What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • mkculs13
    mkculs13 Posts: 642 Member
    My mini goal is to hit 5 miles daily until my knee surgery, and to lose .5 lbs for each of the next 2 weeks. I’m on vacation as of this past Tuesday through the 20th, so keeping some semblance of healthy eating is a little more challenging.
  • VegeLover21
    VegeLover21 Posts: 5 Member
    My mini goal is to preplan and record my food for today and to review yesterday.
  • takinitalloff
    takinitalloff Posts: 2,102 Member
    @Neon_hippie There are many adjustments you can make to lower your salt intake, as I'm sure you know. One thing that is not very well known (I think) is salt alternatives: you can read more here (be aware that people with some health conditions should not use lite salt):
  • Neon_hippie
    Neon_hippie Posts: 12 Member
    edited June 21
    @takinitalloff I'm one of the people who get a metallic taste when I have potassium chloride (as with the "natural" sweeteners like Splenda, etc. where I get a very bitter taste). However, I love the thought of playing around with herbs and such because it never occurred to me to try it! I think cutting out salt leaves everything pretty bland--I'll try some of the suggestions they had in the article instead. Thank-you! <3
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