What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • DanishFeta
    DanishFeta Posts: 61 Member
    I have a whole bunch of goals i hope to gradually meet as I move through my journey. I'm hoping to lose enough to have my knee surgery. I'd like to get down to 200 by xmas. I'd like to be lighter than my partner. I'd like to go on a plane and not feel like i'm stuck in the seat. I'd like to be able to wear bathers again, they don't make them in my size where i live. I'd like to be able to run again and i think a bigger goal for me would be to be able to lift 100lbs.
  • ChrisQueen67
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    I just started over again, and made nearly 40 mini goals, and 128 NSV to hit! Today I hit my goal for "No longer Morbidly Obese!" Which is super great! Next up is to hit my weight from the start of the summer before going on a long work trip where I gained a lot of weight, and then a more important 5% lost goal. Feeling pretty good about it actually :smiley:

    Congrats on hitting this goal.
  • fitand50inSD
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    Would like to be at the bottom of my happy weight range (125-129) on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Trip to Costa Rica at the end of January and trip to Palm Springs in mid-February. I went to Vegas a week ago and was at 126 when I went and when I got back. It is pretty easy to be at that weight with focus.
  • nelja
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    Going to try and make 10 thousand steps each day this week. Last week and week before was 8800 and 9100 average per day per week.
    HDBKLM Posts: 464 Member
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    My other mini-goal is to get back to some exercise other than walking. For some reason I've gotten out of the habit in the last couple of months and I want to get back to some higher intensity aerobic exercise and a bit of strength-related stuff. I don't know what's stopping me so my goal is to work through that mental hurdle and get back on track.
  • peaceout_aly
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    Iceland in 4 days, then trying to recover and get back to this strength after my surgery on 11/15 by the time I go to Nives on 1/14. Wondering if it's possible -_-

    In the meantime I'll shoot for abs since I won't be able to squat, DL or leg press
  • Rosemary7391
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    I just made it under 90kg - my nice coat now fits :)

    Next goal is 80kg, at which I'll allow myself an extra running day (currently on 3/week), and should see some old dresses fitting me ready for spring.
  • Its_thetime
    Its_thetime Posts: 18 Member
    To get to a size 10 by January, keeping on track through the holidays :#
  • Ainadan
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    Out of the 190s. I should reach this goal soon, as I'm less than 1 lb away.
  • JessiBelleW
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    Right - well I'm back into it again with focus! So I guess my mini goal is to drop back under 200lbs.
    I plan to do this by eating on the plan, working out in some shape or form every day this week and not ruining my progress at the weekend!
    Edited to add a timeframe: I want to be 5lbs lighter in two weeks :) Mon the 13th