Your first Tattoo's & the story behind it

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I have seen a lot of MFP members with some really awesome Tattoo, so I thought of starting this thread to know more about it..

What was your first tattoo & what was the story behind it ?

My first tattoo literally changed my life, i was a skinny guy 4 years back weighing < 118 LBS at 5"10 .
I was so frustrated people calling me skinny. I love the dragons , so I decided to get a dragon tattoo on my right arm below the shoulder, I also started my work out at home. As days passed I realized my arms were getting a little bigger , so some reason the Tattoo had kinda of physiological impact on me and kept me motivated. 3 years down the line I go back to the same tattoo artist and get a Kanji Scripture done on my left bicep, the words from his mouth WTF are you the same dude ? I was so happy to hear those words. I am prepping up for my next one on my back, below my neck :)


  • pichiPurinsesu
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    my first tattoo is of a girl in gothic-style clothes which i had custom drawn for me and i liked it. not really a story behind it. My latest (no.12? or something like that) half sleeve is the one with the most story behind it though; I have a naked girl who's uterus/overies are on show and she has arrows in her sides bleeding.

    In short the arrows are the 2 miscarriages i suffered between having my 2 kids. It also represents my 2 kids too because after my son i was told a 3rd could kill me (basically, a 3rd arrow could hit me square) it means a lot to me and not many people know the meaning behind it but there you go
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    @pichiPurinsesu I am sorry to hear that and thanks for sharing , it pains just thinking about it. You are a strong woman ! *hugs*
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    Funny story... My first tattoo was on my 25 the bday.... It was with a jailhouse tatoo gun...( which I would never recommend)!! Anyways... I was feeling Free that day.... Took 3.5 hours across my lower back.... And then went to a Lynard skyward concert .... This was a few moons ago... But really hilarious when I think about it...
  • madisonharvell703
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    First tattoo is Luke 10:27 when I was 18 on my foot.
  • salembambi
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    story for all my tattoos : i was 18 probably on drugs and felt like it
  • Chieflrg
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    Freckles for radiation treatments, to kill cancer cells ;)
  • alyssa0061
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    My first tattoo is an "M" that I have on the top of my right foot. I spent seven and a half years working in the music industry for two different bands. The "M" was the symbol for one of them.
  • Lucy1752
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    History nerd here. I lecture on the Lewis & Clark Expedition. My first ink was the L&C peace medal the expedition handed out to the native peoples during their journey. It's on my ankle.
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    Mine was on the top of my foot, Peace in cursive script. I got it with my sister who got Love in the same font. I've always loved the peace sign and what it represents, and back then I was a bit of a hippy. We got them as sister tattoos. We got our noses pierced together too :)
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    Faerie on my it the day I turned 18 just because I could.
  • tcarp8
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    First tattoo...1979 in the US Navy. While the guy was doing it, I thought it didn't hurt at all. Then I realized all he had done was draw the design on my arm with a pen.
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    tcarp8 wrote: »
    First tattoo...1979 in the US Navy. While the guy was doing it, I thought it didn't hurt at all. Then I realized all he had done was draw the design on my arm with a pen.

    That's funny, my first was in the Navy as well, 1981.
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    Wow ! .. really interesting stories ... Please keep it coming :)
  • xX_PhoenixRising_Xx
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    My first was a butterfly on my ankle. It was my brother's 18th birthday and I took him in to get his first done and saw the design while I was there and loved it. This was in 2001. The thing is it was never quite placed right, I asked at the time and the guy said it would be placed correctly if I lost weight (which I was intending to do even back then.) It took me another 10 years to actually start losing but as I did lose weight this butterfly began a 2 year flight back across my leg into the correct placement. I'm at maintenance and it's not perfect but it's a lot better than it was.
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    My first was also a butterfly with stars surrounding it. The butterfly is for my mother who died many many years ago and the stars are my children and myself.
  • JeffreyMGiron
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    My first tattoo is a tramp Stamp of a slice of Chocolate Cake
  • Shells918
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    First tattoo wasn't till I turned 35, I'd wanted one for years but needed to pick something I'd like. It's a sun in the middle of my back. They are definitely addicting.
  • NYRhockey00
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    16 years old, and managed to get my mom to take me for a birthday tattoo. No real story behind it, but it was a shamrock on my calf, little did i know that the size of it in comparison to my calf was wayyyy off, so the next year i built around it.

    Havent looked back since, almost done with a half sleeve on the right side, big piece of the left as well.
  • TylerWhiite
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    I just got mine about a month ago. It says "Philippians 4:13" which means "I can do all things through God who strengthens me". It's a meaningful tattoo to me, because I believe God gave me the strength to lose over 100LBS.