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    Good morning!
    Missy - LOVE your firepit - appears your doggo does as well :)
    RUNA!!!!! - I think about you everytime I post. I am very glad to see joy in your post. I am so glad you are doing better!
    I have to catch up from the weekend for the rest of the posts! Was disconnected for the weekend - no wifi, no cell service. NICE but odd!

    It’s definitely husky approved! They were curious at first but then relaxed by it. Was awesome.
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    Good morning Laura and Nikki~~

    Missy - your fire pit area looks great. Love seeing your puppies! 😍

    Today is a busy day for me with lots of walking (yay) in between all the stops. 👍🏻

    Waves to all who stop by later on~~

    *tossing towel and beach bag onto favorite lounge chair for later*


    252.4 today
    255.0 highest
    179.0 goal

    Thank you 😊 they love being the center of attention wouldn’t have it any other way.
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    How cute 🔥🐶
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    Morning all!

    @gemwolf110 that fire pit looks amazing. I'd love something like that here!

    Back to work Monday morning for me too Laura! It's just no fun! I really enjoyed my job ip until recently but now finding it a real struggle to like at the moment. Mostly because with us being a charity we are overworked and under paid. I used to put in more hours without pay to get the work done but then our boss told us doing that meant we'd never get help so we've all stopped but I hate leaving things not done. Ah well. I'm on the road a bit today so that beats sitting around at my desk!

    Happy Monday everyone!

    I wish I could share! It’s a lot of hard work but totally worth it. Know the feeling. Full time job is the same way right now. But at least I used to get paid OT for anything over 40 but now not so much. Hence why I got the second job to make up for the lost OT.
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    Gemwolf - looks truly awesome the fire pit - must have taken some work so lots of calories burned too?!!!

    Off to work and having that ‘I hate Mondays’ as dont really feel I had a rest this weekend. I need to have an early night tonight. One good thing I have kept the 1lb weight loss so that’s a relief but need to exercise tonight.

    Have a great day everyone 👍

    Oh yes I over achieved on my step goal
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    Well done on the steps! Brilliant work 💃
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    Missy- love the fire pit and the doggo's... i'll be joining you in my mind.. looks very relaxing

    Kathryn- yay for no cancer... hope PT goes well and you feel better, soon.. hugs

    Sara- stress really does affect us... maybe, that's part of my problem as well... work stress... having new stress with car at moment... but, that's not causing weight issue.. won't help tho... good luck with new job

    Runa- great to see you! So glad things are looking up for you... hop back in when you can..

    Waving to all... early morning tomorrow.. staff meeting.. blah.. have a good night
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    hello all, i only have energy to hug and wave right now...sleep tight
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    Good morning,

    Made Miss T go to bed early so here we are. Will sleep longer before dog walk and off to Jury Duty.

    Good news is the weather is mild so no hot smelly street car later today (with any luck).

    My reward for going through today is twofold - Chinese dinner if I get there after 4pm and buying sheets online for new curtains - need a little more color and sense of privacy.

    Weight is doing okay and will keep trucking along. Have my "roll the b^tch away" aromatherapy, a banana, some peanuts/turkey jerky and will take string cheese in purse.

    Hoping for lots of steps today.

    Wave to all who follow.
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    Sara - let us know about how the Jury Duty goes. Maybe you won't be needed, and your obligation will be taken care of for a while.

    I am dragging this morning. I did order the Chinese last night, and boy oh boy did the scale do the tracking for me. I can't even print it here, but I'm up almost three pounds with the salt and carbs. Ugh. Nice going Lana.

    Waving to everyone who stops by later on.

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    Good morning.
    Chinese salt is the worst - wonder why. So much of it? I swear my fingers look like sausages after I eat chinese. Sara enjoy - Lana - push the water today! It will wash the bloat away :wink:
    Sara - Good luck today. Hopefully it will be short and sweet or long and very interesting trial LOL.
    Waves and hi to all!
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    Happy Tuesday. My boy child’s school nurse called me to ask me to bring him to the doctors due to him getting hit in the head. After sitting at urgent care the positive is there is no concussion, but I did stop and get take out for lunch since I had left my lunch at work! Ugh I will get this right one of these days!
  • Hi guys,

    Sara I hope your jury duty goes interestingly and passes quickly.

    Lana I was the same with Chinese until I made sure I drank at least 3 pints of water with it. Then as long as I don't go mad it doesn't seem to do too much damage.

    Ama I hope your son is okay and don't beat yourself up you can't remember everything, especially when under pressure!

    I've had my usual mad Tuesday hence not getting here until gone 9pm my time. I'm glad to say however that the 1.5lbs that came back on yesterday morning have dropped off again this morning. Silly really I knew in my head that I couldn't have put on with my calorie deficit but when that scale shows a plus it's horrible!

    Anyway I'm seriously tired so waving and sending hugs to all and hopefully catch up with you tomorrow. I need sleep! Zzzzzzzzzz 😂
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    Hi to all.
    AMA so sorry to hear about your boy. Hope all ok. How worrying for you. Also I do that of leaving lunch behind. Never seem to be organised.

    Nik - sorry you’ve had a hectic day. Good news the lbs disappeared again. Get some rest:) ready to attack the day again ❤️

    Skinny - sounds like you need a rest to. Hope you have a good night’s sleep.

    Lana - Dont be too tough on yourself. We all have weak moments.

    I’ve got to wait til 11pm - working still - as need to speak to colleagues in Ecuador. Just not much fun my job at present. Too much firms’ politics. Hey ho. Trying to rest but can’t switch off til done this last client call. Cat is asleep next to me - wish I was my cat!

    Waves to all. Tomorrow is another day xx

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    9400 steps today.

    Jury Duty is done - birthday/Christmas present just got bigger :D

    Did not buy chinese and after reading these posts today I might be glad.....leftover pork enchiladas for dinner.

    Long day - shower after dog walk and lights out.
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    Another change at work... thanks to new coworker... no cell phones on our person, at any time... my cell phone is my pedometer... so, there goes my step counting... all because she can't stay off her phone... she hides and gets on her phone, when she is needed... it's not the end of the world... just frustrating... one person, really can ruin it for everyone... no, Dr's did not talk to her... it's better to punish everyone...I also decided I honestly can NOT trust anyone there...I just stick to myself and do my own thing...Hi Ho
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    Dawn, at my place it is shoes and low cut tops. Women texting in the bathroom when there is a line...... I would love to take a picture and stick it up in a public place and show them we can see the shadow of the phone in the stall......not likely to happen.

    There are pedometers that have lanyards and dont require phones, low tech person me has one. I know that means extra $$ but mine was less than $20 and it may be worth the piece of mind and keep you motivated??

    Okay lights out for me and Miss T
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    Good morning,

    09/11 tough day for many people myself included. Need to stop and remember.

    Back to work - have tomorrow off (dr apt early) so a strange week.

    Wave to all who follow.