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  • hickchic67hickchic67 Member Posts: 802 Member Member Posts: 802 Member
    Thanks for all the tips and suggestions for dealing with the hot flashes, etc. I have small flexible ice pack and a frozen water bottle in my mini fridge at work now. I got a bottle of lavender essential oil and am still getting all the bedtime stuff worked out.

    Hi & welcome to all the new people!
    saltine - wow! hope you are taking it easy and healing up. i cant even imagine what you went through. is this something that you can control with medication?
    Missy - sorry to hear the house plan is on hold. glad you didnt just give up and re-home the pups though! i know several people who would have done that. :(
    Dawn - dang, girl! you have a foot of many colors now? ouch! :s
    Sara - any feedback from interviews you have done? oh, and are you interviewing all these new CBs you've scouted out for us??? ;)
    Lana - sounds like you are doing great with your walking! keep it up! :)
    Tracey - sorry you are having trouble with your hip. great that you are still right on track! i fall off the wagon way too easily.
    Tracy - I would guess the reactions are a mix of jealousy that you are sticking to your plan and getting healthier along with some worry that you will bring them down not be drinking & relaxed as they are. people can be weird. they can get over that. you do whats best for you!

    DH is has been having some ear pain now, but its not constant. He says it feel plugged and he can hear noises but everything very muffled and garbled. We don't go back to dr until September. They will do a hearing test to see how much improvement, if any.

    Dr has ordered a TEE for me (transesophogeal echocardiagram?) Has anyone had experience with that kind of test? You have to swallow a tube with some sort of equipment on it so they can get a better look at your heart.
  • davisagoldingdavisagolding Member, Premium Posts: 53 Member Member, Premium Posts: 53 Member
    @gemwolf110 You are a great mommy. Your babies come first. Thank you for loving them.
  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Member Posts: 5,101 Member Member Posts: 5,101 Member
    🍁 not a lot to say and share but I’ve read and caught up!
  • skinnytacularskinnytacular Member Posts: 159 Member Member Posts: 159 Member
    Whew! I too am trying to keep up. Thank you, again, everyone for the warm welcome.
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Member Posts: 4,409 Member Member Posts: 4,409 Member

    Good morning,

    Hottest day of summer 107 and that is Thursday and that is the day my dental apt got moved to. Those gnomes are having way too much fun.

    Measured the sugar and creamer in my coffee yesterday and that was an eye opener. Small steps to better health.

    My bi-annual dr apt falls on the week I have stand by for jury duty, those gnomes again. Will wait and see if I need to reschedule my dr apt.

    Spending too much time in my life accommodating everyone else's schedules, I will make sure to do something for myself daily.

    Yup back to sleep before work. Wave to all who follow.
  • skinnytacularskinnytacular Member Posts: 159 Member Member Posts: 159 Member
    Good morning! Whew 107, that's hot! I have jury duty coming up, too, though thankfully not when I have something else important scheduled. I hope they are able to work around for you! Good job on the measuring--so important to check yourself occasionally.

    As for me, I was up all night again worrying about my cat. We gave her fluids and anti-nausea medication subcutaneously this morning hoping that spurs her to eat and drink. Crazy busy stressful day anticipated at work. Will just try to stay calm.
  • skinnytacularskinnytacular Member Posts: 159 Member Member Posts: 159 Member
    Amendment: I will try to stay calm, drink lots of water and not stress eat. I do have grapes and will bring some carrots and hummus for snack attacks.
  • brennerjlbbrennerjlb Member Posts: 642 Member Member Posts: 642 Member
    Good morning!
    Sara- 107 ?!?!?! wow! A bit cooler here in WI and I am thankful. Refreshing!
    Not much new here...having dinner with some friends tonight - "celebrating" the life of the 4th of our crew who recently passed. Sigh. Glad to get together with them but it will be also sad.
    Skinny - where are you from? I have to put it in my cheat notes so I remember these things lol.
    Have a great Tuesday! And YES - work stress is not worth the bad things it does to your health. One thing at a time. Breath deep!
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Member Posts: 4,409 Member Member Posts: 4,409 Member
    Tracey - wow!! size 4 - good for you. We can shop together because we will not fight for the same sizes!!!
  • lapesadillalapesadilla Member Posts: 67 Member Member Posts: 67 Member
    Nice work Twiley! Cute jeans!

    Tilliesmommy, are you in the southwest? I'm in Houston and we've had a run of 100+ days with dewpoints in the 70s and it's so tiring. I'm from the west coast and I just wilt in this kind of weather. Counting the days til Octoberish when I can start taking long walks outside again.

    I'm 2 weeks in and doing well so far; saved up calories all week to go to shake shack and get sloppy on margaritas with my husband last night. We got a little carried away with ourselves and shared a cigarette, which was mostly just a disappointment in the suffocating humidity. At least it was calorie-free.
  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Member Posts: 2,655 Member Member Posts: 2,655 Member

    Hello Everybody!

    Tracy - Congratulations on the NSV!!!
    Sara - I'm with you on working around other people's schedules~ Take it easy in the heat.
    Lapesadilla - Houston! Hot and humid - drink your water and take care of yourself~~
    Tracey in Edmonton 👋🏻
    Lynn - it's good and yes, sad, to get together to remember and honor your friend/colleague

    Waving to all who stop by later on~~


    forgot to weigh today before both breakfasts 😐
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Member Posts: 4,409 Member Member Posts: 4,409 Member
    Two things I was not going to get caught typing on this board while at work-

    1) I literally ran into the HR guy who said I will hear something next week - what I do not know.

    2) the third potential "eye candy" job for the state is way too far away almost in another county, so that one is a bust.

    Over 100 here. Stay cool.
  • arniedog74arniedog74 Member Posts: 2,086 Member Member Posts: 2,086 Member
    Really having MFP issues... getting incredibly frustrated
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Member Posts: 4,409 Member Member Posts: 4,409 Member

    Good morning,

    Dawn - I use a computer to post- is phone use more difficult for this website?

    Was going to sleep in a little but whats 20 minutes by itself? I got up and will take the time on to my after breakfast sleep.

    HOT here - drinking lots of extra water. Rolling my eyes, just have to do it.

    Too tired too hot to cook, the salads I bought are probably tonight's dinner - I have been making "pizza" but over 100 degrees and that has no appeal.

    Wave to all who follow. Lurking.......
  • skinnytacularskinnytacular Member Posts: 159 Member Member Posts: 159 Member
    Good morning all:

    Tilliesmommy1-keep cool and hydrated! That is way too hot for my tastes. I hope HR has some good news for you.

    Dawn--sorry about the MFP issues. I've thankfully avoided them!

    LanaCabana--hopefully you can get your weigh in in early today. I like to weigh in before eating anything, too!

    Lapesdilla--slip ups happen, as long as you get back on track right away, it's really not a huge deal.

    Twiley--Awesome NSV--congrats!

    Brenner--I'm in Minneapolis! I admire your commitment to keeping a cheat sheet!

    My work stress persists today, and probably will continue for another week. At least I finally have my office set up mostly to my liking. Also, and most importantly, my cat is finally eating again!
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