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    🔵 Beck Day 20 - Get Back On Track
    Lana paraphrases....
    Just because you ate something that was not on plan is no reason to eat in an unplanned way for the rest of the day.

    This goes both ways:
    1) If you eat an unplanned food, do not throw away the rest of the day and eat in a destructive way.
    2) If you eat an unplanned food, don't go thinking you have to make up for it and not eat for the rest of the day.

    Beck says
    "Acknowledge your initial slip.
    Recommit yourself to your diet.
    Draw a symbolic line.
    Give yourself credit for stopping--at any point.
    Watch out for feelings of failure and helplessness.
    Continue to eat normally.
    Learn from your mistake."

    Beck says to make a Get Back on Track Response Card, which should say
    "If I've eaten something I shouldn't, I haven't blown it. It's not the end of the world.
    I can start following my plan again right this minute.
    Just because I made a mistake doesn't mean I should keep on eating. That makes no sense.
    It's a million times better to stop now than to allow myself to eat more."
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    Good morning Sara~~

    Where did I leave my mug of coffee?.....

    *tossing beach bag and towel onto favorite lounge chair for later....*


    256.0 again, ugh
    255.0 "highest"
    248.0 end of Feb goal?
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    Lana - made my Get Back on Track Card in Pink highlighter. I have them why not use them to positive ends??

    Dog walk done ready for my walk. Keep on trucking.
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    Starting again but I need to for my daughter, who is becoming very active. Even when to an awesome dietitian, who gave me an easy plan. Looking for a good support system to help along this journey. I am at 306 lb, and February's goal is 299
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    Good afternoon,

    Dog needed out before her regular time, I slept through her normal breakfast. My schedule got in the way and I was watching soccer - that is why I am late today.

    MyBeth - welcome - stop by and post often. What will your first step be to live healthier?

    Dog food came just in time.... phew boy was I lucky!!

    Wave to all who follow.
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    Good morning,

    Up with dog. Will go back for more sleep. Windows software needs updating on my computer making things really slow, but I will do that later, I need sleep more.

    Will stop by later, wave to all who follow.
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    Hi Sara—-

    It’s been a very busy day here in the Big Apple, so this is my “peep”.

    I’ll be back tomorrow.

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    Good morning,

    Down 2 pounds - salt salt salt - pleased for the change.

    Made cheeseburger casserole will make broccoli cheese quiche and will be set for most of meals this week.

    I dared myself to go to this small church 2 people I know go to. One lady I have not seen in 6 years, I thought I shocked her when she remembered who I was. It might become a habit.

    Assets off chair and walking today. Job search is back on again.

    Miss T is doing well and I am grateful.

    Wishing all a great Monday.
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    Good morning Sara~~


    What a wonderful weigh in!!! You have been killing it! Good for you. You are inspiring me to get going!

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    🔵 Beck Day 21.1 - "Get Ready to Weigh In"
    We will take more than one day on the subject of..... THE SCALE

    It is very important to step on the scale with the correct mindset. No negative self-talk!

    Beck says: "On any given day, the number of the scale is exactly what it should be, given what you ate, how much energy your expended in the past few days, the amount of fluid you body is retaining, and other biological influences."

    Beck says: "Don't expect your weight to go down every week--it won't."

    (more to come later/tomorrow)
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    Update: There were no new jeans. Nor will there be any this week.

    Everyone is doing so well on the Beck. Proud for all your successes!
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    Hello all!
    Lana - I have heard that unplanned topic before. Most recent it was a piece about one choice at a time. Again - d not let choices snowball. If you slip, make your next one a good one!
    Weigh in - will do that in a bit. Running behind today :smile:
    Shower was great of course. Too much food. Had some great mimosa's and my daughter was beautiful!
    Welcome Beth
    Hello Sara- congrats on the weight loss!
    Waves to Dawn, Kathryn and Tracy!
    Today i got a great walk in our fresh snowfall. Maggie wishes all a great day!


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    Too cold to walk yet, so I will do online job searching and get it out of the way.

    Maggie!! My dog hates cameras - those are good pictures - frame them!!

    Tracy - right jeans are waiting for you.

    Lana -lying to myself about the scale when I know I have eaten pounds of salty junk food is not too smart for me, but I am guilty of it.

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    Sara - it was so pretty out today I kept asking her to sit for a picture and then she got a treat. After a while when I got my phone out for a pic even if I didn't tell her- she sat and looked at me - all for a treat :wink:
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    TUESDAY February 11

    Good morning everybody~~

    Here is a photo of something from the "pink book"

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    🔵 Beck Day 21.2 - "Get Ready to Weigh In"

    Beck says that we should create a Weight-Loss Graph to keep our weigh-ins in perspective.
    She says that we should record our results weekly, even if we are daily weighers.
    The focus is not on the scale numbers--it's on the pounds lost or gained.

    Beck says "It's important for you to know that virtually no one loses the same amount of weight every single week. Most dieters lose a few pounds fairly quickly and then begin to lose more slowly.
    ALL dieters have weeks in which their weight either stays the same or increases a little.
    A typical weight-loss graph resembles a jagged downward slope rather than a straight downward line.
    Be confident!
    Overall, your weight WILL go down, but it is unlikely to go down every week."

    Beck says "Your graph can also help you follow your diet program consistently. Many dieters I've counseled have told me that they've been motivated to tolerate their cravings partly because they wanted to be able to make their chart and see the line go down."
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    Tracy - hang in there. You will have your new jeans! I have faith in you.
    Lynn - I love seeing Maggie photos~~
    Sara - Try to fool Miss Tillie into letting you take a photo of her furry face. 😁

    I think that I should try making a weight loss graph. It would be something new for me on this tired old road to weight loss.


    256.0 today
    255.0 highest
    179.0 goal
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    I do have a weight loss chart on Excel on my work computer. I put in everytime I weigh and then over time I have been tracking the monthly weights. I started in September so I can see my downward trend from September - March and then it trended back down - sigh. But I won't give up! It is fairly basic. I am not an Excel wizard. Simple bar graph.
    Waves to Sara, Beth, Lana, Tracy, Dawn and all the others who hopefully pop in once in a while :)
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    Good morning,

    Up late trying to make up for middle of night insomnia. Just came back from dog walk a former neighbor who thinks my name is Sharon (and I leave it that way) is one of the few people my dog hates. She will need to move like I did and is just too confused about the whole process and keeps wanting to ask me questions. She wants to know where I moved to and I am sorry but I lied. She is a real pain in the asset.

    Making quiche today (meant to yesterday). So many of my meals are set. Eating less "boxed" food.

    Make sure to use a happy color for your weight graph when the # goes down.

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    Hi everyone! Sorry for being MIA... welcome MyBeth...

    Kathryn- hope you get answers, soon.

    Went home for quick visit over the weekend... finally picked up my new glasses... i'm not in love with them... but, getting lots of compliments... Gma was doing ok. She actually went shopping and to dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday. I really worry about her. But, am glad she's not overdoing it. She has lost 20 lbs since the Fall.. which, she's excited about. It's partly because we can't get her to eat, or if she eats, it's cheese and crackers. I also think it has to do with Chemo. She's keeping herself in good spirits, for the most part. She kept talking about how we should have been having a big party ( Gpa would have been 90 Feb 7th) she does ok with it, sort of. She may not be going back to work after Spring break.. that kind of worries me.. getting out of house on a daily basis is what's helping her keep going... but, she needs to rest... she's retired 4 times and they keep asking her back...

    Hugs and waves to everyone...
    Take care..’s Scent-sational Soirée