The January 2016 Running Challenge



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    ImNoAngel2 wrote: »
    hello everyone I am Jenn & I am Stoshew71's wife.


    1/1 - 4.0 miles
    Welcome Jenn!

    I don't know about you all, but I can't wait to hear all about Stan from the source. :smiley:
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    ImNoAngel2 wrote: »
    hello everyone I am Jenn & I am Stoshew71's wife.


    1/1 - 4.0 miles

    Finally! So glad to have you join in!
  • HonuNui
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    January goal 70 miles

    1/1 3.69

    Total 3.69

    Upcoming races:
    3/20 Big Island International 1/2 marathon
    11/13/16 Las Vegas Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon

    Ticker is my goal for 2016 and accumulation to date:


    I'll start the new year with a new snorkel gif: saw this cornetfish during yesterdays outing...he was green, then gray, then striped! I never knew they changed colors/camouflage like an octopus can!

    @skippygirlsmom so sorry you're stabbing hip pain of last week completely resolved with 3 days of rest. Hope your's recovers soon!
    @7lenny7 beautiful pic...but I am NOT missing snow...even when it is that lovely!
    @ceciliaslater ouch! Recover quickly!
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    I'm in for 42 miles this month. Hoping to complete 500 this year.
  • aldousmom
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    3 miles today! Great to have my first run of the year to write down in my log. :smiley:

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    I'm joining the party! I'll do 40 miles this month, running 3 days a week.

  • Virkati
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    Ok, after modifications, adjustments, angst, and fear squashing, I believe I have a workable HM training plan ready for action. Not starting until Monday to allow sore hip issue to either resolve itself or stfu. The monthly mileage increases are staggering to me, but if I only look from one week to the next, maybe I won't psyche myself out lol. This month is starting out low and will hopefully help to keep the hip muscle from flaring up.

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    @Stoshew71 - Bit late sorry but thanks again for setting up the monthly challenges and always helping us newbies with tips and links etc! This place is awesome and always supportive!

    @Whatmerunning Nice to meet you! Thanks for the tip on waterbottles! I picked up a small bottle at the local shop today.. Not huge, but big enough to have a sip from now and then and last me. It was pretty cheap so don’t honestly know how well it will do. I am more concerned about my hand cramping up or getting tired from holding it TBH.

    Big welcome to @Amandajs232 @deannaaaaaaaaa @abakan @ncfitbit @rune1990 @ekoth_09 @pichu318 @Becky_44 @RunTimer @WushuDiamond @kcrow4102 @KatEmmaMarie @dz9412 @Kateparry84 @siena88 @kherbert32 @Calli1616 @emmab0902 @jmatt67 @Kadi82 @EmilyStopFlying @healthierhappierpaige95 @lawlorka @louubelle16 @MyLifeMyCreation @Marigoldie @kpondskponds @suerhv @KOW75 @terrifrost @kati9408 @kittary @shauna30 @beascot @Katiebear_81 @runningagainstmyself @Amy_Sokol @punkrockgoth @lindsayjcode @momof3and3 @ch1psNQueso @milocamolly @aldousmom @edptanner – Hope I haven’t left anyone out!! This group is AMAZING! You will not regret joining – Be warned though.. Running will be highly addictive from now on! :smiley:

    @Kadi82 – I’ll look into the Nathan waterbelt, cheers! :smile:
    @jennkain97 Hoping you feel better soon – Rest up and take care.. and Welcome! :smile:
    @3dogsrunning Good to see you back! Great goal for the month and nice 5K to kick start it!!
    @ceciliaslater – Keep an eye on that ankle.. I had an avulsion fracture (bad sprain) in October/November and although it is all good to run on again, I still have some swelling if I spend too much time on my feet! I’m still elevating it as much as I can to help the last bit of swelling go down but TBH I’m not sure it ever will go away. OH… I just read about your fall! OUCH! Lots of ice and painkillers!
    @skippygirlsmom – So sorry to hear about your ITB trouble! It sounds incredibly painful!! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
    @7lenny7 – Nice pic! Looks beautiful! Nothing like that here :lol: I don’t know how I’d cope running in snow!
    @juliet3455 Glad to see you are still getting some km’s in despite your calf!
    @snha – Nice monthly goal! :smiley:
    @vandinem – What’s the drop like on the Sauconys?
    @MobyCarp – Great race!! Nicely done!
    @KatEmmaMarie – Great 3 miles!! I haven’t really done much running on a treadmill before, though I like getting out in the neighbourhood :smile:
    @patrikc333 Noo!! Sorry to hear about your hip and foot pain! Hoping it is nothing serious and you just tweaked a muscle in your leg.
    @MorningGhost14 – I feel the same way on rest days! This program I’m following at the moment has me running only 3 days a week so I think I will go slightly crazy on rest days! Looking up the water bottle now! Cheers for that!!
    @Virkati – A run with your grandkids sounds fantastic! Horray on the HM training plan too! Yay!!! :smiley:
    @lindsayjcode – I tried C25K a few months back.. I think the program I did dispayed my distance though. I use Runkeeper now and just put the 5 minute audio on.. So every 5 minutes I get told how long I have been running for, rather than how far.. I find this easier to run to as there’s not so much stress about how far I’ve run and I enjoy my runs more :smile:
    @_nikkiwolf_ - Who could turn down an opportunity to eat chocolate before a run! Ha-ha nice!! :smile: Will check out the water bottle link in a minute – I’m coming back to open all of the links! So the waterbelt has a pocket to fit your phone also? Sweet! Thanks for the sports drink recipe! Exactly what I was looking for!!
    @ekoth_09 – Nice start to the month! No matter how big or small the distance – It’s a start!
    @Elise4270 – Loving your headband! Where did you get it from? Looks fantastic on you!
    @ImNoAngel2 – Nice to meet you Jenn! :smiley: Stan is amazing for setting up these monthly challenges for us all and is always ready to give us advice and tips!
    @HonuNui – Love the video! That’s a pretty cool fish!

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    7lenny7 wrote: »
    In December's thread I posted a picture from my last run, which was in a winter wonderland in northern Wisconsin, but the photo was taken with my old (and now broken), crappy cell phone. My wife took a much better picture with her cell phone and if you'll indulge me, I'd like to share it here. For you new folks, a few days ago I had the magical experience of running 10 miles in this:


    Wow. I am quoting that again because it is so beautiful. @7lenny7 I also loved what you wrote about running in it in the other thread. That was beautiful too.
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    I'm in for the month. I am training for my first marathon in July, and planning on doing 150 km this month.

  • Orphia
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    patrikc333 wrote: »
    awful start of the year for me

    I rested a lot more in these days and... I ache everywhere

    Left for my usual HM this morning and had to stop after 6km, hip pain was very strong plus my left foot was not ok. I stopped as I didn't want to risk something serious. I cannot understand how it is possible that I'm fine one day and not ok the day after, after resting!

    Anyway, I went for a random run this afternoon with no goals, just to listen to the body and trying to understand it. Was at 60-70%, than a loosen dog jumped over me, I did a stupid movement with my left leg, and now I cannot properly move it


    will keep my goal at 500km for the month, but if this is the way I've started...

    01/01 - 10 miles (6km +10km, and an awful 4.5k walk to come back home from where I stopped this morning)

    How was the hip pain in the afternoon run, @patrikc333 ?

    @Virkati and @HonuNui how are your hips feeling? I've been resting, since mine still hurts to raise my knee, but I've been walking a fair bit with no problems.

    HonuNui, that fish gif is awesome! It went stripey!
  • Becky_44
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    Jan 1 - 1 mile run, 1 mile walk

    Goal 35 running miles.
  • gogojodee
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    edited January 2016
    I'm in - I haven't run in almost 6 months. So my goal for this month is 25 mi.

    [ img ]
  • emmab0902
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    January goal 50km.

    1 January: 6km
    2 January: 5.2km (and a 2km swim)
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    Hi there. I would like to join please. I have tried to run loads of times but struggle outside due to my asthma. Indoors (at my best) I can do 30-40 mins in the treadmill. I really want to conquer running outside, though and maybe even enter a race this year. Hopefully this challenge will get me started through January. For this month then I would like to achieve 25 miles. I know it's not much but given what I've done in the past and the weight I have piled back on recently it's a start for me. Will be checking the page for advice and tips as I go along.
    Good luck everyone x


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    Congrats to all of the below for hitting December's target (sorry if I missed anyone):
    @moyer566, @kimlight2, @MorningGhost14, @karllundy, @vandinem, @_nikkiwolf_, @ddmom0811, @5BeautifulDays, @CrimsonWhite, @Virkati, @runner_girl83, @summerdaze120, @7lenny7, @patrikc333 and (probably) @patheticshark...I see you were 1km away with a couple days left so I'm guessing you probably made it.

    Welcome newbies @ncfitbit, @rune1990,@WushuDiamond, @kcrow4102, @KatEmmaMarie, @kateparry84, @pichu318, @ekoth_09, @dan323, @deannaaaaaaaaa, @Amandajs232, @siena88, @Calli1616, @jmatt67, @EmilyStopFlying, @lawlorka, @cali1675, @MyLifeMyCreation, @emmab0902, @cali1675, @healthierhappierpaige95, @Marigoldie, @kpondskponds, @kittary, @shauna30, @beascot, @Katiebear_81, @3dogsrunning, @lindsayjcode, @momof3and3, @Ch1psNQueso, @ImNoAngel2, @edptanner, @gogojodee, @pilchierox

    I just realized BQ= Boston (Marathon) Qualifier..not Barely Qualified...LOL

    Welcome back @Abakan

    @7lenny7: Beautiful picture..but I ain't missing the snow yet. I can look at it without RUNNING in it.

    I ended up at 43.05 miles for December (78.6% of my goal) but that was a huge improvement over November's mileage. My new goal is 70 and 720 for the year. I also have signed up for a RunKeeper training program that
    starts 01/03 and looks a little, erm, daunting...we shall see what I'm made of.

    Jan 1: When the run started it was still the I'm counting it here. :p
    For the first and last time this month, I have more miles on my ticker than @MorningGhost14 or @kristinegift. 6.59 cold night miles and I purposely tried to keep my pace down for a “slow run”..average was around 12:40/mile.

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    Mixed 1 part water with 1 part apple juice.. Added 1/4 tsp salt and it was great! Tastes very much like Gatorade and I don't feel dehydrated either, which usually by now I would be suffering from cramps and fighting off nausea.
  • tweekedgirl
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    My running has really dropped off these past few months, so I'm going to put myself in for an achievable 35 miles :)

    Jan 1st - 3.36
    Jan 2nd - 3.08

    Total 6.44/35
  • vandinem
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    @runner_girl83 These are Saucony Omni 13s, which are listed as a 9.3mm heel/toe drop. At least they start out that way. Something about my stride takes a terrible toll on the inside, back edges of the heels, so I get a lot of wear there.
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    Finally got the chance to get back on MFP ;) I met my running goal for the December Running Challenge (25 miles) and have decided to increase my January Running goal by10 miles! Super excited to challenge myself and see if I can do it :p

    Running Goal for January 2016: 35 miles :D