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  • hickchic67hickchic67 Posts: 768Member Member Posts: 768Member Member
    Doctor put DH on metformin and told him to start eating better, less carbs, less fats. That is a big plus for me because that means a significant decrease in junk foods in the house. It also means I can cook healthier and he cant complain (even though i know he still will).

    This weekend was not great food-wise. I did not stay within calorie budget by any means. My next big step is to get back into the habit of working out after work, before I head home. I used to do it nearly every workday. I want to get back to that point. Have to make sure my leg and back are healed though.

    Scales ticked a bit upwards. Not thrilled about that.

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  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 2,076Member Member Posts: 2,076Member Member

    Sara - I'm glad that your psychiatrist has you out for 8 weeks. It just feels like a change that you will benefit from.

    Kathryn - Ah, sorry about DH's meds, but you are right - now you can get the junk out and the healthy food in.

    Tracy - I'm glad that you could stop by, but I am worried about your losing 4 pounds per week. That seems drastic!?

    Lynn - I restarted my diet again today, but I need a sign that says NO CHOICE that I can print up. There's very little online in images....Can you make something for us?

    🏝The Cabana Boys are scratching their heads about the NO CHOICE. I'm glad that that doesn't apply to foot massages and pillow fluffing. 🌴

    Waves to all who stop by later on~~

  • Twiley510Twiley510 Posts: 229Member Member Posts: 229Member Member
    Tracy - I'm glad that you could stop by, but I am worried about your losing 4 pounds per week. That seems drastic!


    Thank you for your concern, Lana! It does seem like a lot. However, my usual pattern is an 8-12 lb loss the first week. I retain a lot of water when I don't eat right. As Dr. Berry says, "They don't call them carboHYDRATES for nothing."

    Hopefully, after this week, I will only have 11-15 lbs to go. Off to a good start. Down 1.6 lbs since yesterday.

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  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 2,076Member Member Posts: 2,076Member Member

    Tracy - you are right: that is funny about the carboHYDRATES!!!! 🤣

  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 2,076Member Member Posts: 2,076Member Member

    🔵 Beck Day 16.2 - Prevent Unplanned Eating (pg 149) This is the NO CHOICE lesson.

    pg 151 Beck:

    "Sabotaging Thought: I deserve to be able to eat what I want.
    Helpful Response: If I want all the benefits of being thinner, I cannot eat whatever I want without planning. I have to make "I deserve to be thinner and feel good about myself" a much higher priority than "I deserve to make spontaneous choice about what I eat."

    "Sabotaging Thought: I don't think that I can accept the fact that I can't eat spontaneously.
    Helpful Response: I've been giving myself choices about what, when, and how much to eat for a long time, so it feels natural and right to do so.
    On the other hand I have to face the fact that spontaneous eating doesn't work for me.
    The more often I say NO CHOICE to myself, the less I will struggle."

    "Once I accept the fact that I have to give up spontaneous eating, dieting will be easier."
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,809Member Member Posts: 3,809Member Member
    Good morning,

    Sorry I am late, dog let me sleep in. On new meds and soon the wee hours insomnia should go away. I am up for 3-4 hours.....

    Lana thank you for the Beck posts, my Psychiatrist knew of the Book and who Judith Beck and her father were. Much of her homework in along the same lines but exercise and socializing.

    Tracey keep up the good work.

    Will stop by later after some more sleep......
  • brennerjlbbrennerjlb Posts: 463Member Member Posts: 463Member Member
    Was with my dad today at hospital. He has been having some afib issues so he had to get a heart shocking. He is terribly unhealthy. Diabetic, over 300 pounds, on dialysis 3 times per week because his pain meds and recent heart valve replacement killed his kidney function. So yah...motivation to use the NO CHOICE, but so very hard to see him failing so much. He is not doing his PT, he pretty much exists to go back and forth to different drs and dialysis. Sigh. Anyway...he made it through so one day at a time. I am only rambling about this because YES I will work out a NO CHOICE sign and try and post it here. Might not be for a couple days, will have to catch up at work a bit.
    Today was an unplanned day at its finest, but honestly did not do bad. I brought fruit along. Had a chicken salad at the hospital. They had the chicken swimming in some sort of sauce and then put that over lettuce, cabbage, etc. So it probably had too many calories and salt, but it wasn’t the worst choice. Likely wont eat much for dinner as honestly not very hungry.
    So anyway...I will chose to NOT eat what I want and to make it a no choice night. NO wine, no snacks.
    Have a great evening
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,809Member Member Posts: 3,809Member Member
    Hey we got our ability to "disagree" again on the boards. Hmmmm....

    Lynn, do something for yourself tonight - warm robe, hot tea/coffee favorite movie - these kind of days are so exhausting they hit you at all levels. There are people who wont even go to appointments, so your father gets credit for going. How can you reward yourself other than food? Music/go out to see movie/pedicure?

    Peanut butter/banana and dark chocolate has become my dessert lately. Just is.

    Wishing all a good night.
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,809Member Member Posts: 3,809Member Member

    Good morning,

    Up for dog will try and get sleep - new meds and I am not sure if I got any sleep last night.......

    Wave to all who follow.
  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 2,076Member Member Posts: 2,076Member Member

    Good morning Sara~ I hope that you got more sleep for yourself. That's so important.

    Lynn - Sending you hugs for what you are going through with your father. It is very hard.
    Forget the No Choice sign - you have got way too much on your plate!

    Wednesday mornings I walk with the Meetup ladies walking group - time to get in the shower....



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  • brennerjlbbrennerjlb Posts: 463Member Member Posts: 463Member Member
    I did do something for myself - had a nice glass of wine and worked on a puzzle! Thanks Sara!
    Lana - I got this. No choice! Good job by the way on the downturn of the numbers above!
    Not sure what excites your for signs. Wouldn’t let me attach PDFs so I struggled a bit. Here is a start. I will get more creative soon lol. xpizaku14voc.jpeg
  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 2,076Member Member Posts: 2,076Member Member
    OK ladies, I feel a bit daunted by Day 17 on Beck. I am personally very resistant to it. There's a lot of verbiage, so I'll try to gather up the key stuff.

    🔵 Beck Day 17 - End Overeating

    "Even if you're not tempted to overeat today, you'll undoubtedly face trigger situations many times in the future. If you regularly eat family-style, it might be difficult for you to avoid reaching for seconds. When you're in a restaurant, you're usually served a larger quantity of food than your diet plan allows, and you might be tempted to clean your plate. Today, you'll practice not overeating."

    "Overload Your Plate--and Don't Eat It All..."

    "Today, you will practice not overeating by purposely putting more food on your plate than you plan to eat. Pick one meal, preferably lunch or dinner. Choose a food that's on your plan, but then I want you to purposely give yourself a larger portion than you would normally allow. Also, choose a food that you're not supposed to eat and put it on your plate. At the beginning of the meal, push the extra portions to the side on your plate. Then eat only the food on your plan."
    "If you're tempted to eat the extra food, use some of the anti-craving techniques you learned on Day 13."

    "When you've finished eating just the food you're supposed to eat, clear your plate. Throw out the extra food or save it for another meal."

    "......if you found it difficult to resist eating the extra food, don't despair. Give yourself credit for trying and see what you can learn from the experience.
    Then repeat this exercise until it gets easy."
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  • brennerjlbbrennerjlb Posts: 463Member Member Posts: 463Member Member
    Beck - Lana I hit the disagree button on your post :smiley: but that was just an editorial opinion LOL so just kidding....
    This one is daunting. My first thought is my hubby will think I am crazy - but I am sure that is a sabotaging thought... I will try this for lunch right now. and maybe for dinner. I have been trying not to have too many leftovers because we are terrible at eating those darn things. But I will strategically plan enough extra for my lunch the next day so I can not eat all of my plate AND have the next day's lunch!

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  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 2,076Member Member Posts: 2,076Member Member

    Hi Lynn!

    I just don't yet know how to deal with this; I will probably just skip it.

    I have been planning my shopping and my meals, and I don't really have an easy way to do what she is asking. When I shop, portions are accounted for. Sara might understand what I'm feeling because Sara very often makes a recipe knowing that she is going to get a certain number of meals or portions out of it, and she will freeze portions for future meals for herself.

    However, I am trying to not be too belligerent. An idea just came to mind: I could do this with a store-bought rotisserie chicken. I can put a lot on my plate and then practice having some be leftover and put away.

    I do like the old idea (often talked of in Weight Watchers meetings) of what to do in restaurants. When meal comes, immediately put the overage/half of it into a to-go container. I have done that before.

    There are so many good work-arounds for restaurant eating. We can talk about that sometime soon.

  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 2,076Member Member Posts: 2,076Member Member

    Hey Lynn!

    I just looked back, and I am only now seeing the great signs that you made! Thank you Thank you!!!
    We must have been posting/data loading at roughly the same time, and I didn't see what you created for us!
    Thank you! 💗

    These signs may be a good excuse to buy some festive colored papers for the printer and then the refrigerator....LOL!

    Today I am giving myself big credit for getting out in the yard to do some major pruning/yard waste chucking on the same day that I walked 3 miles. Make hay while the sun shines!

    Waving to Dawn and Kathryn and Tracy and the 3 Ladies across the Pond: Nikki, Laura, and AnnLiz. Waving to Runa and Saltine and Meghan in Florida and Tracey in Edmonton and Missy in the Northeast, and of course Miss Tillie who is probably just delighted to have Miss Sara around so much to spoil her.

  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,809Member Member Posts: 3,809Member Member
  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 2,076Member Member Posts: 2,076Member Member

    Oh Sara That is the best !!

  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 2,076Member Member Posts: 2,076Member Member
    Sara- just between you and me, I am not doing well this evening. My DH has made me feel....(OK I have allowed my DH to make me feel) pretty badly about current goings on, and I am just so discouraged.

    I case you've ever wondered, I cannot easily divorce him because our financial entanglements are so complicated. It's like being choked by vines growing all over me.... Gah.
    - - - - -

    The outside lights are staying on tonight. They never do. Maybe a creature will come by and bless me with a look at them..... Sometimes there is a raccoon or a fox or a possum. I am grateful for whatever comes by.

    I sometimes think about taking a cross country trip to see all of our Serial Lovelies~~
    I know where most of you live.....I cannot yet go across the Pond to England. I would love to do that......

    Time for bed and serious dreams.....

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  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,809Member Member Posts: 3,809Member Member
    Lana I am sorry you are entangled with such a negative person. There are things you can do - go on your walks with your ladies, keep your social calendar busy. You may not be able to get rid of DH but you dont have to spend so much time dwelling on it, so focus on something else when you can. Can you apply some aroma therapy to your perfume areas or burn a candle that smells good - find your favorite blanket, put on your favorite songs - you have control over these things. Take back what control you can tonight to help you sleep.

    We will be here for you tomorrow.
  • arniedog74arniedog74 Posts: 1,964Member Member Posts: 1,964Member Member
    How does a person gain 5 pounds in 1 week?! I have cut way down on soda... only 1 can a day...I am watching my portions, cut down on sweets, trying to make better food choices...I don't understand....I seriously just want to scream right now.... :s
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