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    back at it is monday after all
  • its_cleoits_cleo Member Posts: 536 Member Member Posts: 536 Member
    @TeresaW1020 good luck with getting back on track and selling your house. It's probably easy to get off track with everything happening right now. I bet your house will sell fast, it sounds like you've done a lot to get it ready.

    @trooworld that sounds so yummy. I love the artwork you hung up! I love when pictures are split like that. I have plans to do something similar over my big sofa if I ever get around to it.

    @cbabie sorry it has been so rough! I'm not sure it's age. I was told the wrist is a very slow part of the body to heal. It can be a difficult injury.

    @gemwolf110 good luck selling your house!

    @theslightedgeforever I don't know what I can do, any more than I do now. I know alcohol is a big culprit for me, and since I started working from home I've probably been drinking a little bit more. It just seems so easy in the evening to have a couple of drinks. I don;t usually drink beer at home, usually rum and diet coke which is very low cal. But still it adds up if I do that 8x a month or something. My goal this month is to try to cut back, by saying weekends only, and cut out those weekdays where I have a couple. So a small step but we'll see.

    I love the sound of your spreadsheet! I love stuff like that. At work once we all had to do personality tests for this teambuilding exercise, and I can;t remember the details but I do know the result for me was 'you're the kind of person that likes to make a good spreadsheet on a Friday night' ! LOL. So true. I have one for my cals, but it is pretty plain. Daily intake. Reason for overage if applicable. Weekly avg.

    On track yesterday and today. Went shopping Saturday and bought 3 tank tops and 1 pair of like those workout capris. I don't usually wear tank tops but I'm trying to be braver and it's more comfortable in the summer.

    Did the stairs/hill today. The hill I'm starting to try to run up it, so I run part of it then walk the rest x4.

    Also did some core. I did:

    -reverse back extension
    -leg lifts
    -and then some balancing stuff on stability ball
    - overhead press with dumbbells but seated on the floor with my legs straight out. This is core exercise bc it takes a lot to hold yourself and the weights as opposed to standing and doing a typical overhead press. If that makes sense lol.

    Take care all.
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    Good evening all. Thanks for the anniversary wishes. Back at home for the night then back to the lake for a night then home for a week. Will start to get back on track tom. Haven’t logged anything here or WW since Wed. The cell service is so terrible at the lake it makes it hard to log. But honestly I don’t want to know. Lol.

    @its_cleo, @theslightedgeforever Love being at the lake but when my hubby is home on his 4 days off I tend to do nothing which makes me really lazy. Then I get back on track when he is gone for 10 days then same old when he’s off. Can’t wait for after September long to be back on routine.

    @TrishasTime it’s not a special restaurant but where we live 1 hour is the closest city and there still isn’t much to choose from. Lol.

    But hubby has gone to work. Just have to clean up supper dishes and I am going down to do my first workout off of the Fitbod app. Then Tom morning plan on going for a run then getting in a quick workout off of the Fitbit coach. Hope everyone is doing well. Have a good evening all.
  • renaegryrenaegry Member, Premium Posts: 1,006 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,006 Member
    Just finished my first workout in fitbod. Loved the workout. Of course thou get 8 free workouts then have to pay $76.99 per year which is only $6.42 per month. Guess I know where my birthday money is going. Lol. Love the workouts how it tells you what to do reps weight etc and focuses on your muscles groups and makes sure your muscles get to recover.

    Burned 113 cals doing a 28 min workout. Focus was legs shoulders and abs. Legs are jello right now.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member
    @teresaw1020 I found a local guy who painted me a mural for my outside sitting space on my porch. It makes me feel like I'm in Italy somewhere. I found a picture on the web and said I want this. I had him do a second thing and he didn't get that right. :s It's on glass. So I guess glass just isn't his thing. I've lived with it for 7 years. Here's an action plan for you. Drink one more glass of water than you did the day before. Fast one hour longer than you did the day before. I was just reading in one of my books about slowing down to speed up. The more the resistance the slower you move but don't disengage. It's a slow but don't stop technique. Very interesting book called Work Clean. It uses the concept of mise-en-place which is used in a chef's kitchen. But this book talks about how you can use the concept in your whole life. I had forgotten I owned this book. Yesterday I was reading a fiction book about a chef and he used that term and then lightbulb went off. I did a search on my Kindle and I had stopped reading half way through. (Thanks, ADHD) Although looking at it from a different perspective, timing is everything. Maybe I wasn't ready to listen to the last part of the message until NOW.

    @trooworld I absolutely love your new art. It's exactly my style. Actually, I wonder if I could re-do my glass planes I was telling Teresa about using this. I have a friend that's an artist. But can she paint on glass. ;) I'll have to look up pollock. That's good that you are finding a healthy alternative to foods that you get bored with.

    @cbabie I hope you get better. Old? >:) From your younger sassy sister. If you think about it, age is a state of mind. If you compare your age to Granny's when she died, you would be in the prime of your life. She was still active up until the 3 months before her death. I think that's why she lived so long because of being active. If you're pressed for time, just come on here and read only the things that have @cbabie attached to it. Tell us real quick how you are doing with your August goals. Do you have August goals? It's good to see you on here.

    @gemwolf110 Good for you for not trying to eat your stress. Do you journal? Writing out all your thoughts and feelings helps. I set up a template for my online daily journal. I added at the top, 3 things I'm grateful for so I appreciate the things I do have and not just complain about how my life should be different. Then towards the bottom, I have listed Emotions I felt today. I try to list three of those. Today's emotions were contentment, fear, anger. Then underneath that is final thoughts for the day. Which I will pick one or two emotions and write what I felt about that. I don't try and solve the problem, I just get my feelings out. Calorie free. The middle part of the journal is just stating my current goals and the action steps I'm willing to take today to do them.

    @weeoneissy Welcome to the group! The important thing is that you are back working your program. I just did a reboot on Aug 1. It was a Thursday but the beginning of the month. Funny how easily we can do a mindshift just because of a day/date.

    @its_cleo Drinking your calories is something that lots of people do. Since you upped your intake when you started working at home, is it to make it a little bit more fun in the evening because now you don't have access to "people" during the day. Alone at work and at home can be very boring. Instead of the concept of cutting back, how about replace. A habit is a habit. So start with workdays since that's probably easier. Using the same glass that you use, what could you put in it that's lower calorie? How about just the diet coke, no rum? Do you have any favorite herbal teas? You could make some iced tea with Stevia and drink that instead. I have a stability ball but it just sits in the corner upstairs. I had grand visions of using it while I watched TV. Now I don't watch TV there so I need to move it back down to my gym.

    @renaegry I think they make bad cell service in places like lakes so people just enjoy each other instead of being on their phones all day. I stopped tracking too when I went on vacation. I did good the first part and then life got messy with the cross country move of my daughter. But I know I do better when I track. Now I'm learning to snap a pic of my food and then I can log it later if I want to. At least it's awareness. But time at a lake can't just all be about food. It's meant to be enjoyed. $6 a month is not bad for good health. I just had to go buy me a new fitbit. My heartrate monitor stopped working on my Blaze. It's about 4 years old though. I just bought two new bands for my Blaze too. GRRRR. I'll look into that Fitbod. I could make that one of my rewards.

    I stayed within my food boundaries today. I ended up having to make a last minute substitution. Usually that doesn't work well with me because too much effort, but...……. I forgot I had made chicken salad to go on toast for my husband the day before and he wanted something else. So I used that instead of cooking but it's a no bread day for me. Old me would have said oh well, new me took the same amount I would have used a divided it into 4 small lettuce rolls with shredded cheddar cheese on top. I needed something to make it fun. Plus I only ate half of my green beans. I was full so I stopped. I did 20 min of yoga and met my water goal. Big sticker day! I lost 1.4 lbs since my Day 60 weigh in.
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    @trooworld, I LOVE that metal artwork you have on your wall!! I remember looking at that type of metal art when we first moved in this house but there wasn’t a place that it would work. Now I’m inspired for the new house which has a lot more walls to play with! :)

    @cbabie, so happy to see you here!! I’m sorry that the healing is taking so long. I’m sure it has nothing to do with age! Don’t try to respond to all of us when you come on. Just come and say hi and let us know how you are doing and how we can pray for you. <3

    @gemwolf, thank you for the prayers!! I know that we are both ready for this part of the move to be done!! :)

    @its_cleo, 'you're the kind of person that likes to make a good spreadsheet on a Friday night' I knew I liked you for a reason!! :D Good for you for being brave and wearing those tank tops! I’m not that brave yet but I hope to be someday! :)

    @theslightedgeforever, my husband wanted our artist friend to do a mural on our new living room wall but I said no way. She can have a really large canvas and that way when I get tired of it, I can move it. :D Thanks for the great advice!! Yes, my plan has slowed but I need to continue with the technique that has been working for me. That book sounds really interesting. Do you ever watch Worst Cooks in America? Chef Ann taught me all about what mise-en-place meant. Applying to my whole life sounds like something I need to work on. :) Yayyyy for getting a big sticker!!

    Plan for today is to continue getting the house ready for pictures tomorrow. I am finished with the decluttering and now it's just about polishing it all up and making sure it's picture-perfect. We went over to the new house yesterday and the hardwoods and carpet in the bedrooms have been installed. It was exciting and now looks much more like a home! The hardwood is a matte greyish color that I just love!! It will go very well with all my existing furniture. B)
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    @cbabie Hugs to you my dear. It's good to see you on here, I've missed you! I'm sorry you still don't have good use of your hand, but am encouraged that you are in therapy with it. I'm glad you will be in here more.

    @weeoneissy How did Monday go? Welcome!

    @its_cleo Thanks! Yes, the pasta was sooooo good! You are killing it with the exercise!

    @renaegry Do you camp at the lake or do you stay in a cabin? It just sounds fun to "be at the lake"! :D

    @theslightedgeforever Your mural sounds really cool. It's too bad the glass part didnt come out. :( I'm glad you like my new artwork! It wasn't very expensive at all. You should totally get your friend to redo that glass piece. Pollock is fish, which sounds weird that pasta is made out of it, but supposedly the pasta doesn't taste fishy at all. My efforts at weight loss are like a rollercoaster. Right now, my effort is starting to go up the hill. It was at the very bottom of the hill for months. :(

    @TeresaW1020 Thank you! Now that you have a new house, you can redecorate if you want, or add to your decor. ;) In case you are interested, here is where I got the artwork, he's got a lot of different styles and price points: My hardwood floors are a grayish color and I love it. You will, too! :D

    Hello gals! As I mentioned to slightedge above, my efforts at weight loss are like a rollercoaster and they are getting ready to go up the big hill for the thrill part of the ride which means I'm motivated to get this done. How long will my motivation last? I don't know, but I'm going to ride it as long as I can lol. Keto was working really well for me, so I am going to concentrate my efforts on that again.

    August goals: track 4 out of 7 days, drink 50 oz of liquids a day, lose 1 lb
  • its_cleoits_cleo Member Posts: 536 Member Member Posts: 536 Member
    @renaegry the lake sounds nice. I grew up in the country, pretty remote, and I miss it. Fitbod workouts sound cool. I like not having to design my own workouts.

    @the slightedgeforever the drinking is absolutely boredom a lot of times. I've thought about replacement. It's not so much replacing the alcohol as the activity. I like to have a couple drinks and listen to music and then I fiddle around with different stuff, do a puzzle or whatever- I'm not very exciting lol. I tell everyone I'm an old woman inside. :smiley: But I know I can listen to music or whatever for an hour without a drink, I just never do. So I'm going to try when I get the urge.

    I have that same stability ball- mine is in the closet lol. I use one at my gym, at home I tend to be lazy! Congrats on staying in cals and meeting water goals!

    @TeresaW1020 new house sounds very nice! The end is in sight!

    @trooworld motivation does come and go, so yep just ride the wave.

    For me- I'm on track yesterday and today. Actually way under. I checked my macros and interestingly enough I just happened to eat less carbs and more fats. So I'm going to play around with reducing carbs and increasing my fats (protein is already high, so I will leave that as is.). I think looking at the macros is maybe my next big challenge along with the cutting back on drinking.

    Gym today with trainer, not sure what we'll do.
  • its_cleoits_cleo Member Posts: 536 Member Member Posts: 536 Member
    Oh I almost forgot! I need help and all your smart ideas. I bought a bottle of sweet chili sauce for a recipe and now I don;t know what to do with the rest of it. I never use sweet chili sauce. Any recipe ideas? Do people put it on burgers? I feel dumb lol but I dunno what to do with it.
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    I've been a bit of track last couple of days. Heat & ice cream! Big weakness!! Went to Eden Camp yesterday (old PoW camp from WW2 made into a history museum- each hut is themed-great day out but it's a bit of a drive). Collected car this morning (garage for a service) & took Mam shopping. Chilling now- going to take some me time then back to declutter & tidy project!

    @theslightedgeforever Durham was used in HP1 & part of it for Hogwarts. Here's website for Alnwick Castle

    @TeresaW1020 As a veggie/pescitarian & eating low fat & sugar I find it hard with buffets & 'faith teas' (our potlucks) at Church too. Ppl tend to bring their best, richest recipes.

    @Trooworld the art piece is fabulous sounds like a good meal out too.

    @cbabie -Hi hope injury on the mend.

    @gemwolf I don't tend to drink beer. I do like certain brands but too many calories! I can totally relate to emotional eating. Everytime I've had big things happen the weight goes on.

    @its_cleo ha- rum & coke was my drink of choice!! Exercise routine sounds really organised.

    @weeoneissy -hi there!

    Hope I haven't missed anyone. Still getting to know way around. I've found this group most helpful & supportive.
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    Morning gals,

    Thank you for all the encouragement is truly appreciated. Sometimes the depression gets in because you realize you can't do all the things you used to do it is taken so long and you're wondering if you're ever going to have your Life back, In my had I known the answers to all these questions are yes and yes. I actually wash my whole entire good arm With my hurt hand This morning. I have therapy today at 11, I'm hoping she sees improvement because I think I'm starting to see bend a little better I think. I have Not been eating As much, with all the emotions and other things, So I'm down a few pounds. Listening to all of your ideas, It gets me excited to be able to get back on track with my health. Hopefully tomorrow I can respond each one of youTrying to make a goalie stay differentI would like to know @theslightedgeforever: what is mise-en-place?

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member
    @teresaw1020 Getting a new home sounds exciting. I think I would like those hardwoods. No haven't watched that Worst Cooks. I was explaining to a friend the about slowing down to speed up. She was feeling overwhelmed with life and said I need a break. Which her brain also included break from healthy habits. Our thoughts are so important because it determines our actions. So now when I think I need a break, I'm going to say, I need a slow down. Right now my ON switch is activated. So no need, but I might need you to remind me of this one day.

    @trooworld Fishy pasta? ;) So what eating plan were you following when you were at the bottom of the hill for months.

    @its_cleo Any reduction in calories is a good thing. Don't wait for the spirit to move you. You gotta move the spirit. Interesting thing on my macros is that since I started this carb cycling, for the most part the macros seem to fall in line for the most part without me trying so hard. I've almost made it through one week. You reminded me about my stability ball, still sitting in the same place. Did you check Pinterest for sweet chili sauce recipes? Although it might just give you a bunch of recipes on how to make it DIY. lol Since I had pinterest up anyway, I just looked. Type in search bar: sweet chili sauce recipe healthy There's a bunch of stuff you could make.

    @joannadavison I love that phrase "faith teas". Here's my opinion on it. Although I know you all didn't ask for my opinion. lol I meet with a group of friends about every 1-2 months. We do birthday potlucks and there are 9 of us. I'm guilty myself of taking something quite not so healthy because a. it usually tastes better than a salad or veggie. b. I want all my friends to think I'm this great cook. c. All week long I'm trying to watch what I eat and for that one night during the month, I want to eat something I wouldn't normally eat. I do very well on portion control there and most of the time stay within my calories as I eat less during that day. Sometimes I don't though. Disclaimer! I try to focus on the company and not the food so no second helpings. No standing by the chip bowl or chocolate tray. I've been known to move it to the other side of the room which gets some hollers from some people. I tell them if they want more to get up and go get it. More steps for them to burn off those calories.

    @cbabie That's good that you are starting to feel better. Remember the song Gray skies are gonna clear up...…. :D
    Mise-en-place pronounced meez-ahn-plahss means put into place or everything in it's place.

    Today went well despite the fact I had multiple obstacles and frustrations dealing with my food plan. The pressure kept building but I stuck to the plan. At one point I was in the store chanting I will stick to my plan over and over as I grabbed one cold drink and got out. There was all kinds of snacky things in the middle aisle I had to walk through. I tried going through a drive through but construction had it blocked so that was my next best thing. I moved my equipment in my gym around and I have much more room. I have a slight claustrophobia reaction to tight spaces and immediately I felt so much better in there. Maybe that's why I didn't like spending time in there. We'll see. But still need to move my ball downstairs. I made a place for it. Plus I need to inflate my Bosu ball along with my Pilates balls. I'm a great lover of buying gym equipment; not so good at using them. If I had someone to inflate it, life would be easier. Evidently my husband nor son thinks it's their job to do that. Exercised for 30 min walking. Went swimming for 40 min. Water goal met. Big sticker day.

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    Morning at dentist- chipped tooth that has previously had root canal. At least it can't hurt!

    @cbabie what was it you did? 6 years ago (can't believe it was that long ago) I fell in a running stride- doing relay race with my tutor group. Cracked straight through humorous. When I didn't get full movement back & struggling with pain various things tried then went for MRI eventually a tiny tear in a tendon spotted. Again tried various things to avoid surgery but 4 years ago that's what happened- the tendon was mangled!! Took about 6 months to get ok movement & a year to be off pain killers. The PT at gym has got me moving so much better this last 6 months. I totally get what you're saying- I thought I was going to be permanently disabled with it- my mental health sank. You've just got to take it slow & you'll get there. I'm amazed that I'm still seeing improvements.

    @theslightedgeforever that sounds like a good take on the food. I try to pile up on salad stuff- no-one ever eats the posh lettuce leaves!
    Sounds like you are getting a good range of exercise.

    I feel a bit guilty not getting to gym as much but it's doing my mindset good to rest from school & routine, blitz the house- finally conquered eldest's bedroom last night! Youngest's wardrobe left to do today- then my study/craft room- it's veen a dumping ground for 3 weeks! Also spending time with my cousin (she's more like my sister) & her kids especially as we rarely saw them with them living abroad.

    Dentist appt in 1 min so I'd better sign off.
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 1,582 Member Member Posts: 1,582 Member
    @trooworld, thanks for the link! I love so many of them! Enjoy your ride down that weigh loss coaster. You can do it!! <3

    @its_cleo, I think it’s totally worth tracking your macros for a while to see what works best for you. The good thing (or bad) is that if you eat more fats and fewer carbs then you will have to drink less alcohol. I haven’t touched a drop since going low-carb. I am however saving a bottle of red for when this house sales and then I’m drinking the whole bottle!! :D And about sweet chili sauce. First off, it’s delicious!!! It does have a ton of sugar in it so you have to use it sparingly which sucks because I could stick a straw in the bottle and drink it! It is used to make Bang Bang sauce. I drizzle it over a stirfrys. I also like to dip English cucumbers in it. Have a mentioned that I LOVE it! <3:D

    @joannadavision, Yes, it is so hard to eat on plan at a church gathering. We do love our food, don’t we? :D Bummer about getting a chipped tooth! You shouldn’t feel guilty about not going to the gym when you are doing all the decluttering and cleaning at your home. I haven’t touched my treadmill since I started getting my house ready to sell. :)

    @cbabie, I hope your hand starts having more improvement every day. Have you been able to work at all? I hope your church family is giving you lots of support! <3

    @theslightedgeforever, I also have a little claustrophobia and in my new house, my workout room will be larger than the one I have now, which dubs as a reading and ironing room. Maybe I can buy some more equipment too! Yayyy for the big sticker!! B)

    Well, today is the day that the house gets it's pictures taken and goes on the market tomorrow. I worked all day yesterday doing all the finishing cleaning and straightening. This place shines!! Hubby and I are taking the dog to to daycare and then going out for a nice lunch that will include carbs!! :p Then we are going shopping! <3 A new store called At Home just opened and I've been dying to check it out. Tonight, we have to go to the church for a workday that has been planned. I am NOT cleaning a thing!! I am going to sit in the nursery and play with the littles. <3 My weight was down .4 lbs for the week. I'll take it!!
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 1,415 Member Member Posts: 1,415 Member
    @its_cleo Thanks. I just wish my motivation would come more often. ;) Sweet chili sauce: It's good in Asian food. Here are some recipes you can use that in...
    This one isn't so healthy but it is good:

    @joannadavison I'd find it hard at buffets, too, and the potlucks. What are your strategies? re: the artwork...thanks and yes, that pasta meal was yummo! Ouch to the dentist!

    @cbabie Congrats on the loss in weight. I'm glad you are feeling a little better, too. That's hopeful.

    @theslightedgeforever hahaha I can see your face now! :D The eating plan I was following was keto but only some of the wasn't a 100% or even 70% effort. It was more like a 50% effort. It's not a good idea to do keto some of the time because as you know, keto is high fat so if you don't follow it strictly and you eat high fat sometimes, you are basically gaining weight. I can affirm that this will happen. ;) I didn't gain a ton of weight, but enough to snap out of it. Congrats on big sticker.

    @TeresaW1020 You are welcome! Thank you for the encouragement. I appreciate it! Enjoy your carby dinner!!!

    August goals: track 4 out of 7 days, drink 50 oz of liquids a day, lose 1 lb
  • its_cleoits_cleo Member Posts: 536 Member Member Posts: 536 Member
    @joannadavison ice cream is my big weakness too. There is a famous ice cream shop near me, and I’m trying to bank some calories so I can go before the end of the summer. I’ve never been. I’m thinking maybe next week. In the meantime, I’ve been eating a lot of watermelon in the hot weather.

    @cbabie so nice to hear from you, and good luck with the therapy.

    @theslightedgeforever I’ve actually never used pinterest but I will definitely check it out. – I totally get it with inflating the balls. Mine is kind of flat so that’s partly why I don’t use it. Also my tv is much closer lol. Great job sticking to the plan. Sometimes when I’m struggling like that I will write on my phone, I have a little note app. And just writing out what I’m thinking helps me.

    @TeresaW1020 I count liquid calories I can’t count liquid carbs too lol. That is a whole other level 😊 . But good for you, it’s kind of inspirational. Anyway no drinking for me this week- Friday I’m going to see my dad and he never drinks so I don’t. Sunday I have a hike planned, so shouldn’t indulge Saturday night. Lol about the chili sauce. I love cucumbers so maybe I’ll try that

    @trooworld thanks so much for the recipes, I will check it out! They sound delicious. Re motivation. Yeah it is weird sometimes it's there sometimes it's not.

    Mine just came back after months of not really being there. So I was on 1800 cals a day, maintenance level. But I was struggling with that. This week I just dropped to 1600 cals, which should be weight loss level. And then I figure I have a built in buffer where if something comes up, at least I should just be at maintenance and not over.

    So since Sunday I have met 1600 most days, 1 day 1700. And I’m going to add the macro stuff to my spreadsheet and start monitoring it. I just feel more motivated.

    No exercise today. Tomorrow run and gym with trainer, arm day.
  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 817 Member Member Posts: 817 Member
    Just checking in..depression tears...all hit me hard today...I will check in earlier tomorrow
  • renaegryrenaegry Member, Premium Posts: 1,006 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,006 Member
    Good evening all. Back from the lake for a week hopefully can somewhat get back at it. Had a great workout today. Did a nice 5.5 km walk this afternoon and then this evening did a 40 min Fitbod workout. My thighs are still killing me from Monday’s workout. Tomorrow will be a run day.

    @trooworld we have a seasonal camping site at a lake about 30 min away. Our camper stays there all year round. We have a site set up pretty nice. Patio sheds flowers etc.

    @its_cleo love the Fitbod app. I also am one that needs to be told what to do. Love how it even tells you when to rest and for how long. I agree sweet chili sauce is yummy. Those are some good links @trooworld gave you. Love it in stir frys. I also am trying to follow my macros. Currently have mine set at 40% carbs 30% protein and fat.

    @cbabie hope everything goes well for you.
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    @joannadavison I want to change my thinking on salad. As soon as you said the word my face went :s I associate it with negative words. I'm sitting here trying to type and all the words are negative. It's like a "cross to bear". I don't like a lot of raw veggies so the two salads I eat each week consist of Romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, 1 T craisins, 2 oz feta cheese and Russian dressing. I'm getting better at adding in thinly sliced cucumbers but I hate their consistency. Dh likes them. The good news is that you can always bring salad to your faith teas and not have to worry about overeating. You won't feel deprived or anything. I'm doing this 100 day book right now and the other day the lesson was on feeling guilty. It said " Instead, the word guilty serves as a cover-up for a less acceptable emotion. When you peek underneath your guilty feelings, you may discover a whole list of emotions. The next time you feel guilty about something, ask yourself, “If I wasn’t feeling guilty, what would I be feeling?”

    Spangle, Linda. 100 MORE Days of Weight Loss: Giving You the Power to Be Successful on ANY Diet Plan (p. 148). SunQuest Media. Kindle Edition.

    The good news is that you are being extremely productive instead and getting in some mental health time which is so important to our overall health.

    @teresaw1020 Yaay for your 0.4 weight loss. Each little step down counts and is forward progress. I love At Home store. It takes real effort not to buy everything I see.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member
    @trooworld Maybe give carb cycling a try. Of course I've only done it one week. Ask me again in a month. But it kind of gives me the best of both worlds. Because it's constantly changing, I don't feel like I'm in prison. If I want something, I just tell myself I can have it on my next green day. I actually didn't eat 3 choc chips today that fell out of the bag when I was putting them into the pantry container because it was a red day and I had already planned out my carbs to my limit. I said I can have them tomorrow. If this was last week, I would have eaten those three plus dipped into the container for a handful because they tasted good.

    @its_cleo I don't know why the motivation comes and goes but it does. I call it my on and off switch. I've even tried visualizing a huge light switch and me turning it on. Sometimes that works. You sound motivated and ready to make some good healthy choices.

    @cbabie I'm sorry you are feeling so blue.

    @renaegry Your lake site sounds like something I would like. My grandpa used to have one like that it we would go down in the summertime to fish and swim. I hated when the bluegills would swim by my legs. Now I won't swim in anything I can't see the bottom. I like your new profile pic. That's new, right? lol

    Another good day of food for me. I have officially finished one week of this program. Now onto week 2. My hubby is taking some days off this next week so I have to figure all of that in. That's usually detriment to my program. So I spent today doing some extra planning and finagling to add him to my spreadsheet and see what I can do to minimize the damage. Part of it is me. I figure if he's "on vacation" then so am I. That gives me vacation brain which is not a good thing for me. So I will keep telling myself I am not on vacation. He can be a food pusher at times. He can also say, do you want to go get ice cream? Hm....maybe I should plan in some ice cream just in case and then if I don't use it, I can always find something else to use those carbs for. Big sticker day.
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