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  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,046Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,046Member, Premium Member
    @teresaw1020 I hope your house sells quickly and the move goes smoothly so you can enjoy the health journey you are on versus just enduring it for the time being.

    @trooworld Remember to check sodium counts too. But again, better than pizza. Thanks for the shawarma recipe, I'll pass it along. I like pita bread too with my hummus. I know some people have like red/green peppers, it's just not the same I don't think.

    @trishastime That's good you are working on your IF. I think if I ever were to try that plan, I would have to do something like a 15/9. I have too many social engagements for breakfast time that begin about 9 a.m. Although I'm not really a night time eater. We eat dinner about 5:30 and that's it for me except a couple cups of tea afterwards. So I don't know if this plan would make that big a difference to me. I did look at carb cycling on Pinterest. That just might interest me.

    Tracked food. Over by 297 calories.
  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 1,003Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,003Member, Premium Member
    @TrishasTime Thanks. Now, to repeat!

    @theslightedgeforever My husband and I were just talking about that last night. But yes, better than eating pizza or take-out every night. I agree, I've tried it with veggies and I prefer pita. ;)

    Hello, gals. I have pre-tracked my day again. Thanks for encouraging/prodding me, it's working! :D

    July goals: track 6 out of 7 days, drink 100 oz of liquids a day, lose 2 lbs
  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Posts: 544Member, Premium Member Posts: 544Member, Premium Member
    GM everyone

    @trooworld - I have the hot iron poker ready at the word (LOL). Seriously I am glad something has switched for you

    @theslightedgeforever - going 16/8 did not make alot of difference to me in fact rather than me scoffing breakfast down at work - I no longer do that and enjoy a nice cup of tea and or coffee. Due to the time I start - I hated doing brekky in front of everyone

    Hello to everyone else that passes through

    Take care
  • RetiredAndLovingItRetiredAndLovingIt Posts: 583Member Member Posts: 583Member Member
    Hi all...yes, I am still here! How can you be busier in retirement than you were working? At least it seems that way..only its more of what I want to do instead of what I have to do, lol.

    @TeresaW1020 --how exciting to be getting a new house!! We did the same a few years ago...looked at lots & then when we saw this one, we put a bid in it that night. Luckily our old one sold quickly, even without a realtor. Our daughter is going thru that now..they have found one they want to move to but theirs is not selling quickly, and I don't understand why not. I guess both realtors have said the market here is super slow right now. Hoping yours goes quicker!

    @TrishasTime--hope your foot is doing better!

    @trooworld --congrats on the pretracking. I think it is very important. Today I didn't & thought I did pretty well especially since I forgot to drink the breakfast smoothie that dh made after I came up from walking! But now that I have logged the day, it is not as good as I thought, and I am over again.

    @theslightedgeforever --I think I could do 16/8 but not sure if it would help or not. Good luck with it if you decide to try it.

    Hope everyone has a great week.
  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 1,003Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,003Member, Premium Member
    @TrishasTime lol...well, for now at least, I'm tracking. ;)

    @RetiredAndLovingIt That's great that your life is filled with the things you love! Maybe you can just eat a little less today to make up for yesterday?

    Hello gals. I'm so glad it's Weds already, I'm ready for this week to be over! Pre-tracking is done for the day. I'm doing a little better with drinking water but still not drinking 100 oz of liquids a day. I hope you have a good day.

    July goals: track 6 out of 7 days, drink 100 oz of liquids a day, lose 2 lbs
  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Posts: 544Member, Premium Member Posts: 544Member, Premium Member
    GM everyone

    Scales are moving in the wrong direction despite pre tracking and measuring :( I suppose the loss last week was mainly water and my body is readjusting

    @RetiredAndLovingIt _ I always find my day off very busy as well - glad you are enjoying your days

    @trooworld - I hear you - we have just passed the hump day here in Aus - just ready for the weekend

    Take care
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,046Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,046Member, Premium Member
    @trooworld I was at a bridal gathering this weekend and they had served these little hummus wrap. Basically looked like 1/4 pita wrapped like a cone with hummus and a piece of avocado on it. As soon as I heard the word avocado, I'm like NOPE. Yes, I know they are good for me. I think it's the slimy texture that turns me off. I don't like guacamole either. It could just be the color green. lol As I was reading your post just now I thought now why didn't I just take off the avocado and eat it. But then thought, better for me, I saved myself some calories. They will be my new trick.....tell all my friends to tell me there's avocado in it. Hooray on pre-tracking and being successful. Is your water goal too high right now? is the gap from where you are to where you want to be a small one or a big one? Being successful daily breeds success consistently. I think I might have just solved my own problem with that statement.

    @trishastime I think overall habit would accomplish the IF. I would have to be very flexible on this because my bookclub doesn't start usually til 6:30 or 7, by the time we order and eat it's 7:30-8. Same thing with dinner parties I attend/throw. I have one coming up in a couple of weeks. Although I do know I lost weight consistently without doing IF. So probably do a combo of that and what I was doing. Anything to lower the calories, right? So just keep at it and the scale will move. Did you eat some high sodium thing? Drink a lot of extra water/fluid? I always see a bounce or stall after a big loss. But then it readjusts.

    @retiredandlovingit That's great if you get to do all the thing you want to do. For years you spent time on the have to list. I haven't decided on the IF. Good eating plans fit my lifestyle otherwise they don't stick. So I'm leaning towards no social engagements=IF, social engagements=no IF. That would strike a balance and possibly help. It can't hurt.

    @gemwolf110 The important thing is that you still try. I hope you find a good restart for yourself. Sometimes wiping the whole slate clean is the way to go. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just wipe off all the abuse we have done to our bodies with food/lack of movement over the years and just start over at our ideal weight? My mom always said I live in La-la land. Sometimes it's nice being there. Beats reality sometimes.

    So I had a really good food day on Tuesday, I only hit about 1000 calories. Lots of fruit/veggies. That was to make up for the day before. I was over today about 154 cals. 126 of them would not have happened had I put in place an IF rule. I went to a visitation for a friend's grandma, came home and later starting rumbling around in the cabinets. Earlier in the day I had wanted some Oreos instead I ate some warmed canned peaches, 1 sugar-free tea cookie crumbled into it and then 1/4 c Cool whip lite. Round two of the Oreos craving came and I ended it with 1 1/2 oz mozzarella cheese cubes and 12 grapes.
  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 1,003Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,003Member, Premium Member
    @TrishasTime Yes your body is probably not used to IF and is just readjusting itself.

    @gemwolf110 Good luck with your changes.

    @theslightedgeforever are funny! Yes, you did save some calories. Yes, the water goal is too high right now but I'm committed to it for the month lol. In August, I will shoot for 70 oz a day. Your mind has definitely shifted and you are making better choices, brava!

    July goals: track 6 out of 7 days, drink 100 oz of liquids a day, lose 2 lbs
  • its_cleoits_cleo Posts: 155Member Member Posts: 155Member Member
    Hi all

    My cat is still sick...took him to the vet this week and it may early stages kidney failure. So maybe it can be managed with food at this stage, not sure yet. The last couple days have been rough so I wouldn't say I've been stress eating but I haven't been making meals and I have been just eating takeout so definitely calories are high.

    Still kind of rough, taking it day by day with him.

    @trooworld the sprinting- yeah inside thighs hurt, that's your adductors I guess? I thought it was a weird place to hurt but apparently it's normal lol. Haven't been exercising this week either.

    @TeresaW1020 the gardening...I pulled a bunch of garlic that was ready and that was cool, never really seen fresh garlic out of the ground before. Then I did weeding. It kind of sucked at first but then it was so peaceful and quiet, and when I stopped there was a bee getting nectars from some flowers, a butterfly, it was nice. It's tough physically though. Yeah bugs I didn;t think of that till I started. Mostly worm type bugs and yeah gross but I only saw a couple and then I tried to ignore it. I told myself it's a sign of healthy soil...I'm going tomorrow to prune tomatoes and then I'm not sure I can go back for a while

    Sorry not much of a post. I have to go clean up- Griffin can't seem to keep food down etc., issues at the other end too so I have to do some washing. My carpet is garbage. I wish I could pull it up right now but there is no point right now. Vet gave me something to settle his stomach but it will take a day or two to work.
  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Posts: 544Member, Premium Member Posts: 544Member, Premium Member

    @its_clwo - Sorry to hear about Griffin. It is hard when your furbaby is sick

    @trooworld - thanks - I hope so. Did you pre-track yesterday?

    @theslightedgeforever - Laughed when I read about the avocado. Good for you for not giving in to the Oreos

    @gemwolf110 - You have been through alot in the past 6 months. You need to do whatever makes you better (you are at your job for 1/3 of your day)

    Today is Friday... so looking forward to the weekend

    Take care
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    @its_cleo I'm so sorry to hear that about Griffin, I hope it can be managed with food. I hope the medicine helps settle his stomach, poor guy.

    @TrishasTime Yes, all but dinner. I didn't end up tracking dinner but I just tracked it. I'm really looking forward to the weekend, too.

    Hi gals. Happy Friday! I don't know about where you live, but here in SoCal, it's hot hot hot! I hope you have a good day.

    July goals: track 6 out of 7 days, drink 100 oz of liquids a day, lose 2 lbs
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Posts: 812Member Member Posts: 812Member Member
    Good morning! :)

    @its_cleo, so sorry to hear about Griffin illness! I know that your heart must be breaking for him and it’s also such an ordeal to clean up his messes all the time. I hope the medicine will give you both some relief! <3 I was looking at Pinterest the other night and saw these standing herb garden containers. That is what I’m going to get in my new house!! I don’t want to do a lot of work, but I would like to grow a few things that I can use in the kitchen.

    @gemworlf110, lots of stuff going on in your life! Restarting can be great and lead to something wonderful but it can be very stressful too. Be sure to be kind to yourself while you embark as you decide what to do next. <3

    @TrishasTime, I hope your drama has subsided!! Good for you for not turning to alcohol. I’ve been wanting to open a bottle of wine for a week now but I know that really won’t help calm my stress. Don’t worry too much about the bump up on the scale. My scale did some major bouncing around when I first started IF. I also had to learn what I need to eat to make the scale continue to go down. Don’t get frustrated!!

    @RetiredAndLovingIt, yes getting a new home is exciting and very stressful all at the same time! I hope your daughter can sell her home soon and get that home she is wanting! My husband is retired and always wonders when his life will settle down. I just smile and say NEVER! :D

    @theslightedgeforever, the beauty of IF is that it’s completely flexible to your life. This past week my whole schedule has been wacky so I’ve just had to roll with it and do the best I can. I’ve heard about the carb cycling plan but don’t know much about it. I do know that even though I’m mostly eating Keto, I will bump my carbs up about once a week just so my body doesn’t forget how to use them. :D

    @trooworld, good job on doing your pre-tracking!! <3 I’ve been slacking on my water too and drinking wayyy to much coffee. I promised myself that I will back on track starting today. ;)

    I'm sorry that I have been MIA most of the week! Life has become a whirlwind and I'm working hard to keep my head above the waves! :D The couple that looked at our home loved it but they decided it was too small for them. Yup, That's why we are moving! I've never done a house sell and a buy at the same time. The amount of details is crazy!! And our our closing was moved up a week which is exciting but also means we have one week less to get everything done and sell this place. We are planning to put it on the market by August 8th and I'm really hoping we can sell it over the weekend. We need a miracle!! o:)

    The good news is that I'm managing to stick to my IF and Keto and I lost another 1.2 lbs this week. We had our yearly Dinner on the Grill at the church and I had my hotdog and hamburger without the bun and brought my own cheese Whisps so I wouldn't be tempted by the Cheetos. B)
  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Posts: 544Member, Premium Member Posts: 544Member, Premium Member
    GM everyone

    @Teresaw1020 - I will keep my fingers and toes crossed, that you have a quick sale on your home. Great news that you are sticking to IF and that you had a major loss this week. I had one free day of IF (drama happens) but am back on it again.

    @trooworld - We have heard down under that you guys are having a major heatwave, I hope you can keep cool.

    I gained 800gm (1.7lb) after a 9.1lb loss the previous week. Still, I am in negative, but need to sort it out

    Take care
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,046Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,046Member, Premium Member
    @trooworld Hard to believe it's almost August and we'll have to choose some new goals, or stick with the same ones and work harder. You're doing better with your tracking. One day it will become a habit. I think the whole world is hot. Today I saw a weather map of Europe and how even up into the Arctic circle it was hotter than normal. On the news it was showing a clip of tourists in Paris. It had hit 40C (don't ask me what that is in F) Real hot I guess. Everyone's face was red and they looked miserable.

    @its_cleo So sorry about your cat. I lost my kitty five years ago. It's tough. Make the best choices you can. I'm still holding onto the 15 lbs I gained when my mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer. I learned stress eating didn't help her but hurt me instead. Problem is we don't think about emotional eating until we've already done it. I think it's such an automatic habit. What other things calm you? Maybe for now you could buy healthier pre-packaged meals like @trooworld is doing until you get a better handle on things and can begin to cook again. Your gardening sounds wonderful. I just grow flowers and haven't tried to grow things like garlic. That would be so cool. I've decided to grow basil and mint to keep away the mosquitos.

    @Trishastime I think that's very normal after a big loss like that. Alot of it could just be sodium readjustments. Woohoo on your big loss. You will get this figured out. I might just try avacado again one day. I tried two different drink samples while I was at Starbucks on vacation. It didn't kill me. I'm trying to step out of my box. Is your winter temps normal or are you having colder/warmer temps this time of year?

    @Teresaw1020 You are doing so wonderful on your eating plan. Keep up the good work. You are fitting it into your lifestyle which is the most important part. I pray your house sells extremely quick. Hooray for your loss. They keep stacking up which is the most important part.

    I think I'm getting a cold. I've been taking meds. I don't have allergies, but maybe new ones? I don't know. I finally did some exercise and was just getting back into my swing. Life happens. I will push through. I'm still tracking. That's the only July goal I think I will be able to claim success on.

    edited July 27
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    Hi all

    Thanks for the kind words. Griffin is doing better. The anti-nausea medicine is working anyway. So he is better for now and we'll just see how it goes. The good new is I think the kidney issues progress very very slowly, so hopefully he has lots of time, on the downside there is no real cure. But I'm just glad he;s ok for now and am trying to get back to normal.

    Was over calories for the week by about 300 so that is not too bad.

    @theslightedgeforever sorry to hear about your mom. It is always a tough time, I'm sure you coped the best you could. I wish I could find pre-packaged meals I like. Whenever I look at the store they never appeal to me.

    Does basil or mint keep away mosquitoes? Cool. I helped with gardening again yesterday and planted beans. It will be pretty cool to see them come up.

    @TeresaW1020 growing herbs sounds like just the perfect thing. And having fresh herbs is always good. Maybe I should look at that for me. Someone will absolutely buy your home I have no doubt. Good luck with it- so exciting. And good job with the cheese whisps and the wine.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt glad you can at least do what you want to. My dad is retired and he is always super busy. He gardens and does volunteer work and does stuff around their house, and stuff with his church etc.

    @trooworld yeah it is hot here but probably similar to there, not as hot as Europe for sure.

    Was supposed to go to a bbq today and I cancelled bc I was beat. Trying to get back into my routine. I will try running today just a slow jog. Somehow I hurt my shoulder yesterday, so I will give the gym a rest. for a couple days.
  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Posts: 544Member, Premium Member Posts: 544Member, Premium Member
    Gm everyone

    Happy Sunday!

    We have roadside collection this weekend. This is where we put our General junk - fridges, mattresses, broken household junk that does not fit into the bins. The local council then comes and collects all next week. So far almost everything we put out has been taken by other people, who come along in their cars and go through your stuff.

    This weekend we have been moving furniture in preparation for the new carpet that is being laid on Tuesday and boy is my back protesting

    @theslightedgeforever - I am still hanging on to the weight I put on after I stopped running. hard to remove. I hope it is allergies rather than cold.

    @its_cleo - yes routine is good but it is nice to shake it up every now and then

    Take care
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,046Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,046Member, Premium Member
    @its_cleo I know all about the "doesn't appeal to me" foods. But yet that's probably why I'm still fat. The bad healthy ones are calling my name. What if you were to make your own meals and freeze them with things that you like. You are looking for convenience for those times that life is driving you crazy and you can't think about healthy options. I was looking at Pinterest today for something else and this showed up so I saved it. Oh just realized they were slow cooker meals. Do you have a slow cooker? What caught my eye was the green thing that is holding up the Ziploc bags. I just ordered me some of them off of Amazon and hadn't used them yet. Basil and mint: it's supposed to keep away the mosquitoes. I have a plant that seems to breed them, kind of like morning glory, pretty but when I water them you can see the mosquito throngs come out. I'm ready to cut them all down because of that. Hope your shoulder feels better.

    @trishastime That roadside collection sounds nice. We have a similar thing where you can call and they will come pick up your junk. Part of me thinks, maybe I could sell that and make a bit of money. Which I never seem to get around to advertising and there the junk sits. My dilemma for alot of things in my life. Always another little voice in my head. My eye is a bit better so I'm thinking allergies. I've never had them but I figure always a first time for everything. I hope you can find an exercise to replace your running as your foot heals.

    I was doing well and was tracking my food and was proud that I was about 200 calories under my daily goal. Then when I was talking to someone else, I remembered some cheese bread I had eaten and forgot all about tracking that and now I'm over. GRRRRR. I was telling that friend that I wish technology would come up with something that scans the food as you put it into your mouth and logs it automatically like a Fitbit does your steps. Wouldn't that be great. Cause surely my scanner (brain) isn't functioning as well as it could be these days. I did a 30 min walk in the mall with hubby.

  • joannadavisonjoannadavison Posts: 42Member Member Posts: 42Member Member
    Hi- I'm currently doing WW in UK. Been successful twice before getting within lbs of goal then life got in the way. Now I'm struggling, having gained, to get it back off. Doc thinks age (I'm perimenopausal). I go to a small gym local to my workplace, not too expensive so I work with a trainer every other week- he suggested logging calories & showed me MFP. Therefore been doing this & WW app for a week.
    Just stumbled across this group & wondered if I could join you?
  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 1,003Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,003Member, Premium Member
    @TeresaW1020 Thank you! It's hard when your mind is preoccupied. :) Congrats on the loss and keeping with your program!!!

    @TrishasTime It is pretty hot, but it will get hotter in September unfortunately. It's been in the high 80s (F) but in Sept, it will get up to even 100F. That's too hot for me!!! :(

    @theslightedgeforever It used to be a habit, I used to be really really good at tracking and then not. Yes, Europe is supposed to be breaking records...I feel sorry for them. I hope you aren't getting a cold. Mint keeps away ants, too, btw. At least peppermint oil does:

    @its_cleo I'm glad Griffin is doing better. 300 cals isn't too bad at all. I hope your shoulder feels better.

    @joannadavison Hi and welcome! Please join us! We are happy to have new people. You'll find some of us are doing WW and some of us have done WW. I am just doing MFP right now but have done WW for many years in the past. It's nice to "meet" you! I'm on the west coast of the US.

    Hi gals. Sorry I wasn't here yesterday, I had a busy day. Today started out busy: we have a leak in the ceiling in the kitchen coming from the condo above us. We are working on getting that straightened out. I have a lot to do today as well. I hope you all have a great day.

    July goals: track 6 out of 7 days, drink 100 oz of liquids a day, lose 2 lbs
  • joannadavisonjoannadavison Posts: 42Member Member Posts: 42Member Member
    @trooworld thanks. I'm in place called Durham in North East of England. My sis lives in San Diego but I appreciate 'west coast' is a big area!!

    We've had the hottest July day on record. It was 34'C here but Cambridge recorded the highest ever UK temperature which was around 100F!!! Belgium even higher! My ex-bro-in-law lives in Luxembourg & their son's school actually closed. He's thankful for air-con.

    I just wondered if those who have ditched WW are coping OK without attending workshops??? I'm currently weighing up if I'd be better saving my money? I do have brilliant support but then I'm quite impressed with the range of support on here.
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