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  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 1,582 Member Member Posts: 1,582 Member
    @TrishasTime, I hope you like your new scales! How can you hate shopping? Shopping is life!! :D

    @theslightedgeforever, I think that is awesome that you used your app to make better choices! I downloaded the app and gave it a try. It’s not as user friendly as Carb Manager but it was fun to see how my food measured up to Carb Manager. I got mostly B’s and C’s. :#

    @trooworld, socializing is good for you so calm down and have fun!! <3

    @its_cleo, great workout plans! Yes, I agree that with your trainer. When I took pictures that week for my church’s VBS my body hurt so bad because I was putting it in positions it wasn’t used to doing. A good lesson that we need to do all kinds of things to keep ourselves fit. :)

    So, I survived my dinner at the bosses house last night. They had ordered food for a local restaurant and they had pineapple chicken, salad, corn, and rice. I mostly stuck with the chicken and salad and had just a tiny helping of the rice and corn. Ohhhh and one very small cheddar biscuit. Still a ton of carbs but tasty!! My good news is that I said no thank you to the banana pudding and happily drank my coffee while the other seven people ate their pudding. Of course, it helped that I'm not a fan of bananas. It was like God was looking out for me!! :D We played some silly games afterward and had a great time!
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    GM everyone

    @theslightedgeforever - Yes it is cold (well I am). The sun is shining and I feel that if I moved, I would get warm. At least it is not raining. I thought the whole idea on fooducate was to check it before eating. I just tried my desktop (google app) and it is not available either :(

    @teresaw1020 - each to their own as far as shopping is concerned :) I tried carb manager and it shows different calories to MFP. I have premium on MFP and can go to the macros etc. I think it is better for me to try to choose wise macros and learn from there. Being a systems person, I am on a computer all day and hate entering data, so I feel I need to choose one only

    @trooworld - I am with you there - too much socialisation drives me crazy. I stressed over the fact that we were going on a caravan trip with other people and I would have to be with them 14 hours a day. I crave my time on myself. I hope you had a good time anyway

    @its_cleo - I do not think that the doctor missed it as much as the foot specialist is trained further into the foot. I hope you find the colour of the throw you want.

    Today is all about finding all the things that the foot specialist has advised. All the things that allow me to manage this pain and still do want I want to do in moderation - let's just say running is out but a brisk walk may be nice - no hang it - I would like to be able to walk for more than 20 minutes without pain :)

    JULY GOALS - lose 500 - 800gms per week, track, track, track
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member
    @TeresaW1020 Good for you for passing up the banana pudding. That would have been hard for me. I love it with the little vanilla wafers in it. Sounds like you did well. I agree about the user friendliness of app. Plus the database isn't as good as MFP. I wish MFP would do everything the other one does. I've been getting B to B+ grades overall each day. But I still have a lot of foods that are C's.

    @trishastime When fooducate first came out that's what it was used for. Checking to see what your food choices was. Then it seems they have developed a whole community like they have here and put in a food/exercise tracker. It also gives a place on there to add your mood and hunger scale. I'm cold when most people are not, and hot when most people are not. On your foot tumor, I spent two years going to doctors in search of the cause of my extreme thumb pain. Finally when I saw an orthopedic guy he immediately said oh you have a glomus tumor. But to be sure, let's do an MRI or CT scan. I can't remember now. So much time wasted in pain.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member
    @trooworld Socialization is good unless it always involves bad or too much food. I've seen studies that say people live longer with more socialization. Everyone has to find their balance.

    @its_cleo When I moved my daugther this summer, I could tell how much strength I have lost versus other moves I have participated in. I tell them quit moving. I'm tired of helping. So I want to work on my strength for those types of things. Plus be flexible enough to be able to sit on the floor and play with my grandkids one day and not have to worry about getting back up. I know some people who won't sit on the floor. Ok, start small but get back on track with your food. One meal. Which meal will you choose?

    OK, so I stayed within my food boundaries. Walked for 50 min. Needed more water. But I'm headed in the right direction.

    July goals: track everyday, lose 3 lbs, burn at least 200 calories via intentional exercise 5x/week

  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 1,415 Member Member Posts: 1,415 Member
    @its_cleo Good luck shopping for the throw. Sometimes accents make all the difference! :)

    @TeresaW1020 lol...I survived yesterday, maybe because one of my plans postponed until Monday! :) But today, I go for fish tacos. You did great at the dinner, congrats!

    @TrishasTime Oh that caravan trip would drive me crazy! Yes, I did have a good time and we were able to treat my sister-in-law to brunch and adult beverages which was nice to be able to do. I hope you are able to walk for more than 20 minutes without pain soon. :)

    @theslightedgeforever I had half of a bagel with smoked salmon and chopped tomatoes and cream cheese. Not the best, but not the worst either. Plus, I had 16 oz of mimosas. I did not track yesterday at all. :(

    Ok gals, I am going to track today, period. PERIOD. I have not tracked for about 3 days. It just feels like such a chore. I'm failing miserably at my July goals! :(

    July goals: track 6 out of 7 days, drink 100 oz of liquids a day, lose 2 lbs
  • its_cleoits_cleo Member Posts: 536 Member Member Posts: 536 Member
    @TeresaW1020 that's great on skipping the pudding! I've never had banana pudding actually but I do like bananas.

    @TrishasTime entering data can indeed be a pain. I do calories on mfp, but that's about it. I really hope your foot starts to recover.

    @theslightedgeforever that's a great goal re getting on the floor with your grandkids. I actually read last week that being able to sit on the floor and get up without using your hands is a good measure of overall health. So if you can do it and get up with your hands that is probably a step in the right direction....yeah mobility overall is huge. I am terrified of being elderly and not having good mobility. This is one of the reasons why I exercise so much.

    @trooworld good luck with the tracking. It can be a pain for sure.

    The throw- well my living room is neutral colour with a lot of wood furniture, very rich brown not too dark or light. I have some stone inlay on my coffee tables....I like natural things. So I got a brown throw but I didn't like the look of it. So I got a nice cotton one, nice texture and cream coloured. If I liked it then I'll get a couple pillows, maybe dark green...Bc I live alone I'm not very good at decorating. For example I have zero pictures on my walls lol. But I am slowly chipping away and trying to make it a nice place for me.

    So this is the start of a new four week period for me. The good news- for three months I've been on maintenance and my weight has fluctuated but overall today is identical to where I started. My calories have fluctuated wildly but overall, looking at weekly averages, I have very slowly adjusted down. So this is good news. Because I only have 20 or 30 lbs more to go sometimes my motivation is low, but I'm sticking with it.

    @trooworld meant to say thanks for sharing the recipe sites I checked it out. I like sites with weekly meal plans, never thought of that before so I am checking those out.

    Quiet weekend here, hope everyone is doing well. Today- making some meals for the week and then going for a jog/sprint session.
  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Member, Premium Posts: 621 Member Member, Premium Posts: 621 Member
    GM everyone

    @theslightedgeforever - I am one of those people who do not do the floor thing (LOL). I do not have enough strength in my muscles to get back up. So glad you are heading in the right direction.

    @trooworld - You know what you ate and drank yesterday, so track it now. Do not wait another day. If you get caught and are unable to track, take a picture of your plate and work it out later. It is still tracking.

    @its_cleo - mobility frightens me too, however, there are always alternatives to doing the normal thing - as long as you can be mobile and achieve what you need to do :) I am glad you are doing well on maintenance.

    This week is busy again with meetings for tax, foot specialist, physio and remedial massage. Working through it all - looking for a light at the end for this foot issue. The ankle/foot support should arrive tomorrow and then I am hoping it to be easier

    JULY GOALS - lose 500 - 800gms per week, track, track, track
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member
    @trooworld I think you did well with 1/2 bagel plus you got some protein and a veggie. I would have had whole bagel with cream cheese. lol So is your current way of tracking too hard? Which format do you use?

    @its_cleo You are missing out if you've never had classic banana pudding. I don't like banana flavored pudding. But just the vanilla kind with sliced bananas. Now I'm eating vanilla yogurt to be a bit healthier. Take a look at You can browse any room and they give you ideas for that room. Then you can save it to a "board". Kind of like Pinterest. I have boards for every room in my house plus my outside front and outside back areas. You can save a pic and write what you like about the pic. I've used that so later when I go shopping for decor, I know exactly what I want. I know it will look good. I have a gray couch so I thought gold/yellow would look good since I was seeing that color everywhere it seemed. So I typed in Living Room, gray and gold and it brought up hundreds of pics for me to browse through. Sometime just seeing how they added a splash of color in a small vase or table stand. I'll work on that getting up off the floor without using my hands. I'm at the place of use the couch or chair. lol

    My battery is about to die on this laptop, so I'll finish up on my phone.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member
    @trishastime LOL on the floor. Now you have a new goal. I have watched my father and now my mil. I don’t want to be them

    I stayed within calories and met my water goal. Tracked my food No exercise. The big sticker continues to elude me.

    I lost 1 lb this week.

    July goals: track everyday, lose 3 lbs, burn at least 200 calories via intentional exercise 5x/week
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  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 1,415 Member Member Posts: 1,415 Member
    @its_cleo This ice cream shop that I went to yesterday makes amazing banana pudding ice cream. :) Thanks re: tracking. I did not track once again yesterday. :/ Your living room sounds nice, you just need some pics on the wall. That's an easy fix. My hubby and I got a nice print off for a reasonable price, we got it shipped already framed with plexiglass on it. It looks really nice. Good luck with your search! That's great that you've been able to go down while at maintenance. Or do you mean your calories have adjusted down? You are welcome for the sites! :)

    @TrishasTime I am short on time just now, but I will try to track when I get to work. Best of luck with the ankle/foot support.

    @theslightedgeforever Thanks. I use MFP using the website on my computer or my phone. Congrats on losing the lb, that's great!

    Hi all. Just a quick note to say I had a great weekend. I'm up a lb over last week. :(

    July goals: track 6 out of 7 days, drink 100 oz of liquids a day, lose 2 lbs
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 1,582 Member Member Posts: 1,582 Member
    Good morning! :)

    @TrishasTime, I completely agree that you just need to find one tracker and use it. If you have premium MFP then there is no reason to switch. I sure hope that the foot doctor can give you some good news that will get you back to your normal life! <3

    @theslightedgeforever, I don't like bananas so when I was little my mom made banana pudding all the time and she always made me my own bowl of just vanilla pudding and Nilla wafers. Those soggy cold cookies were soooo good!! :D Getting down on the floor was one of the main reasons I wanted to lose weight so bad. I do so much with the kids at my church and having to make sure I sat next to a wall to help me get back up was miserable. It's a great goal for us both! ;)

    @trooworld, do you track first thing in the morning? Even if you end up not eating what you planned it might at least get you in the habit. I boot up my computer and open my tracker first thing and at least add what I think I'm going to eat and then I go back after dinner and edit. It's a habit that you just have to get into and make it a non-negotiable. :)

    @its_cleo, I LOVE to decorate!! Houzz is a great website for ideas like theslightedgeforever suggested. And trooworld is right about Most of my artwork on my walls came from them! :) I'm planning some minor redecorating of my living room for next year. This year I'm redoing my laundry room. It's painted Pepto Bismol pink and it has to go. Yes, I actually chose that color! :#:D So, are you planning to go back into weight loss mode? Will you stick to your same plan or switch it up?

    @cbabie, thinking and praying for you!! <3

    Happy Monday everyone!! I feel like today is about hitting the reset button. I've done really well considering I had a dinner party and the church luncheon yesterday but I'm so determined to not fall back into my old ways and I have to stay focused and diligent to my plan. Fortunately, I don't have anymore off plan eating events this week. I have a church BBQ on the 24th but I can totally manage that by just saying no to the buns! :)

    Yesterday, we toyed with the idea of getting a kitten. A girlfriend is giving her litter away and one of them just tore at my heartstrings. I LOVE cats and miss not having one. But hubby has never had one and doesn't think he likes them. :/ Then there is my weird little diva of a dog. Not to mention my furniture and very expensive window treatments that would only take one cat attack to be ruined. And I absolutely could not declaw a kitty. So, I let go of the dream and will just have to love them from afar.
  • RetiredAndLovingItRetiredAndLovingIt Member Posts: 772 Member Member Posts: 772 Member
    Hi all...hope everyone had a good weekend. Today will be another hot one..high 90's, so walked on the treadmill for about 30 minutes this am.

    @TrishasTime - ouch on your foot..hope the tumor stays stable & doesn't grow. Walking is good for is my main exercise.

    @its_cleo - I know what you mean about motivation. I remain relatively stable no matter what I do food or exercise wise. Guess it is a good thing, but would still like to lose about 20# or so. We had the local gkids for the weekend and I finally figured out I cannot eat as much or as often as these growing kids! (these are 9 & 12) They are not nearly as picky eaters as the other 2, but that means I ate a lot more with them around, lol.

    @trooworld - I think tracking is vital. When it is just dh & I here, I track a lot more (usually try to do it in am for the whole day) & stay closer within my goals, but when gkids here, I don't track until the end of the day, and it can be ridiculous how many calories I ate, but didn't feel like I did at all!

    @TeresaW1020-I need to reset today, too. No more gkids here for a while, but going on a trip with dh, sister & her hubby at the end of the month, so need to get back in the right frame of mind. We are doing an Alaska cruise, so eating opportunities will abound. Maybe I can control it a little, since they do totally plant based/no added fat food.

    @LULUREBEL - my oldest daughter was always doing something..2 broken arms, numerous stitches, etc. The younger one only sprained ankles, but both of her kids have broken arms. We were babysitting them the first time her dd dislocated her elbow & got a broken bone there, too. 2 days after her year final checkup on that, she fell & broke the other arm. Oh well, active kids!

    @theslightedgeforever -I think I am going to look up Fooducate..maybe seeing what grades my food is giving me will be enough to get me a little more on track. I agree about functional exercise..I do get on the floor with gkids, but it is not pretty watching me get back up. Definitely need to be strengthening my legs. Took the gkids to the pool on Saturday & had fun playing with them & swimming some. I love to swim, but usually don't like to go to the pool because so crowded. Need to get over that & go. They have 10 minute rest periods each hour, but adults can stay in the water, so could get lots of exercise then.(probably more than I could handle, lol)

    @cbabie hope you are getting some sleep & arm is almost healed. I know you mentioned osteopenia...they have a place that opened here called OsteoStrong. I think it is an exercise place to build your bones. I plan to ask my Dr about it next time I go, because I also have osteopenia and don't want to take the osteoporosis medicine.

    Hope everyone has a great week, and stay cool! (well, except TrishasTime..hope you stay warm)

    July goals: at least 64 oz water, 8000 steps, and lose 2#. (not doing too well on any of it, lol)
  • RetiredAndLovingItRetiredAndLovingIt Member Posts: 772 Member Member Posts: 772 Member
    PS..sorry that was so long...I get so far behind!!
  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Member, Premium Posts: 621 Member Member, Premium Posts: 621 Member
    Hi there

    @theslightedgeforever - LOL - I have been working on that goal for 3 years. Congratulations on your loss - keep going - you will get a big sticker although it seems you are getting back on track.

    @trooworld - Did you track when you got to work?? It is all about making time for you. A woman I am following on twitter said your relationship with yourself is the most important. You give yourself the encouragement and the strength to do what is right for you

    @teresaw1020 - Glad you had fun on the weekend and are looking for the reset button. A year ago you would not have had a fun weekend and then reset on Monday, looking back I can see how far you have come

    @retiredandlovingit - Having younger people around really throws out your routine. Having the cruise trip coming up around the corner will be a good goal to get back to where you want to be (Beatles song)

    Waiting for the ortho support to come today (fingers crossed) DS was advised that he had to leave his rental as the owners want to return, he is now busy searching for another place

    Take care
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member
    @trooworld I wish you could see the look on my face when you said banana pudding ice cream. :| It was the same look when you said chocolate hummus. lol I don't know why the two words together make me go ick. I like both of them separately. So what's your resistance to tracking? Because it's so easy, there must be something more going on behind the scenes. So answer the question, if I track...….. or When I track I …….Go write in your journal about it. See if some ideas pop up.

    @teresaw1020 Pepto Bismol pink. I had a Happy Halloween pumpkin color on my walls once. Years later I look at pics of that room and think I must have been on drugs at the time. Some kind of psychadelic drugs as teal was also involved. lol Kittens are cute and then they turn into cats. Yes, hit the reset button. I have lots of social events this week. I did well today and stayed within my calories despite going over to a friend's house and sitting in front of food for 3 1/2 hrs. That was basically breakfast and lunch. I have staved off popcorn cravings for two days. I just keep telling myself to let a whole week roll by and then I can have some if I still want it. I passed along Jason Fung info to my friend today. She's a diabetic and has trouble controlling it.

    @retiredandlovingit I eat more around my kids and they are in their 20's lol That's good for you that you got in a walk. I've always wanted to do an Alaskan cruise. It's on my list for dd and me. Interesting about the OsteoStrong. I'm having resistance to my gym and I need to figure out why. I've decided to tackle every excuse I come up with and get an solution for it until I run out of excuses.

    @Trishastime Did the ortho support arrive? Did you notice that it helped a bit? I know too soon, but when I'm in pain I pray for immediate relief. I hope ds finds another place soon.

    I stayed within my food boundaries, walked 15 min, tracked and did NOT meet my water goal. Too much tea.

    2 weeks left of July, how are you doing with your goals? What do you need to tweak a bit to reach them?

    July goals: track everyday, lose 3 lbs, burn at least 200 calories via intentional exercise 5x/week
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 1,415 Member Member Posts: 1,415 Member
    @TeresaW1020 Yes, I always pre-track in the morning but lately, I haven't had time or the inclination. :( I love kitties too, good for you for realizing that it wasn't right for your environment/family rather than getting one and having to get rid of it. Maybe in the future it will be a different situation, maybe you can reconsider? I agree: NO to declawing!

    @RetiredandLovingIt It's hot here, too! Stay cool! I agree, I just need to get back in the habit of doing it.

    @TrishasTime No, I did not. :( But I did pretrack this morning for the day. :)

    @theslightedgeforever hahaha! It was delicious though! Resistance to tracking: I don't have a lot of time and sometimes I have to add a custom meal/sometimes I don't want to weigh something to track it/sometimes I don't want to face the numbers (but this isn't really the case in most cases). I don't have time to write in my journal until this weekend... :( Gotta get to work. I am doing [email protected] on my goals but at least I am aware of them because they are in my signature!

    Hi all: I have to go but I wanted to say I appreciate all of you and your encouragement and tough love!!! I did track this morning for the day.

    July goals: track 6 out of 7 days, drink 100 oz of liquids a day, lose 2 lbs
  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Member, Premium Posts: 621 Member Member, Premium Posts: 621 Member
    Good morning everyone

    @trooworld - Sorry to harp - but you need to make time for you. Could you not do it at l lunch or 5 min before you go to work. You do recipe planning - why not do the main meals at the same time - you can always change later - by the way - I do not like the thought of banana pudding either :(

    @theslightedgeforever - yes it did arrive - so far I have put it on. The section around the top of the foot is very tight, although the rest of the foot is good. Time will tell when I am walking around the office today. Does not tea count as water?

    I ate dinner rather late last night after seeing the accountant and my stomach kept me awake most of the night processing the takeaway. Never again. I will either have a piece of fruit and a cup of soup, or stay up later.

    Hello to everyone else
  • its_cleoits_cleo Member Posts: 536 Member Member Posts: 536 Member
    @TrishasTime I hope the foot support helps! The rental- is this your home you have to leave?

    @theslightedgeforever will definitely check out, thanks for the tip! I need all the help I can get. Lol at the pumpkin colour walls….I had a very dark room once, dark paneling, only one tiny window. I loved it, but I was a teen. It’s funny how our tastes change over time.

    @trooworld thanks I will check out as well…I definitely need some prints. I really like Group of Seven paintings, if you’re familiar with them.

    @TeresaW1020 I really want to go to weight loss mode but I can barely manage with maintenance. I guess I’m weak? I don’t know. My idea was to start with maintenance and just slow reduce my daily/weekly calorie allowance, so I would get used to it and change the habits. So I guess I was trying to address the habits. The first half was super successful lol. I can see the habits and patterns where I overdo it. Changing it has been less successful.
    Except to clarify over the last few months, I have eaten slightly less calories on avg but we are talking like minor differences of 100 calories. This has been trying to curb my excesses… so better than up I guess.

    @retiredandloving it glad you got some time with the local grandkids. I think it’s natural to eat more with them around…I guess just try to be mindful. Also there can be a lot of posts to keep up with- we’re pretty easy going if you skip one 😊

    I want to do an Alaskan trip too. Actually I was thinking Iceland/Greenland, but not sure when or if I will make it…maybe next fall. But in Canada you can also see icebergs here- in Newfoundland, and of course up north, but I’ve never been.

    @trooworld your reasons for not tracking are same as mine. When I feel lazy and don’t want to weigh- I will just search the meal and use someone else’s estimate that is close. Even if it isn’t perfect, I feel like making the effort is good and it’s in the ballpark.

    A friend of mine had surgery and had two stents put in...he is elderly but like a family friend. I don't much about that kind of surgery but I'm hoping he will be ok. He lives in another city.

    Take care all
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,334 Member
    @trooworld Yaaaay for pretracking for the day. Now that you are not cooking new meals every week, it should be easier to track. You can even do the quick add or better yet if they are those Trader Joe's meals, all you have to do is scan the barcode. A good exercise one day is to time yourself tracking your meals to see exactly how long it takes. I used to be that way with unloading the dishwasher because in my mind it was a lot longer than in reality. Once I saw how much time it took, it was easier to do. Cause I can spend those 5 min playing a Wordscape game on my phone (which turns into 10) or I can go input my food. Once you build your personal database, it is really just a click that takes a second or two. I've inputted a lot of my Pinterest recipes on MFP so the next time I make them, it's already there. I also don't worry about being 100% exact. If the brand is not exactly the same or I can't find it, I'll type in the product and then choose the one that has the middle number of calories. Not the highest and not the lowest. Sometimes I look at the nutrition info on the package and then find one that matches that number if I can't find my brand. For weighing purposes, if I cook 1 lb of chicken breasts, then I will divide them into four portions and call it 4 oz. This guestimating serves me well sometimes because I have zero patience with things that take a bit of time. Otherwise, I just give up and won't do it. This way it gets done. I was losing weight using this method until my exercise waned.

    @trishatime Another non banana pudding lover? Maybe it means something different in Australia. :) I don't count tea as water because it dehydrates I thought because of the caffeine. Plus I have sweetener in it. If that's true, then I hit my water goal every day. I'm talking about just plain old water or with fruit. I don't like to count those flavored squirt things either that make the water taste better because it has chemicals in it.

    @its_cleo My tastes in colours have definitely changed over time. Look at the way I spelled color. I think Trish is starting to rub off on me. lol I'm more a muted neutral kind of gal now where I used to be like Cindi Lauper, if you know who that is. My first thought was Phyllis Diller then realized you would be too young to know who that is. Maybe too young for Cindi. I'll have to think about a more modern version. There's no way you are weak. Look how much time and effort you put into your exercise program. You don't have the same passion for food. Why? I think fear more than weak. Fear you won't do it. But I'm thinking you think you have to make a drastic cut for calories to go into weight loss? If you've been tracking, you will know how much is your average each week or for the last 3 months or whatever. Reduce that number by 100. That's it. That's like leaving off a piece of cheese on a sandwich and leaving 2 bites on your plate of some food. Slowly bring it down so your body gets used to it and it's not such a big thing for your mind. I just finished reading your post and you did bring it down 100. Good. Now do another 100. Tell me about your patterns. Sometims we're successful, sometimes not. Maybe this group can give you some suggestions that you haven't seen. Like a fresh set of eyes. Now I want to go to Newfoundland.
    My father had loads of stents put in. I'm talking LOADS. He also had a quadruple bypass. Then the next year had to have a pacemaker put in. Then the next year, his heartrate was going too high so they had to go back in and do more surgery. The thing is he never changed his lifestyle. They can put in a stent to keep the walls from crashing in but if the person still eats the junk, then those stents become worthless and have to be replaced. This is why me and my sister fight so hard on this issue, because we don't want to be like him. Plus he always had high blood pressure. the kind that would bring down an elephant. Plus extreme severe diabetes. His dr ordered 3 shots a day of insulin, but he never took but two. So the best advice for you to give your friend who is like family is to start changing his lifestyle. You know how hard that is with food, but yet if we don't, that is where you and I are headed. On the flip side of that is my mother who had diabetes and breast cancer. Me and cbabie are really screwed when it comes to family history/genes. One would think that alone would get me moving. :(

    Had a mammogram today. I don't think this tech was thorough. This is my 20th mammogram. I need them to be thorough.

    I stayed within food boundaries, walked for 18 min. Not enough water. Tracked my food. I'm still off my 200 calories for exercise by half. But right now I'm trying to get in the consistency factor then I'll start pushing for the other half.

  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 1,415 Member Member Posts: 1,415 Member
    @TrishasTime I only get 30 minute lunches, so I cannot track at lunchtime, I barely have enough time to heat up my food and eat. I will try to make time in the morning before work. I am not doing meal planning right now, I am just going to Trader Joe's and buying random meals and throwing those together. Banana pudding: I can't believe you guys that don't like it!!! lol

    @its_cleo I am not familiar with Group of Seven paintings, but I just looked them up. Wow, stunning work! I love the styles. Very cool! You are not weak, girl...look how long you've managed to stay in maintenance, that takes strength! :D That's a good point about tracking. I hope your friend is okay.

    @theslightedgeforever I guess I'm just sort of a perfectionist. I need to give this up. Everything is black and white and that is a bad way to look at weight loss. I'm sorry you had a bad mammogram experience. Those are so important, too important to have a bad experience. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to request another one/complain about it? I think you should.

    Hello gals. You'll all be happy to know that I've pre-tracked everything but dinner. I'm not happy about it but I did it.

    July goals: track 6 out of 7 days, drink 100 oz of liquids a day, lose 2 lbs
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