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  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,015Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,015Member, Premium Member
    @trooworld I was in VA about 3 hours from DC packing up my daughter when you asked me that question but now I'm currently near Pittsburg PA. That's good you found some shoes that give you support. Yes, time is flying by. Let's all look at where we started the year to where we are now. How much progress have we made.

    @trishastime Suitcases would be interesting. Are you enjoying your break? Duh, I just read you weren't. I'm sorry. Breaks are meant to be fun. Good job for getting right back on plan.

    I made good choices today at the restaurant. My weight is up about a bit from when I arrived so I'm trying to enjoy but yet pull it back a bit so I can keep maintaining like I was the first 2 weeks I was here. I ordered a fruit plate and it had about 3/4 c of chicken salad in the middle. But then I ate 2 rolls. lol I love Bob Evans rolls. I countered that with no dinner because I had some snacks in the afternoon. Balance.

  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 977Member, Premium Member Posts: 977Member, Premium Member
    @theslightedgeforever Oh ok. Still too far away from me. :) Yes, the shoes are good. I'd say I am progressing vs. the beginning of the year. I am definitely lighter. That's good you are trying to balance everything out.

    Where is everyone? @its_cleo ? @TeresaW1020 ? @gemwolf110 ? How are you gals? @TrishasTime I know you are on vacation.

    @cbabie Hello and I am thinking of you wishing you well.

    We've got 3 items to assemble this weekend and I doubt they are going to all get assembled unless I step in and help. :( They are: the dreaded entertainment center, a kitchen pantry, and a rolling kitchen island. We HAVE to get some of these boxes out of here, it's driving me crazy!!!

  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Posts: 764Member Member Posts: 764Member Member
    Good morning!

    @theslightedgeforever, I am sorry that I missed the post about cbabie!! How is she? Good job on balancing your eating while on vacation. You are seriously impressing me with your choices. You must be feeling pretty proud of yourself. You should be!! B)

    @cbabie, I am so very sorry that you are so hurt! You are in my prayers for a quick and easy healing. <3 <3

    @TrishasTime, well I hope the wind dies down and you can have some fun! Good for you for getting back on track! <3

    @Trooworld, 175 days until Thanksgiving! Last year I was working towards being able to wear this cute shirt that I own and have never gotten into it. I didn’t get into that shirt but maybe this year I can make it happen. ;) Yikes, that is a lot of things to put together! Slap a screwdriver in that hubby’s hand of yours and tell him to get to work. :D

    Sorry I’ve been out of touch the last few days. Work has kept me busy and yesterday we had one of our all-day-staff meetings to discuss issues in our church. We have lots of changes going on and our hearts are seriously burdened for our small church and it's people. We want a strong and healthy church and working towards that is challenging. But it was a good meeting and as usual after one of our meetings I have a lot more work to do this summer than I did going into the meeting. But it’s all good!! :)

    I was happy that yesterday, I didn’t pig out like I so often do at these meetings because I buy them all a bunch of junk food and we always eat out for lunch. I only ate 5 of pastor’s peanut M & M’s and then told him to move them away from me. Happily, my weight didn’t budge and I’m hoping that being very good today will get me losing again by tomorrow.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,015Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,015Member, Premium Member
    @trooworld Yeah the assembly part is the worst I think. I've learned to put together IKEA bookshelves in no time flat. Of course if I waited around for the rest of my household to do it, it wouldn't get done. I think I trained dh if he just waits long enough...…. Good for you for the progress that you have shown this year.

    @teresaw1020 That's great you didn't overeat at the meeting and 5 MnMs showed good impulse control.

    The second leg of our journey to MN is finished and we're currently in Chicago area. Riding in a truck shouldn't be this tiring. I wish I was like Samantha on Bewitched and just pop from one place to another. Anyone remember that show? The good news is that I can get fitbit steps just by bouncing around in a truck. lol Doesn't do a thing for my waistline though.
  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 977Member, Premium Member Posts: 977Member, Premium Member
    @TeresaW1020 You sure will get into that shirt! :D Keep going! re: the hubby...he works at a turtle's pace...he does a little and then sits on the couch and watches tv, so we'll be lucky if one of those items is put together this weekend. ;) I may have to take things into my own hands. I hope the changes work out for the best at your church. Sometimes change is scary!

    @theslightedgeforever Exactly...that is why I might have to do it on my own time lol. Thanks! We'll see what the rest of the year holds. I remember that show. That's funny about the Fitbit steps.

    Hello all. I've got a busy day today: I have to take the dog to the vet (he's still peeing a lot and drinking a lot of water and we are concerned :/ ) and take the car to the dealership for an oil change. When I go for an oil change at the dealership, it sucks up 2 hours of my time, unfortunately. I will bring my laptop though and do some work that needs to be done on a course I'm taking for work. I don't understand why it can take 15 minutes at Valvoline but 2 hours at the dealership. But then again, when I take my car to Valvoline, there is a chance they will screw it up (has happened 2 or 3 times now). Have I told you all about Bitchin' Sauce? It's this really good dip that is made locally and sold in markets and farmers markets around here. Well, I found a recipe for it on the internet and I'm going to make it this weekend so I don't have to spend $5 on a small tub at the farmers market. Trust me, you need this in your life! I used to eat it with tortilla chips, I'll probably eat this batch with celery sticks. Here's the recipe:

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,015Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,015Member, Premium Member
    @trooworld That sauce looks good. I wonder how it would be with baby carrots?

    Finally made it to MN and we'll be here for 3 days to look around and see the best place for my dd to get an apartment. Truck is unloaded and everything in storage.

    I'm going to find me some good walking trails around here.
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Posts: 764Member Member Posts: 764Member Member
    @trooworld, that sauce looks good!! Can you believe that I don't own a blender or a food processor? Really need to put that on my Christmas list!! I would make that sauce for sure and eat it with yummy raw veggies. Of course, if I make it for one of my church events I might need to change the name from Bitchin Sauce to something like Heavenly Sauce. o:) :D

    @theslightedgeforever, I hope your daughter finds the perfect apartment! You must be exhausted from all that traveling and moving stuff into storage but yet you are talking about finding walking trails. You are a rockstar!! B)

    I think I overdid my workouts the last couple of days because my body and especially my legs are aching this morning. I'm taking the day off from the treadmill but we have to go out and buy a new coffee maker today, so I will at least get in some steps. The stupid thing decided to die this morning! :s Thankfully we have Starbucks instant VIA to tied us over. I've been wanting to get hubby out to look at some new pans so this will be a good excuse to show him what I want. I really want a cast iron grill pan and a wok! :p
  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 977Member, Premium Member Posts: 977Member, Premium Member
    @theslightedgeforever I bet it would be good. I'm going to have it with celery. Good luck with the apartment search. I'm sure MN has some good walking's probably really pretty over there.

    @TeresaW1020 It is really really good, addicting! Whaaaaaat? You don't have either??? Girl, you need to get you one! lol Yes, that name would definitely need to be changed hahaha! Heavenly Sauce is a good name for it, too. :D Shopping for kitchen stuff is fun. I hope you get to get the stuff you want. Be careful with your workouts, you don't want to hurt yourself. :(

    Hello all. It seems my pup might have something else going on with him, he's still drinking a lot of water and urinating a lot so we took him back to the vet on Saturday and they drew some blood to run some tests. He vomited last night, and vomited this morning, this is not good. He's also being lethargic. I'm very worried. I will tell this to my vet when he calls tomorrow with the results.

  • its_cleoits_cleo Posts: 137Member Member Posts: 137Member Member
    @trooworld so sorry about your little pup. It's so upsetting when something is wrong with them. I hope the vet can figure it out. How old is he?

    @theslightedgeforever glad your journey is making progress. I'm sure walking on some trails will feel good after jostling around in a truck!

    @TeresaW1020 hope your legs feel better! It is always a tough balance between exercising and juding when our body needs to rest. Gentle walking is always good for recovery though, so maybe your shopping trip will be just the thing.

    I've been MIA, just busy. Last week I applied for a management job I'm not sure I want, but I applied anyway.

    And....tomorrow I'm going to the Raptors/GSW NBA Finals Game 5! For anyone not following basketball this is the championship series. I've been watching on tv and I just very spontaneously decided to buy a ticket for tomorrow even though it was insanely expensive. So- I will not be going to the Grand Canyon this year lol.

    I'm super excited, but also nervous because there will be a bazillion people downtown, the whole city is in on it. There were actually people last night lining up already to get into the free outdoor fan area. And the game is Monday so they will be in line for like 2 days. If you want to see some scenes from the other games just Google Toronto Jurassic Park.

    So I'm excited but hoping I don't get walked on by eleventy thousand people, and hoping it is just a peaceful, happy event.

    The job and the game has me a bit strung out so I haven't been sleeping well, and also haven't been exercising much, as I said before. Hoping to get back to routine next week.

    Food- eh, this week is not going to be very good, but I'm doing my best. Was out yesterday at a baseball game and had lunch out, plus a beer, couple of drinks tomorrow, then Friday night going out with friends. So I'm tracking but I'm not getting too fussed with it.

    Take care all
  • EvamuttEvamutt Posts: 1,556Member Member Posts: 1,556Member Member
    Hello all, I haven't posted in quite a while & rarely as well, though I do read the posts & would like to post. I really need to be part of a group. I shared before that I gained 10 lbs after I quit smoking & it's been very hard not to snack after dinner also haven't been exercising like I used to but I've been working on my thinking for a while about it & felt ready to get back to it. It would help me a lot if I can share at the end of the day if I stayed within my calories-I have no one around me to share with who can relate or cares(not in a bad way, it's just not as important to them as it is to me) I did good yesterday finally & so far it's good today. Am going to the gym soon. Summer has started last week so it's 100+ degrees. Fortunately there's a really nice year round pool at the gym I go to which is 3 blocks away so I have no excuse not to go. My whole life changed last summer & a couple times this year too & am finally settling down & getting into a routine, I know...change is slow for me to adapt to. It took me 1 1/2 years to lose 50lbs & I maintained for over a year then life happened & it's very upsetting to have gained this weight & I never want to gain it all back so I must be disciplined & work on it & never go back.
  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Posts: 539Member, Premium Member Posts: 539Member, Premium Member
    GM everyone

    I am back and I have skimmed through the messages, so I am kinda up to date. We went into the country and there were 100Km winds with a horrible chill factor. The rain just pounded down. The wind rocked the caravan (RV) badly. I could not get warm, no matter how many layers I wore. We were away as DH had one of our puppies in a competition. Unfortunately, his club was running the competition, so I was the person who fed and watered the judges every 2hours and the people at the let outgate (the let out gate is where the sheep go in and out). DH has come home with body chills and a high temp and I am not feeling particularly well either.

    @theslightedgeforever _ How is @cbabie? Did she end up with surgery? Have you got to your daughter's new abode yet or are you still travelling?

    @trooworld - sauce looks good, I had to google where I could find the Braggs Aminos as it is not in the supermarket. It seems it is a health shop item over here. I was wondering if I used soy sauce instead.

    @TeresaW1020 - No coffee machine ??? I would personally be devastated. DH would say boil the kettle and use instant :)

    @its_cleo - Hope your team wins after buying a ticket and missing out on the grand canyon.

    @evamutt - Welcome back, hope you post more regularly and we do understand/support each other on our journeys

    Take care everyone
  • RetiredAndLovingItRetiredAndLovingIt Posts: 553Member Member Posts: 553Member Member
    @theslightedgeforever ...Rochester is a very vice sister lived there for about 15 or so years, so I have visited it quite a few times. My Mom was also there in assisted living for a few years & my sister-in-law had open heart surgery at Mayo in Feb.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,015Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,015Member, Premium Member
    @teresaw1020 I'm talking about finding walking trails because of all the junk in between meals I"m currently eating and then all the restaurants. I'll be glad to get to my son's house so I can at least eat at home. I found a walking trail but didn't go. I think my body hit the wall today. Exhaustion. So I've planned it for tomorrow. Plus I'm not sleeping well with dh in a tiny bed. I also found a little lake that has paddle boats or I can rent a bike. That's on the schedule for Tuesday. But it's cold here, well for me. Dd says it's called getting older. It was 55 today. I like it to be around 75-80s.

    @trooworld I have an aversion to celery. A childhood thing. When you eat it there's a little squirt of celery juice in your mouth. Blech! lol I like it cooked though added to beef or chicken. Yeah, I don't think I could live without my food processor. I'm too lazy to chop everything up. I hope your doggy gets better soon.

    @its_cleo The basketball game sounds fun. Sometimes things are worth it. I'm one of those people who would stand in line for hours to see something. I checked out the pics. Looks crazy but I bet the energy there is amazing. So get this week behind you and move on to better choices.

    @evamutt Welcome back to the group. Sometimes we are just at the contemplating stage and then we are ready to move on to the execution stage. I think you're there. I seem to go back and forth between the two. But I'm getting better at the execution part more consistently. I'm trying to follow my own food rules. Exercise is a bit harder for me now than it used to be. I need to figure out why. Change is slow for me too. I'm right there with you.

    @trishastime Cbabie is hanging in there. She's talked to the ortho surgeon but they haven't done surgery yet as far as I know. We're in a hotel right now. We're going to look at apartments tomorrow. She doesn't start work til end of August. I love this town. It's like where the kids went to college but slightly bigger. Traffic is so much slower here.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,015Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,015Member, Premium Member
    @RetiredAndLovingIt I do love Rochester. While I love living near a big city for the opportunity to do things, I really love a city this size. Things feel comfortable here. Thanks for sharing your experiences about the city.
  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 977Member, Premium Member Posts: 977Member, Premium Member
    @its_cleo Thanks, he's 8 yrs old, a pug, but he's a rescue most likely from a backyard breeder situation so probably has a lot of health issues (he's always going to the vet). I'm particularly concerned it might be his kidneys or liver. Congrats on applying for the management job, good luck! I hope you have fun at the basketball game, that sounds fun.

    @Evamutt Welcome back. Yeah, it does help to check in, I think.

    @TrishasTime That does not sound like an enjoyable vacation lol...I hope it was better than it sounds! re: Braggs Aminos vs. soy sauce, you might be able to, I think it's worth a shot.

    @theslightedgeforever That's good you found a walking trail and are planning for tomorrow. re: the celery squirt lol that's hilarious...I've never noticed that and now I'm going to be looking for it. ;) I hope my doggy gets better soon, too.

    Hello all. Well, we got two out of three things put together. We didn't put the entertainment center together because two of the main pieces arrived BROKEN. Gee, maybe because it's a cheap piece of $#@&;!? I did resist saying, "I told you so!" to my husband but I do hope he learned a lesson in ordering cheapo stuff. I should hear more about what is going on with my pup today. He was a little better by the end of the day in that he ate a few bites of food, but he was still not himself. I'm extremely worried.

  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Posts: 539Member, Premium Member Posts: 539Member, Premium Member
    GM everyone

    @theslightedgeforever - it is a warm 56F today (well compared to last week - it is WARM). I imagine eating out gets a bit tiring after a while (as well as expensive). it is good to know when your body has hit a wall and you do not push it. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow

    @trooworld - Fingers crossed for your puppy. What are you going to do about the entertainment unit - get a different one? Can you send the one you bought back for a refund?

    Speaking of "Old" - my ankle still gives me the whoops - still taking over the counter pain killers so I can tolerate the throbbing. The everything takes longer because you are older sucks!!

    Take care

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,015Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,015Member, Premium Member
    @trooworld along with a celery squirt, I have a tomato squirt problem. I'll those cooked too. Just not raw. Yaaay on getting your stuff put together, but sorry about the entertainment center. Have you been tracking your food? I need to get back to that.

    @TrishasTime I did feel a bit better today and did some outdoor exercise. Ouch on the ankle.

    I went to a lake today and my dd and I did 30 min on paddle boats. That was so hard. My legs were screaming. My legs are too short. When I scrunched down a bit, it became easier. Then we took a 50 min walk around the lake on one of the trails. So I got in some good exercise finally.

    Tomorrow I'm headed to IA to see my son.
  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 977Member, Premium Member Posts: 977Member, Premium Member
    @TrishasTime They think he has diabetes, they are going to do a urine analysis tomorrow to confirm. That means insulin shots every day, maybe twice daily. :( But at least he will live. re: the entertainment center...they will send us replacement parts for the broken parts (hopefully those won't be broken as well!). It would be a pain to send the whole thing back but we could. We probably won't go through that hassle, we'll just keep this one and get the replacement parts. I'm sorry your ankle still hurts. :(

    @theslightedgeforever ahhhh the tomato squirt! LOL You are very funny, I think. ;) It's funny that you asked about tracking: yesterday was the first day I tracked in a long time. I would have tracked a couple of days ago but when I tried, the website was having problems and it was frustrating so I gave up. Now, it is fixed. Paddle boats sound fun but I'm sure it was a lot of exercise and not so fun. That's good you can see your son while you are over that way.

    Hello all. It's warming up over here on the west coast. It feels good to finally feel the sun. I did track my food yesterday for the first time in a long time and I went over my macros. I was also up on the that a coincidence? I don't know. Today, I'm going to lunch with a friend at a Thai restaurant. Since I don't go out to eat very often, I am inclined to get whatever I want, but I'll make the decision when I'm there.

  • EvamuttEvamutt Posts: 1,556Member Member Posts: 1,556Member Member
    good morning, thank you for the welcome. I did real good at a low deficit for 2 days then last night I ate at maintenance. Today I'm ready for the deficit. I went swimming last night at the gym & was SO craving something cold, I made a smoothie. It was so good. Something I can't understand is, when I was at 148, my maintenance calories were 1777, which I did for over a year, now that I'm heavier, I gain with that. mfp wants me at 1210 for 1 lb/wk & 1500 for 1/2 lb/wk. Before, I kept losing at 1500
    Summer has started 100+ temps, ugh. I'm on the west coast
  • RetiredAndLovingItRetiredAndLovingIt Posts: 553Member Member Posts: 553Member Member
    @theslightedgeforever ...where does your son live in IA? Just asking..that's where I live, lol.
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