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  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 1,942Member Member Posts: 1,942Member Member

    Lynn - beautiful photos of a beautiful day!!! You look great!!

    Waving to everyone else.


    forgot to weigh, on purpose 😬
  • hickchic67hickchic67 Posts: 757Member Member Posts: 757Member Member
    DH surgery went well. Much better than the last 2. He laid down to sleep off the rest of the anesthesia, had his "good ear" down in the pillow, but complained that he heard the faucet dripping! :o That was amazing! So hope this surgery works!

    Still trying to get back on the wagon as far as eating goes. At least I have committed and, so far, carried through with logging, even if the numbers are bad.

    Had busy weekend with family visiting. We have a mini-"baby boom" gong on! I have grandkids, great-niblets all over the place! :)

    Work is still up in the air. Old company is protesting, which could take forever. New company is having what they call a "kick-off party" this week for all current employees. Not sure what their definition of a party is - we have to take copies of our resume, get a quick overview of new company, then break off into one-on-ones to discuss our duties and how we proceed through the transition. That sounds more like an interview to me. :s

    Well, back to trying to catch up on housework, etc. I feel like I have been gone for a couple of weeks instead of just a couple of days!

    **waves to everyone**
    *calls over CB for foot massage and non-caloric adult beverage*
  • arniedog74arniedog74 Posts: 1,916Member Member Posts: 1,916Member Member
    Lynn- great pics! Looks like a wonderful day! Congrats!

    Kathryn- so glad DH surgery went well! Enjoy the babies!

    Davis- fingers crossed for at least 1lb... maybe more! Good to see you

    Lana- hugs

    Sara- computer issues are never fun... especially at work... hoping for a better Tuesday for you!
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,658Member Member Posts: 3,658Member Member
    Applied to job where my former sup works, may be with another Manager, not sure - seems he is very "by the book" dont know if that is good or bad. Not there yet so I am collecting references.

    9193 total steps.

    Couch in Lana's Cboy bar for exhausted people to get a foot massage and vent for awhile.

    Lynn thank you for the pictures, great dress!!

    Kathryn, there is a sign in my workplace that says "a meeting is a party without cake" to which my reply is "a meeting is a drill without a dentist". Your kick off party sounds too much like an obstacle course. Make sure you have extra copies of everything and put your happy face on and use mints to keep your breath minty-fresh?? Kill them with peppermint. Hope your DH feels better.
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,658Member Member Posts: 3,658Member Member

    Good morning,

    I am not sure it cooled off last night.

    Lurking from work.
  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 1,942Member Member Posts: 1,942Member Member


    Kathryn - Your DH's surgery sounds good, slight pun intended. Dripping faucet, eh? 👍🏻
    What day is this "kickoff party" ?

    Dawn - what is shaking in Missouri?

    Sara - Are you on familiar enough terms with former supervisor that you can ask her if job is with her or with Mr. By The Book?
    Regardless....sending good vibes out to you for something good to happen soon ✨

    Waving to Suzu and Davis and Missy and Tess and Saltine and Tracy and Tracey and Lynn and Meghan and Robin and Eryn and everyone who stops by later on.....

    Today is a classic Ugh Day: I should go to my WW meeting, but the scale is up. So I "negotiate" and struggle with whether to go, or to go in a few days from now in hopes the weight will drop down a bit.
    Low key drama with distant DH continues, so I eat popcorn and potato salad and, in the sad evenings, I just don't care. Then I wake up in the morning with some energy, and I bemoan the number on the scale.
    What a cycle. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    I can hear Sara, though, and she might ask me what can I do for myself?
    My short answer is this morning I will trade a walk on a trail for the WW meeting.
    And have an on-program breakfast before the walk.


    250.4 today
    250.0 highest
    179.0 goal
  • brennerjlbbrennerjlb Posts: 388Member Member Posts: 388Member Member
    Hello and Happy Tuesday
    Back to work - ugh. Hard this am. But back at it. My 2nd daughter posted a picture of her and her fiancé and it said T-222 days until we are each other’s forever dates. So 221 days now until wedding number 2! Back to my healthy eating today!
    Kathryn - glad to hear surgery went well.
    Hello to all! Waves!
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,658Member Member Posts: 3,658Member Member
    Lana - job is not with her either Mr Bythebook or in her area but not under her.
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,658Member Member Posts: 3,658Member Member
    Lana I would go to the WW face the rotten scale and ask myself, what can the class teach me or remind me of that will help me starting today - however if walking is your compromise then at least you are walking.
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,658Member Member Posts: 3,658Member Member
  • suzu_2suzu_2 Posts: 311Member Member Posts: 311Member Member
    Lynn - Great pictures of the wedding and you looked beautiful in the blue dress!
    Waves all - Suzu!
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,658Member Member Posts: 3,658Member Member

    Good morning,

    Boss stayed at home yesterday - it is at least one day a week. Wow just shake my head. She will never have a job like this again and she is too young to retire from the company, so I am just standing out of the way. Audit is another mess. I found out how I was making one mistake, but it is not the only one and at this point my job is to get out of there, so while I care about my work, I dont care. Did not get one of the two internal jobs I applied for, it was already "spoken for"- but after the interview I am not surprised. Oh yeah the guy in the cube behind me is such a twitcher and banger that when he complains that I am making too much noise, I dont know how he can hear me.

    Change subjects - It is Wednesday - does anyone need to get back on the wagon?? It has a comfortable couch where we can vent - but you must adopt a healthy habit this week. Mine is drinking more water. I was drinking too much tea/coffee and heartburn caught up to me.

    Lana the largest earthquake ever noted (not recorded too old) was in Missouri - so if they are having tremors it is not surprising.

    Laying low to get out of the way of other people's karma at work.

    Wave to all who follow. Lurking.
  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 1,942Member Member Posts: 1,942Member Member

    Sara - I wonder if your super takes off once a week for a medical problem/treatment, or is a caregiver for someone who is in that situation. A lot of women in my breast cancer group had to work through treatment.

    I did not know that about Missouri - I just used an old expression from working days.

    My mother always kept her mouth shut about people who were bothering her in the work place, and as a result she was often unhappy. It may be too late with your next door neighbor, but saying something nicely might help you get what you need.

    This morning it's time for walking with the ladies. I am SO tired, but I am going. My breakfast is in the tracker!

    *tossing hat and towel onto favorite lounge chair for later*

  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,658Member Member Posts: 3,658Member Member
  • arniedog74arniedog74 Posts: 1,916Member Member Posts: 1,916Member Member
    Lana- things are shakin in today was a great day! I got a raise! A whole dollar! I just passed my 2 year mark.. i'm so excited! Things haven't been great at work. But, i'm poor, so i'm happy with raise. Found out interesting news about shelter Mgr that fired me... he's leaving! Yes! He accepted a position at another shelter he's been working with. He won't last long there, they won't put up with him. I feel sorry for the animals at that shelter. Hopefully, he'll be in and out so fast, he won't have much effect on them.

    Good for you, getting out and walking. Rainy week here... so, getting walks in when I can.
  • hickchic67hickchic67 Posts: 757Member Member Posts: 757Member Member
    Well, the "party" did not happen. Old company filed protest and a stop work order was issued to new company today -- 40 minutes before the "party" was to happen. I had to contact everyone and tell them it was cancelled. That was fun.... not.

    Wanted to make cookies for party this weekend but DH got distracted and forgot to put butter out to soften for me so all the time I spent watering flowers to spend time while butter softened was all for naught... well, am sure the flowers liked it. I was not too thrilled that I am now behind schedule on that.

    Tonight was disastrous on calories. But I did log them all.

    Think "the change" is coming on for me. Started to have what I guess are hot flashes and lovely night sweats. Ugh! As if being female wasn't fun enough.....
  • lapesadillalapesadilla Posts: 59Member, Premium Member Posts: 59Member, Premium Member
    Hey all. The title of this thread drew my eye right away because I am a chronic serial starter. This is my third or fourth time on MFP losing the same 30 pounds (of the 80 or 90 I'd like to lose). I'm really good at focusing on weight loss for about 3 months, then I take a break to travel or for some disruptive life event and a year passes before I realize I have gone completely off the rails and have this gross gut again. I'm about 2 weeks in this time and just getting into the "my hunger is deeper than the Mariana trench and no meal plan on this earth can satisfy it" stage, but I'm cautiously optimistic that another week and some scale progress will buoy my spirits a little bit.

    So hi new friends. Nice to meet you all!
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,658Member Member Posts: 3,658Member Member

    Good morning,

    Lapesadilla - Welcome we have another night owl/early bird. Stop by and post when you can. We have a variety of posters here some post daily some fly by quarterly.

    Dawn- dollar raise!! Hey that adds up. My raises if I get them are less than a dollar, but I will celebrate yours. I am surprised the man at the shelter is working at all, but there are only so many fast food jobs......

    Lana I think you are too kind when you try and give my Sup reasons for having bad time management. Coworker of mine with bone cancer is working through her Chemo treatment- with time off after infusion. The best thing I can do is get out of that department and leave them to themselves.

    Kathryn - sorry the cookies did not get made. Can you make them today? Peri menopause can rob you of your sleep you may have to look into ways to promote better sleep. Lavender helps. Your work place sounds as whacked as mine. With no "party" what does that mean?

    Wave to all who follow. Its Thursday and I am lurking from work.
  • brennerjlbbrennerjlb Posts: 388Member Member Posts: 388Member Member
    Good morning all!
    Welcome Lapesadilla!
    I feel like today I got hit by a truck. thinking all the weekend caught up with me. Going to hit the bed early and Sarah - great idea about Lavendar. Do you use oils? My sister sells DoTerra, which are way expensive. I try to support her at times, but am not afraid to buy others as long as they meet my standards.
    Lana, Kathryn, Dawn, Suzu, Tracey and Tracy and all the others - HELLO! Hope all is going well.
    I did the walk to the scale. Got to the lowest I have been for a long time - 183 for the wedding. A bit up from there, but now wedding number two is my new goal. Here we go!

    CW 186.4
    HW 207
    GW 170

  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,658Member Member Posts: 3,658Member Member
    Lynn- sell the aroma therapy Lana posted a couple pages back for the side effects of menopause and other aromatherapy, luckily at the moment my Lavender spray is coming from a local farmers market. You have been successful at losing weight - and I have only gained it - how do you do it.

    Off to the salt mines.
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