Weight loss supplements...

Does anyone on here use them? If so what is your take on them and what do you use?


  • eeejer
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    caffeine. Works great :)
  • LBuehrle8
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    No. I've taken a few different kinds a few years back, they don't work. The best thing to do is to plug your information (weight, age, height, activity level) into MFP and eat the amount of calories it gives you per day.
  • SonyaCele
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    no. they are all marketing gimicks to get your money. they dont work. what works is learning to eat the right amount of the right foods.
  • engodwin
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    What kind of weight loss supps are you asking about? Pre-workout? Protein? Shakes? Vitamins? Thermogenics? Or specifically "fat burners"?
  • CasperNaegle
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    Yes use Legion Phoenix daily and Legion Forge and BCAA if I'm exercising in a fasted state. What I will tell you is these are not magic and really only add a little to a good diet where you are in a calorie deficit and already losing. You might see some slight increase in losses.
  • extra_medium
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    If there was anything that really worked, no one would be overweight.
  • BruinsGal_91
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    I put apple cider vinegar in my crockpot BBQ pulled pork recipe. Does that count?
  • missb121787
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    Lolol i think ur pulled pork sounds Awesome right now
  • cityruss
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    I loved my results so far already and decided to join and be a distributor... Im not saying that to sell u anything, im saying THATS how much confidence i have in thus stuff. Its changed my life in just the 3 weeks i have been going.... Do u take anything?

    Your confidence notwithstanding, can you provide any clinical evidence that these products 'work'?
  • amandamo1989
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    Not currently taking anything but I see a lot of testimonies to itWorks so kinda of leaning towards that just not 100% sold
  • Asher_Ethan
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    If the weight loss supplements do work, what do you think will happen when you stop taking them? You'll gain everything back. It's better to learn how to eat with MFP.

    Also, a distributor for 'it works' contacted me a couple months ago to ask if she could use my before and after weight loss pictures and say it was her products that did it so don't believe all the 'it work's' testimonials.
  • eeejer
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    anything you are considering taking you need to look up at http://examine.com - you will see nothing really works beyond caffeine. There are no fat burning pills. There are no fat blocking pills. Everything sold by the diet industry in terms of this is a scam or at best unproven.
  • JourneyToHealthierMe
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    Save your money and dont fall into that trap. For the most part some sups are just marketing gimmicks and only benefiting the person selling them :-) You can do this just by counting calories and watching what you eat. What I do recommend is getting a good vitamin source so that your body has backup resources for what you are losing until you get your diet balanced. :-)
  • pootle1972
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    Seriously think for for a moment. .....I. mean seriously think with the rational part of your mind......if these things DID ACTUALLY WORK .....would we be here and more importantly would anyone EVER be fat??? ..
  • BoxerBrawler
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    Except for Alli and/or Belviq, which are both prescription meds, everything over the counter is just made to assist in an already healthy exercise and nutrition plan. Same with exercise equipment. Ever see that commercial for the new Bowflex machine? Says you can burn a few hundred calories in like 12 minutes? LOL! Maybe you can but have you ever purchased a Bowflex system? It comes with a book that highly recommends a specific diet plan to follow while you're using the Bowflex.
  • DanSTL82
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    As people have said, if there were a fat loss pill that actually worked *everyone* would know about it and you wouldn't need to be searching around internet forums to hear about them. They are all placebo, as they all suggest that you use them in conjunction with an exercise and diet program, which are the things that *actually* lead to weight loss, without the pills.

    Be careful of people trying to sell Multilevel Marketing products.
  • PaulaWallaDingDong
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    eeejer wrote: »
    anything you are considering taking you need to look up at http://examine.com - you will see nothing really works beyond caffeine. There are no fat burning pills. There are no fat blocking pills. Everything sold by the diet industry in terms of this is a scam or at best unproven.

    ^All you need to know about weight loss supplements. The positive reviews you see for fat burners will be biased and/or placebo effect.* They do nothing.

    *(Eta: lies. I forgot about straight-up lies.)
  • BoxerBrawler
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    The two that drive me absolutely crazy are Juice Plus and Shakeology. Both of those companies care way more about you selling their business and their bottom line than they do their actual customers!
  • breeZrizi
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    I just bought mine. Im currently taking "greens" but procrastinating on the thermo fit supps. do they make you feel jittery? suppress appetite? how long have you had them and how are the results thus far?
    I am on thermofit & fat fighters from itWorks and so far its been amazing....

  • NEOHgirl
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    No, because my metabolism is already messed up due to an underactive thyroid, so why mess with it more? More importantly, I lost a family member to complications resulting from taking diet pills. The damage they did to her lungs required a double transplant, and she did not survive the procedure. That happened back in the 1990s, & while I realize that particular drug has since been banned, it was a lesson learned the very hard way to leave all of those things alone - just do the work.