Posts: 16,049 Member
    I would love to try low carbing, but most of my favourite and daily foods contain considerable amounts of carbs, so I know I wouldn't be able to keep it up.
  • queenliz99
    queenliz99 Posts: 15,317 Member
    High carb because I like beer.
  • blankiefinder
    blankiefinder Posts: 3,599 Member
    Carb. I do the best on maintaining (And losing while I was in that stage) when I can eat a ton of fresh berries every day. They are super low calorie, lots of fiber, and yummy! The ultimate food. Honestly though, it doesn't matter if you low carb or high carb as long as you are in a deficit. If you would like some tips for accurate logging, please just ask! Most important tip, use a food scale!
  • TripZeros
    TripZeros Posts: 144 Member
    queenliz99 wrote: »
    High carb because I like beer.

  • bendyourkneekatie
    bendyourkneekatie Posts: 696 Member
    I want to continue eating the same diet while maintaining that I have while losing, and there's no way I'd do low carb permanently, so I don't have interest doing it. Without changing my normal diet my macros seem to generally fall into the default mfp ones, so I'm fine with that.,
  • elphie754
    elphie754 Posts: 7,574 Member
    Regardless if you are low carb or not, you still need to eat in a calorie deficit to lose weight. Low carb isn't magic.
  • tennisdude2004
    tennisdude2004 Posts: 5,609 Member
    Low carb - I don't like having to log food!
  • Laura_Nason
    Laura_Nason Posts: 1 Member
    edited September 2015
    Carbs are very important for weight loss, unless your not exercising to lose weight! It's important to fuel your body on days were you have a hard workout, I try to cut carbs on the days i'm not doing much. Veg is great because you can eat as much as you want and be full, without worrying about calories.
  • dhimaan
    dhimaan Posts: 774 Member
    Calorie deficit trumps all. Low carb and carb cycling is just another way to manage your diet.
  • kommodevaran
    kommodevaran Posts: 17,890 Member
    A calorie deficit for weight loss.

    A balanced and nutritious diet for physical health.

    A tasty and varied diet for mental health.