Looking for 5'8"-ish girls! goal weight?



  • Giddyduck
    Giddyduck Posts: 213 Member
    I am 5'7" plus a bit. I have a large frame (my wrist needs a size 8 bracelet). My goal weight is 145. I have not been able to reach 150 yet. I seem to get close and then I self sabotage. I am pretty happy where I am which is the 155s. I seem to hover right here.
  • branflakes1980
    branflakes1980 Posts: 2,516 Member
    I am 5'8" and my goal weight was 130 however I am 140 ish right now and I am happy with my body. I lift 4 days a week and I have come to not care what the # on the scale says as long as I am happy with what I see when I look in the mirror.
  • ems212
    ems212 Posts: 135 Member
    I'm 5'6" and the doctor told me my goal weight should be about 160. I'm aiming for 150.
  • BusyRaeNOTBusty
    BusyRaeNOTBusty Posts: 7,166 Member
    150, maybe 145. Currently about 157.
  • singingflutelady
    singingflutelady Posts: 8,736 Member
    I'm now up to 133 lbs but I have been doing a lot of heavy lifting so some of it is muscle. I'm 5'8 BTW