Your first Tattoo's & the story behind it



  • goingtobefit2015
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    My first tattoo I was 2 months shy of my 47th birthday. My tattoo is pink daisies and turquoise lily flowers representing my daughter and son's birth flowers I also have 2 butterflies around the pink daisies representing my 2 granddaughters. Although I now have another new granddaughter I need to add another butterfly. Since then I have a total of 3 tattoos and 3 tattoos the size of a freckle when I had my radiation for cancer.
  • JeffreyMGiron
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    I got a Tribal Bear tattoo on my right Arm, because bears are my Favorite animals, but also because of the meaning behind it. My mother knows some Native Dialect from the Mayan tribes in Honduras, and well the Bear means brave yet peaceful, pretty much how i am.

    Im getting two more tattoos done soon one on each of my forearms.

    what are you getting?

    imma post it on my Wall once i get home, i have artwork on my pc at home
  • DaisyHamilton
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    A sunflower on my outer left thigh. My grandma passed away when I was 9, but prior to that she helped me win a contest in which I grew the tallest sunflower in my class. She really loved sunflowers. She took care of one in her neighbors yard that was completely trashed because she liked the flower so much. And she used to make cupcakes that were frosted to look like sunflowers.
  • TK6299
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    My first tattoo was at age 41. (2 years ago) It is a full back piece of Saint Michael the Archangel standing over a defeated Devil with a sword. (It is not finished as I fired my artist, but it will be when I find one I like) I worked as a Police Officer for 17 years and retired without any serious injuries or having to take a life. Saint Michael is the patron Saint of Military and Police. For me personally, I know there are at least a couple of times that I should have either died or been seriously injured and I never even received a scratch. This is my tribute to the triumph of good over evil and on a more personal note, a thank you.
  • geminiswede
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    I was in college and had been watching a lot of Miami Ink and such on TV during breaks. I had never really thought of tattoos as memorials before that, but after some thinking and designing ended up getting a tattoo on my upper back of a triquetra with lily of the valley flowers in memory of my mother.
  • TheRoadDog
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    Devil with a Pitchfork on my Chest. No meaning. It was 1974 and I was a drunk Marine in Okinawa.
  • SpiderGwens
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    I have a Lord of the Rings tattoo. It's the ring verse in Elvish in the middle of my back:


    I got it when I was 23, but it was something I wanted it since I was 13. I figured that if I still wanted the exact same thing in the exact same place after 10 years, it wouldn't turn into something I would eventually regret. It's been 3 years, and I haven't regretted it once!

    My second tattoo is going to be my reward for reaching my goal weight. I'm probably going to get something on my upper arm. I still have to lose 50 pounds before I need to make up my mind, though. :D
  • MissMonicaC4
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    My first one.. 16.. Chinese symbol for strength (i knos,i know hahah) .atleast I hope so haha. Sort of in that tramp stamp spot but slightly higher. My cousin has the same one.. We did them together out of boredom and rebellion. I plan on expanding it\covering.. Adding to it.
  • ghouli
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    A few stick-n-poke arrows that I did on my thigh when I was 16 because I was a dumb idiot child.
  • My first tattoo was of a treble and bass clef forming a heart on the top of my right foot.
    The meaning: My oldest sister and I competed in state competitions in high school on the piano. She wasn't best friend and roll model.
    When she turned 18, she ran off with a guy no one liked (he was abusive), and I wasn't able to talk to her for over a year. So the tattoo symbolized the bond we had and our love for the piano. I'll never regret it, and it's still my favorite one!
  • hcdo
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    I was 18 and had been dying to get one since 16. I got heather flowers on my ankle and some Kanji underneath that means "little one," pronounced "chan," as my parents called me Heather-chan growing up (something they picked up after we lived in Japan for a year). I've also got a tramp stamp of a sun and moon kissing (I saw this on a pin in a catalog and liked the design), and I, too, belong to the freckle-tattoo-for-radiation club.
  • jnichel
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    First one was in 1989 while I was in the Navy. Shipmate and I decided that Navy people should have tattoos and since we were both Southerners, we got rebel flags. His had "Tennessee" over it and mine has "Louisiana". Now everyone think's I'm a racist.
  • sparklyglitterbomb
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    Mickey and Minnie Mouse outline balloons on my wrist.

    45th birthday present to myself. Why Mickey and Minnie? Disney themes make me smile. Now I can glance at my wrist and see a little bit of fun whimsy :)
  • BroScience83
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    tattoos are dumb
  • Megz2006
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    My first tattoo was last October. My parents are very much against them and kind of threatened to disown us if we ever got one. Well while on a trip with my two best girlfriends I decided to just go for it because I am so straight-laced and never do anything crazy compared to the other two. So I got a tiny lowercase "t" on my ankle with a blue heart for my son. (By the way my mom finally asked to see it a few days later and commented that it was actually pretty cute lol)
  • chelsy0587
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    Got my first tat on my 20th birthday, walked like 5 miles to the dang parlor too...

    Had wanted a tat for a long time, found what I wanted at 17 but promised myself I'd give it a few years to make sure I'd still like it. Walked up to the parlor with my boyfriend and we both got a tat on that day.

    Don't know how to attach pictures but it is a Moonflower that is bright red on the inside and fades to orange then yellow. Red, Orange and Yellow are all associated with my Zodiac sign as is the moonflower.
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    tattoos, not my thing.
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    So I'm gonna state the obvious and say that that's not you in your profile pic? @BroScience83 Interesting...
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    Or was he being facetious? Lol