Look what fast food & ice cream have done to my cholesterol

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Saw the doc yesterday for a physical and had a lipid panel done.

My first cholesterol results were from 2006, which was a few months after I lost 45 pounds doing mainly cardio and very large calorie deficits. I had gone from 205 to 160 lbs.
Total = 230
LDL = 171
HDL = 42
HDL/total ratio = 5.75

Had another panel done in 2008, after a couple years of more or less maintaining with relatively low levels of activity. I was 165 lbs then.
Total = 204
LDL = 141
HDL = 46
HDL/Total ratio = 4.43

Again in 2011, which was about 8 months after I started lifting (just as I was starting my first bulk). I was 160 lbs here. I hurt my back a few months after this and took about 18 months off lifting to fully recover.
Total = 213
LDL = 140
HDL = 59
HDL/Total ratio: 3.62

Today's results, which come after 5 months of lifting and going from 165 lbs to 148:
Total = 188
LDL = 104
HDL = 68
HDL/Total ratio: 2.69

My triglycerides have always been pretty low.

So those of you who have seen my posts (and ticker) know that I eat a lot of food that's not "clean." I go to McDonald's, Taco Bell, Subway, IHOP, etc, many times a week. I have ice cream almost every day. I eat a lot of frozen meals. Yet despite all this, my cholesterol has gone from pretty bad to ideal. Having a total cholesterol of 230 at 24 years old was not a good sign.

There's no secret or magic to this. I lift weights, I find fun ways to be active outside [I never 'do cardio' and I hate running], and I hit appropriate macro goals. That's all there is to it. I haven't filled my diet with "health foods" or "clean" food, I haven't even remotely cut out processed food. I haven't avoided sugar; in fact, I eat a ton of it. I average over 60 grams a day, I think. I haven't cut my sodium to low levels; I average around 4000 mg a day (and my blood pressure yesterday was 108/62).

I get 130+ grams of protein a day, 50+ grams of fat a day, 25+ grams of fiber a day, eat a few servings of veggies and fruits every day, and I exercise. That's it. This stuff isn't rocket science, and if your 'diet' forbids certain foods then you're doing it wrong (unless of course you have an actual medical condition such as celiac disease or hypertension).

I'm going to post this picture again. I'm thin and have a spare tire, but I'm improving every day. Behold the power of eating foods you enjoy.



  • LolBroScience
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    I approve of this message.

    In 4 "clean food" zealots.
  • BigBrunette
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    Well done, sir. Eat all the foods!
  • Achrya
    Achrya Posts: 16,913 Member
  • ItsCasey
    ItsCasey Posts: 4,022 Member
    Awesome work, Jon. I am not kidding even a little bit when I say that you are the reason I took the "clean food" stick out of my *kitten* and started eating things I like.
  • megalin9
    megalin9 Posts: 771 Member
    :heart: :drinker:
  • NovemberJune
    NovemberJune Posts: 2,525 Member
    1.Excellent results :smile:
    2.You don't have a spare tire.
    3.I really wish I would get my cholesterol checked but I'm scared of needles :tongue:
  • dez_yaoichan
    dez_yaoichan Posts: 454

    (and can I just say... lose the towel? lol)

    awesome work and ignore the haters
  • This is awesome! Congratulations!
  • doowop713
    doowop713 Posts: 268 Member

    YES! Love this. Thanks OP. And you don't have a spare tire! Lookin' real good! :wink:
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,372 Member
    You look hot. I don't see a spare tire either.

    And I agree with you!
  • taso42
    taso42 Posts: 8,980 Member
    Rock on buddy!
  • K_Serz
    K_Serz Posts: 1,299 Member
    Nice work!!! I also like to highlight that in posts like these it took several years for this to happen. Many people seem to come on here and want a 90 day or less quick fix.

    Man you must have really hurt your back pretty bad to be out lifting 18 months? OUCH! Glad you are feeling better and the lifting seems to be giving you even better results than just hitting macro and calorie goals alone. Look at that huge jump from the last 160 to 148 and the cholesterol drop from when you were seriously lifting again. Wow!
  • dessertlover27
    dessertlover27 Posts: 385 Member

    Love this!

    OP, I don't see any spare tires. You look great! And I must admit, my heart skips a beat every time I see your ticker in the forum. ;)
  • Lupercalia
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    Fantastic results with your blood work and your body composition! You look great! :drinker:
  • ChitownFoodie
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    Love it!! I am not a clean eater, so I doubly approve.
  • EmilyOfTheSun
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    Hell. Yes!
  • kts3639
    kts3639 Posts: 188 Member
    In for the awesomeness that is this thread! Fast food does a body good :drinker:
  • whiteheaddg
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    Awesome! I follow a similar approach to dieting. Not much fast food though, and I eat plenty of fruit/veggies, but also nightly ice cream (or some form of treat) and a glass of wine. I get my lipids checked yearly. Next check is August, but last year was
    Total - 186
    HDL - 89
    LDL - 86
  • JenX15
    JenX15 Posts: 103 Member

    (and can I just say... lose the towel? lol)

    awesome work and ignore the haters

    Yes! This ..... especially the towel ;) Looking good!!!!
  • reach4thestar
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    Wow this is great.....:) good job.....
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