Your first Tattoo's & the story behind it



  • Zee48
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    December 2010, age 62, hummingbird in flight for my birthday present from self. I'd always wanted a tattoo but was not allowed, it wasn't acceptable for ladies {back in my time} then life just kept going and I let the dream go dormant. My husband died from liver cancer in January 2010 and I decided I was going to do something I wanted just for me and did it. I will eventually have at least one more when I decide what it is I want. Perhaps a Yellow Rose of Texas.
  • tryingtolive1
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    Mine is a set of eyes which flow out with almost a mask type look. I got it after my divorce to symbolize that I have to watch my own back because I cant count on anyone else to do it. Years later I still feel that way.
  • tcarp8
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    My daughter has a sleeve on one arm. That's what the Navy does to you (and maybe having a dad with a number of tats).
  • jersey_54
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    Foerarm, hazing lol
  • aimytye187
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    That's the picture of the design I got drawn up when I was 15 when I lost my dad… The fire represents my dad because he was a firefighter… And the yellow roses represents my mom it's her favourite flower… I got it on my 18th birthday cause my mom refused to sign the papers… It runs up my spine and splits at my shoulder blades...
  • aimytye187
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    It's my only tattoo you this day... It hurt like an SOB!!!
  • tryingtolive1
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    aimytye187 wrote: »
    It's my only tattoo you this day... It hurt like an SOB!!!

    Spine is always tough area. Only place that was tough for me so far. Getting another one on my shoulder Thursday.
  • inka912
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    My first tattoo (having 3 currently) is on my forearm. An Arabic phrase saying "love yourself first". I got it during a really sh*tty time in my life; I felt that I needed something to remind me everyday that I always have to put myself first and just simply love who I am :smile: And it's in Arabic because I like the language a lot and it means a lot to me.

  • tombaldwin1996
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    A cross on my arm - got it because I was 16 and a bad tit :)
  • Tenster
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    My uncle tatoo'd me in his loft when I was 15 before I went on a rugby tour to America and Canada with the school team. I got the English rose with 'England forever' in a banner underneath on my calf. It's since been covered up
  • saFit247
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    I have a Lord of the Rings tattoo. It's the ring verse in Elvish in the middle of my back:


    I got it when I was 23, but it was something I wanted it since I was 13. I figured that if I still wanted the exact same thing in the exact same place after 10 years, it wouldn't turn into something I would eventually regret. It's been 3 years, and I haven't regretted it once!

    My second tattoo is going to be my reward for reaching my goal weight. I'm probably going to get something on my upper arm. I still have to lose 50 pounds before I need to make up my mind, though. :D

    Nice one !!!
  • saFit247
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    tcatcarson wrote: »
    Got my first one on Wednesday at age 42 - a stag representing the realisation that I have loved running all my life, and still do. I was looking for a reminder and companion, and a slight Scottish twist. And I love it.


    Killer one ! Looks amazing
  • Mr_Stabbems
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    @spidergwens that LOTR is fantabulous
  • MsAmandaNJ
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    My first tattoo is an outline of the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland (Disney version). I wanted Alice (I'm so Alice), but the artist said she'd have to be much bigger than I wanted. I love my March Hare, he represents my crazy. I got his bowtie colored in when I went for some other work...I often get comments about it not being filled in. Honestly, I was green when he did the outline, lucky I didn't puke on my friend in front of me.
  • JustMissTracy
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    I did my one and only tattoo of a unicorn, on my shoulder, during my first marriage (25 years ago) My ex was covered in tattoo's so it seemed like the thing to do. I remember the day well. We spent the first hour at the tattoo parlour watching a big muscle head getting one on his chest...Muscle head passed out....which scared the CRAP out of me! When it was my turn, ex asked the artist if he wanted to "smoke" one..if you know what I mean....and of course he did! So did I, which made me MORE paranoid than ever! The artist handed me a teenie top, said go in the bathroom and put this on....I sat in the bathroom, high as a kite, and crying, scared to death!! Needless to say, I eventually came out, sat on his forward leaning chair, and manned up. Pretty unicorn, not worth the fears and tears tho!
  • Zom_bunny
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    Mine is soooooooo embarrassing. i will sit this one out lol
  • RespectTheKitty
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    My first tattoo was a black cat with blue eyes on my left calf. I got it in college. I remember thinking for a very long time that I wanted a tattoo, and then I saw a flyer for a new tattoo place opening up, so I checked it out. The guy was a really good artist, and he drew the cat freehand.

    Had I known that later on in life I was going to own a Russian Blue cat, I'd have had him give the cat tattoo green eyes instead.
  • S1na3dy
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    My first tattoo was at 17 and I didn't tell my mum and dad at first so I decided to get mum and dad on my wrist as that is one thing il never regret haven on my body.... 8 tattoos later... Theres only one I'm not to sure on but I don't regret any off mine..
  • brb_2013
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    I have the words "what is meant to be will always find its way" with a few sweet pea flowers around it. Its poorly done, shaky lettering and quite faded now. But it still means a lot to me, it reminds me that while I can try my best, not all things are meant to turn out the way we want. That which is truly meant to occur will in its own time.

    I have plans of a large thigh tattoo, sooner rather than later I hope. I am lacking a vision of what I'd really like. Can't decide if I want colors or not, likely not, and I'd like something along the lines of a tree but really only because I love the way a leafless tree looks in the fall. Nothing too significant but once I find something I like I'll get it :)