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    Good morning.
    Sara - hearing on news CA just seems to turn from bad to worse. My daughter in CO got snow yesterday, hoping that will cut back on those fires a bit. Also that this is like day 25 of bad air. That is a lot of bad air!
    Lana - hoping our visit is a nice one.
    Waves to all! Have a great Wednesday. Sure doesn't feel like Wednesday here.
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    Hi Sara - just the thought of something colorful makes me feel better. Here's to worry-free knitting! 🎉

    I skipped walking today in order to organize and pack - flying tomorrow/Thursday. Two flights with two different airlines with a long wait in O'Hare in between.
    So yes, portion control and water here as well.

    I hope the California air can get better soon for you Sara and for my sister. So awful.

    I should be able to start us tomorrow, but once I get to Illinois, I might be on night duty, so I don't know what time of day I will get here for the next few weeks. I'll have to post of photo of the ancient scale.

    Hey Dawn - where are you? We worry about you.
    How is Kathryn and Runa and Tracy and Maureen and Missy and EthelBonnie? Waving to Lynn and everyone else who stops by later on~~

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    Lana my yarn box for this particular type of yarn is so big that I forgot I had most of these colors. Post when you can so we know you made it there.

    Dawn - I second what Lana said I was thinking about you last night. Post when you get a chance.

    Here for lunch and then back at the work.....

    Losing my patience with this year and I like to walk off my irritation but cant do that either for with any luck a couple more days....... really kranky with no good food in the house (probably a good thing......)
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    *** September 10th ***

    Good morning All~~

    Hi Lynn 👋🏻
    Hi Sara - I am thinking about Dawn, remembering what her DD and DM are going through. 😟

    Time to get it together and get to the airport!

    *tossing hat and beach bag onto favorite lounge chair for later*


    260.6 today
    263.6 highest
    179.0 goal
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    Good morning,

    Short note internet is slow with the hazy skies. Time to go to work.

    Lana I am also thinking Dawn is dealing with that. Let us know you get to ILL.

    Wave to all who follow. Timer went office. Monster back at work.
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    Good morning,



    Hearing scuttle that our new manager may change our proof of work from strictly production to quality which will just bunch up Monster's knickers!!!

    Windows open for a short while, air quality is down to unhealthy for sensitive groups which is still myself but down from unhealthy for everyone.....

    Almost done with shawl for friend. I needed something random and positive to do so I volunteered to make a baby blanket for a new coworker's infant - shop for yarn this weekend.

    I am watching Christmas tv shows in hopes I can escape.

    Wave to all who follow. Stay safe and sane out there.
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    Hi Sara
    My sister says the air where she is is just awful. I hope that you are not as bad.

    I got to Illinois yesterday afternoon 4 hours ahead of time. Somehow I got in to O'Hare with enough time for them to put me on an earlier connection. Yay.

    Of course, this is The House of Bread, and eating here will be a challenge. I will do the best that I can - make a few dinners for everyone and do some of the grocery shopping, so it's not all popcorn, potato chips, and coffee cake. And walking....I need to start a daily routine.....tomorrow.

    Waving to all who stop by later on. 💖

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    edited September 2020

    The smoky air has made its way to my area, but thankfully no fires here. We're at Dangerous levels here, probably through the weekend. I know it sucks universally, and much worse in other places and for other people, but all I can think of is that it's my partner's last weekend here, and we're going to be trapped indoors for the duration. We're tentatively planning on me visiting in February, but that largely depends on how safe it will be/my comfort with traveling during COVID.

    With the increase in smoky air this week, I've only gotten one walk in. I did get a couple of early morning workouts in, so it wasn't a total loss fitness-wise, but my mood is definitely a little sour with the lack of movement.

    Lana - That was good luck on the flight! Good luck on eating sensibly surrounded by all those things in the House of Bread! I have such a hard time with temptation.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!
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    Lana I had to laugh - yes Midwest is high carb territory - open faced sandwich is a piece of white "wonder bread" with meat slices and gravy with mashed potatoes. Okay my idea of a good time, but not every day!!!

    Monster has given me not quite 90 day warning that I will be out of a job if my #s and quality dont come up. She also said she has told the mgmt she has no time to train me - okay that one is NOT of my doing. I wonder if the scuttle of quality vs production will help me any??

    I bought Monster a double pack of snickers for her birthday and one for myself to console myself.

    Air sucks and I am tired of it. Will have two different variegated yarns possible for baby blanket one is almost all gray/silver and one is gray/purple. I ordered the gray purple online as I needed another gray silver, bought a yarn winder and a fall garland.

    I WILL NOT let Monster's strange message depress me any more than it has - I am coming to the cboy club sit on the sofa and get my feet massaged and a pedicure ( it has been 6 months and they are not looking too good).

    Wishing all a good night.
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    Good Morning!!

    Not sure how the week flew by so fast, but glad it did. It was challenging and rewarding! I had a couple ‘opportunities’ to fall into some old and destructive behaviors, but handled myself differently. It feels good to notice that for myself.

    Sara - I do hope things go in your favor at work. I hope you continue to stay safe and well during the fires.

    Ethelbonnie - I am hoping that your weekend goes well with your partner before the move.

    Lynn - I miss those temps so much! I am still not used to the long summer-like weather down here. Many are starting to bundle up and I am still hot!!

    Lana - I would love to see a picture of the scale. How is it going with the eating and movement there in the House of Bread?

    Welcome to all the newcomers and ‘hi’ to all those that may be lurking. I’m going to try and get productive today. Excited about weigh-in this morning! Scale is headed in right direction. I think the addition of actual exercise is helping. 😁

    Runa 🌸

    HW: 359.7 lbs
    CW: 303.6 lbs
    Current GW: 299 lbs
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    Good morning,

    Thank you Runa for starting us. Great job on the scale. I have been trying to make sure my next dr apt was lower on the scale, gosh I hope so!!!

    Lana is lost in bread land and I ran to the store while it was not crowded.

    I am in for most of the weekend, so sleeping and napping are on the cards.

    Bought an egg slicer - lazy that I am. You can also slice strawberries/bananas/mushroom caps and olives. Just potential useful info.

    Air is still bad but not as bad as other places. Just tired of it.

    I will make an email to get apt with manager my sup told me Friday she doesnt have time to train me and I am not making production and I have 90 day notice. Our new manager is quality oriented not production oriented, so I need to know where that message came from......I am knitting and napping and trying to escape as much as possible.

    Wave to all who follow. Stay safe and sane out there.
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    Hi y’all, my name is Mica! I’m from Austin and I’m a serial starter. I’m looking to join an online community and y’all seem so cool and awesome. May I join in your community?
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    Good morning everyone~~

    Welcome to Mica in Austin!

    Runa thank your for getting us started, and cheers for your continuing in the right direction and getting your exercise. 🎉

    Sara - Mrs Monster is indeed a monster--actually a sadist. She is a miserable person, and she enjoys spreading her negativity to other people. Get yourself restored this weekend, even with the challenge of the air. 🧡

    Ethelbonnie - where is your partner moving to?
    As for covid travel, choose your airline and your seat wisely, and you will improve the quality of your flights.
    I booked American because I had to change planes to a different airline, and Capeair and American were in the same terminal at O'Hare.
    I booked a seat with more legroom in coach, which netted me less peeps around me. First class was packed, coach was packed, but very few people wanted to pay that in-between price of the front of coach, so I had empty seats around me.

    I wanted to fly Delta because they actually show you on their site that once you book a seat, the seat next to you is blocked. However, I would have had to change terminals....


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    Dropped by between "to do's" - Mica!! you are welcome to join us stop by and post when you can.

    I am listening to disco music to keep my spirits up. I wont even mention what for me would be rock bottom.....

    Hang in there and eat well, if you cant exercise even if it means walking in place!!
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    Good morning,

    Almost good afternoon.

    Finished shawl for friend and will cut the ends and deliver. I also will do a little work at the church as it is food drop off day.

    Cooking, knitting and napping are also possibilities.

    The N95 face mask that I have been wearing is off white compared to the new one my neighbor gave me. Yuck yuck yuck.

    Made potato /hardboiled egg salad . Hope to make mushroom quiche and who know what else?? We shall see.

    Wave to all who follow. Stay safe and sane out there.

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    Sara - Thank you for getting us started today.

    Yuck is right about that N95 mask, but boy, I am glad you have it!
    Cooking, knitting, and napping all sound wonderful.

    My FIL is doing better. He was able last night to get up all the stairs and could sleep in his bed. So he got much more sleep.

    We cracked open a jigsaw puzzle, so that will be a nice diversion to keep us busy.

    It seems Mom is making a nice rump roast with lots of vegetables for dinner. Yay!

    Everyone have a good day today.

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    Hiding from Monday like:

  • Tilliesmommy1
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    Good morning,

    Weigh in was okay and moving downwards.

    Have to email mgr to see if Monster's proclamation is mgmt message or not, just have to do it.

    Gifted my rainbow shawl and I may have another one set up - sent her to look at colors/texture before I buy.

    Air cooler at least. Quality not so much so I open windows for a short time only.

    Hang in there. Wave to all who follow. Stay safe and sane out there.
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    Hello all!
    Tracy - love that cat pic! too cute!
    Sara - can they really give you a 90 day notice via email? Most performance improvement plans that I am aware of require signature by parties? Or at least acknowledgement of receipt and understanding? Be sure to highlight the I don't have time to train her part! Crazy - the two together. you are on notice, but we don't have time to train you.
    Lana - Good luck in the land of bread and honey? Do they have honey?? :smiley:
    Runa - congrats on steering away from the traps - that is most excellent!
    Mica - welcom
    Ethelbonnie and Sara - I honestly am not sure how all these people do it(including you). The air quality...not being able to go outside...breathing in that smoke. Must be so hard. And all those who have lost their homes and loved ones. So incredibly devastating. I am hoping for rain! Cooler weather, etc.
    Waves to all others. Hope you are all doing ok.
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    asked for a meeting - will have with sup and mgr and its at 2pm today - gee that was fast..... if nothing else I will hear what I need to know.