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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • MsBaz2018MsBaz2018 Member Posts: 349 Member Member Posts: 349 Member
    I downloaded a 30 Day Fitness Challenge app (bodyweight workout) at the beginning of October. And still only on day 12 :smile:

    Mini goal is to finish it by the 20th of this month ie not skip a day again; the app even has rest days built in!
  • DW1TexasDW1Texas Member Posts: 118 Member Member Posts: 118 Member
    My mini goal is to get down to 299 pounds by my doctors app in 4 weeks. Sw 7 days ago 324. Cw is 317.

    You can do it - I have something similar with a DR appointment coming up.

  • mulecantermulecanter Member Posts: 1,734 Member Member Posts: 1,734 Member
    32 jeans with some slack
  • hiiambuddyhiiambuddy Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    I want to be able to fit into my old jeans.
  • fishgutzyfishgutzy Member Posts: 2,824 Member Member Posts: 2,824 Member
    Next "mini" goal is to weigh <2Jade.
    Jade is a Chinese colleague who is a petite 1.6m tall and Tips the scale at 45kg.
    I'm about 8kg from.
    No scale goal is a 20km pool swim during this China trip.
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