Serial Starters

This isn't your first rodeo with losing weight is it? That's fine, this group is full of people who have been around more than once, the difference is we're committing to ourselves to make this our last journey with losing weight.

Anyone can stop in ask questions, answer questions, or just check in. We are here to support each other, encourage each other, and help each other out on this journey.

We are a group from Weight Watchers who wants to continue this thread, but as Weight Watchers is deleting their boards, we are starting here.


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    Mimzy - welcome!! Hope your weekend is going beautifully.

    I have pictures with just file # on them I have no clue which is which, at least this is Tillie.
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    Arnie - welcome and this is not a closed group so no party crashing. We like to keep each other stay on the road. Please stop by and post.

    I have downloaded Tillie pictures, and one really "icky" one with me in it, and I cant figure out how to delete it, so only pictures of dog/yarn projects from now on.
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    Was also thinking on dog walk that maybe we can have a month long thread and then name it "name of thread1" or "name of thread-month" and then update each month....???
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    Why is WW deleting their boards?!
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    They are not "deleting" their message boards, they are replacing them with an "instagram" kind of system that does not promote interaction in the same way.
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    Welcome Arnie!
    Hello Sara -
    Waves to anyone who swings by later.

    Let's think of a Question of the Day for tomorrow, OK? Something to keep us on our respective weight loss programs.



    Thank you for the welcome @LanaCabana537
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    Yay!! I finally found one of my favorite Tillie pictures. B)