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    GM everyone

    @cbabie - My ortho surgeon had me taking a high daily dose of vitamin C (he believes that this lessens the stiffness). Maybe something that is worth researching. On the upside, I have been taking it since the accident on 16/03 and I not come down with a cold /flu. I just looked up vitamin K - I am thinking that is a good thing for me as I have been diagnosed with Osteopenia as well.

    I went to the physio yesterday. The pain is coming from my muscles that are trying to work for me but were wasted whilst in the cam boot for 6 weeks. We are working on strengthening. (of course, I came home with my foot taped) - but at least the ankle did not wake me up last night. I must say it throbs at the moment - but as long as I can get some sleep, I can cope with most things

    Take care
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    @TeresaW1020 I hope the podiatrist helps too, but I'm thinking all they can do is offer a painful shot that may or may not work. :( I like the scale so far! It is fun! :D The can of green chilies said "MILD" so I'm thinking it isn't spicy, as long as you make sure and get the mild can (they probably have spicy cans, too). I love Fathead pizza! We had the pork loin last night and the sauce needed to be reduced into a true glaze, otherwise, it was bland. Stay strong, girlfriend! You can do it!!!

    @TrishasTime He now admits it is a good kit. He still doesn't admit it's a good gift, just a good kit. :( I'm glad we have laminate floors throughout. Our dog, due to the diabetes onset, has already had 3 accidents on the floor along with a couple of vomits! (TMI?) Good luck on your search for the carpets, I hope you find just the right one. I'm glad that the ankle didn't wake you up last night, that's progress, right? And at least you know a little more than you did.

    @cbabie That's great you found a combo of oils to help. I try to hard to find interesting recipes that we won't get bored eating lol. Let me know if you can't access any of the recipes you want and I'll post them here...some of the sites, I pay for access to.

    Hello all. I don't remember if I said this already, so forgive me if I have. At my physical, both my doctor's nurse and my doctor noticed that I had lost about 10 lbs since my last visit. I told him I've been doing keto and he said to keep it up since it is working. I was expecting him to 1) not notice any weight loss 2) tell me keto is bad for me. He surprised me! :D

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    Good morning! :)

    @TrishasTime, I am having so much fun being the VBS photographer. I love the freedom of getting to come and go as I please as well as getting to interact with everyone. How great to get new carpets and paint! I want to repaint my house but then I look around and think about all the work that would go into it and decide it can wait a little longer. :D

    @cbabie, I’m glad you found something to help with the pain and inflammation. I hope you like Carb Manager. It took me a few days to learn but I really like it. :)

    @trooworld, ouch, I had that horrible shot in my foot once! :# I hope they can offer something else. My foot doctor once gave me these oriental menthol patches to put on my food. They did nothing but make me smell terrible. :D That is great that your doctor approved you doing Keto! Where do you find almond flour?

    Well, I've survived my first two nights of VBS and just have two more to go!! Last night one of my dear friends who is working in the kitchen tried to push a corndog on me. She actually said, "Just one won't hurt your diet." I told her to stop being a bad influence on me. :D Here is a picture of our stage that I took last night. I think it's the best we have done yet! :)


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    @TeresaW1020 I'm glad you are having fun being the photographer. It would make me anxious, having to interact with everyone lol. Yeah, I'm not looking forward to that shot, I've heard it hurts! I find the almond flour in Walmart, or at the regular grocery store around here. Sometimes it's called "almond meal". You can also order it on Amazon. It's kind of expensive though. :( Oh no! Corndog pusher!!! Good for you for resisting. That's an adorable stage. I love it and I bet the kids did, too.

    Hi to all you lurkers! :)

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    @TeresaW1020 that looks like a great set! Seems like a lot of fun. That is great you didn’t give in to the temptation and were clear with your friend in a good way. It’s really common, people think it’s ok to just pressure people to eat crap.

    @trooworld that’s great about your physical. Laminate floors or anything but carpet is the way to go for me too. Unfortunately I have carpet and it’s pretty much ruined. I rent so I’m kind of stuck with it. They may replace it if I ask, but there;s no point while I still have the kitties. It’s my one complaint about my apartment.

    @TrishasTime I’m glad you were able to get some sleep. I have experienced that, up at night bc of pain and it’s awful. I really hope the physio can help you. And that’s great with the new carpets- I’m totally jealous.

    @cbabie glad you found some oils and good luck at the doctor tomorrow. Take it easy with the treadmill, you can always just put your feet up and relax and read!

    Well I’ve had an up and down couple of days. Went to see a play on Sunday- this was an all day outing. We saw Billy Elliott, which is a musical based on the movie of course. It was very good, and the little boy playing Billy was excellent. It was a beautiful day and I did well with food. We had lunch and dinner out and I had salmon and salad for one meal and chicken and salad for the other. So it was a little boring but I managed my calories pretty well.

    Griffen is still struggling a bit so I was kind of upset Monday, but I feel better today. So Mon and Tues I was upset, but I still managed to keep just under calories so that was one good thing.

    I still have two more meals out this week- one tomorrow with a friend at an Indian lunch buffet, and one Friday with my father before a baseball game. So it’s been an expensive week actually lol. So I’m hoping to manage those meals out and stay under calories but it will be a challenge.
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    GM everyone

    @trooworld _ I hope your appointment with the podiatrist goes well. It is strange to me that you need a referral. Here we just ring up and make an appointment without seeing a doctor first. My physio is also dealing with my plantar issue. High 5 on the Doctor noticing your weight loss

    @cbabie -I am glad you found some oils that are helping you. I always like the non evasive ways first

    @its_cleo - Why is Griffen struggling? Last I heard that you were taking him to a vet. I am sorry if I missed the outcome. I am glad you are sticking as much as you can.

    @teresaw1020 - Wow - your church is artistic. I am glad you are having a fun time being the photographer.

    Hello to @theslightedgeforever, @prisoner2food, @RetiredAndLovingIt and anyone else I missed

    Take care
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    @teresaw1020 Love the pic of the VBS Lion King theme. Your kids will have a ball. Just take each day at a time. Do you have some of "your" food with you so you won't be tempted with the VBS goodies? Or are you just trying to fast during that time. Have you ever heard of the Corndog Song? I limit my corndog exposure to once a year with my daughter. I sing the song while I'm eating it. It's become a tradition.

    @trishastime It's fun to restore and renew your living environment. Now that I'm done with vacation, I will continue the 100 MORE days challenge where I left off and that will be Day 31. I was looking ahead and it was all about restoring. Asking to list the things that I need restored. I have a lot. lol On the stiffness issue, certain foods we eat cause inflammation which adds to the stiffness issue. I have stiffness issues in my ankles when I sit for about 30 min. That's good you found some relief so you can sleep.

    @cbabie I'm glad you found something that will work for you. Will the car manager program help your driving? :p oh, just read Teresa's post. Carb manager. i'd still look into that car manager lol

    @trooworld That's awesome that your doctor noticed your weight loss. So keep on with the keto. Sorry about your doggy. Have you started giving him the insulin yet? I thought maybe some kind of reaction to that. On Sunday I went to an Indian restaurant with some friends and ordered the chicken korma and thought of you and your recipe.

    @its_cleo Good for you for staying under calories. Especially being upset. How was the Indian buffet? It would be nice in Indian restaurants if they would start giving the option of cauliflower rice. I think I would have liked that Billy Elliot play.

    Well, I'm all caught up finally. Vacation's over. Tomorrow I need to go buy some groceries and start taking off this weight I've put on. I've got my food and exercise plan all ready. Just need to start following it and get back to earning my big stickers. Big stickers=weight loss for me.
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    @its_cleo Yeah, it was one of the things we were looking for in a new place: laminate flooring. Sorry you are stuck with carpeting! I'm sorry to hear that Griffen is still struggling. Have you thought any more about taking him to the vet just for a checkup? I understand it's an ordeal, but it may be worth it. Or, maybe just a call to the vet to see if it would be worth coming in? You are doing amazing with food...keep it up!

    @TrishasTime American healthcare system for you! :( Yes, I was quite pleased about the doc noticing my weight loss...I was prepared for the Lecture.

    @theslightedgeforever Yes, we've been giving him the insulin shots for just over a week and it's getting difficult because he's noticing them and not liking to get them. It's to the point that we are having to trick him: my husband pets him and I come in being the bad guy with the shot and shoot him real quick. ;) How did you like the korma? I hope it was good. Good luck with grocery shopping. Now, get your big stickers!!! ;)

    Hi all. I had a stressful day yesterday at work. I sent an email to someone I shouldn't have (long story and my anxiety is making more out of it than it really is) and I was so stressed out about it. When I came home, I watched tv for a while but then decided to do some yoga, so I turned on YouTube to the Yoga with Adriene channel and found a video relating to relaxation. It was 25 minutes long and difficult for me to do because my body is so tight and stiff, but after it was done I felt better.

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    @trooworld You know the great thing about your post? you were feeling anxious and stressed and you didn't turn to food. You turned to relaxing yoga instead. Kudus to you. The korma was good but my first bite got hung in my esophagus and after that little ordeal I was afraid to eat more. So I took extremely small bites and chewed it about a minute before swallowing. I didn't eat very much. My dad had this problem during his life way back when I was a teenager and the end result was that at the end of his life he couldn't eat much. So many times he had to go to the ER and they manually removed the food. It's usually beef or chicken. Which is the same thing that I faced mostly on this trip. I had it happen 6 times. Once was nachos. It's at the mid lower part where it gets hung. Always at restaurants which I think is weird. I had a barium swallow test done a couple of years ago and they said I was fine. I didn't feel fine this past 6 weeks. So I'll just keep an eye on it. I guess the trick is less chicken and beef which is probably better for me anyway.

    Still didn't get groceries. I'm so tired. It was nice to do nothing. But that doesn't take weight off my body nor earn me any stickers. I did journal though and made me a list of things that need restoring in my life. I had six action steps and did 2 of them. Track my food and notice which foods give me heartburn/digestive issues/etc. was for restoring my health plus unpack all the suitcases was on the list for restoring my house. So I guess I did do something besides sit all day long. Time for me to get back to my routine. I do so much better with a routine.

    My son bought a Smart Scale while I was gone. So he got me started on that to use as a baseline. I'll weigh on my everyday and then once a month weigh on his to see my numbers. I expected to have more visceral fat. So I was glad about that number. I was surprised on my high metabolism numbers. I'm like WTH? Think how much fatter I would be if it was normal or slow. There must be a mistake on that. I don't know. Water was low which I expected. Anyway, it will be fun to watch the numbers change.
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    @theslightedgeforever that's true, I didn't. I've come a long way. In the past, I would have stopped on the way home from work and picked up a bag of chips and dip to devour. Thanks for pointing that out! That must have been scary with the korma. I think I would have stopped eating it altogether. I think we all do better with routine. That's great you did some journaling. I just got a new smart scale, my old smart scale pooped out on being smart and could only tell me how much I weighed. ;) My new scale tells me everything except how to win the lottery. I was disappointed that my metabolic age is 57 and I am going to be 51 in real life in September. Time to lose weight to make the numbers match.

    Hello all. I slept so poorly last night, up every hour, I was determined to sleep better last night and I think I did slightly. But I'm still really tired.

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    Hi all..we are returning the gkids now, so won’t be on here much. Just wondering @trooworld , which scale did you get? Told hubby that I have to get back to normal eating..not gkid eating(SO picky!), & am thinking I want a new scale, too. Will be going home on Sunday, so will try to catch up after that. Keep doing great!!
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    Good morning! :)

    @gemwolf110, good to see you!! You might be lacking motivation but at least you are keeping active! I don’t buy into the concept of motivation because it comes and goes and isn’t sustainable. You need a commitment to your plan and only you can decide what that looks like. Are you being too hard on yourself considering that you have a lot going on right now? Or do you need to focus a little more and say no to yourself more often than you say yes? I have confidence that you will get back on track. <3

    @trooworld, my scale told me that I’m 57 years old too and I’m only 53!! >:) Let’s get those numbers down!! Hubby bought me some almond flour yesterday and freaked over the price. I told him that is just the beginning of the new list of foods I will be buying. The deeper I go into this lifestyle the more healthy I want my ingredients to be. o:) Good for you for turning to relaxation instead of food when you had a stressful day. Progress for sure!! <3

    @its_cleo, glad you enjoyed the play! Great job on your eating choices too. It can be so hard to stay on plan when we are eating out but it has to be managed so we can have fun with our friends and family and not be bogged down with guilt over our choices. Although, I’m a big proponent of the “planned indulgence” every now and then. 😉

    @TrishasTime, our church is blessed to have a real artist and our pastor is a builder in his day job so it makes doing stuff much easier. :)

    @theslightedgeforever, OK!! I went to YouTube and looked up the Corndog song. Wow!! First of all, there are more than just one song!! But this one really has their lyrics down pat… :D :D :D

    All I can say is thank God VBS is over!! :D It was an amazing five days and the 50 kids we had all had a wonderful time and most importantly learned about how much God loves them and how good He is! But, I'm tired! I must have taken over 1000 pictures! I'm still sorting through them all so I can post them on our church FB page. Thursday evening I was in charge of the final Family Night, which was a carnival with a bounce house, games, pizza, sno-cone, popcorn, and other assorted candy and fun. I was there for over four hours setting up, taking pictures, and then tearing it down. My poor feet literally were on their last steps when I finally got into my car to go home. I did end up eating the top of a sausage pizza and about 1/2 the crust and two small chocolate chip cookies. Not proud of it but also not very upset because considering all the junk that I was surrounded by for five days that was all I gave in to. The two years before that I ate all the things and ended up with huge gains and tons of guilt. Not this year!! :)
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    @RetiredAndLovingIt Hi! I got the RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale (Model CS20M). I love it so far! Here's a link to it on Amazon: I hope you mean you won't be on here much while you are traveling...I hope once you get home, you will be back on!!! We will miss you while you are traveling! :)

    @gemwofl10 Paddle boarding sounds fun.

    @TeresaW1020 Yes, that almond flour price is no joke!!! But it's worth it, I think. Thank you, I am glad I did yoga instead of ate! Wow, over 1,000 pictures, you must have been running around like a mad woman! I think you did great with the food considering what you could have done! WTG!

    Hello all. I've got a busy day ahead of me: gotta take the dog to the vet, then grocery shopping, then we are going to the county fair, then a walk with my friend, then making dinner. I hope my foot holds out with all the walking I'm going to do. :(

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    Questions about Griffen- he seems to be having good days and bad days. Bad days he gets sick etc. I switched his food and it seems to be helping. Since I’ve done that he has only had one bad day, and it may have been because I was out and didn’t get home until 11. So he ate too much of the dry food that makes him sick. So pretty much I have to give him little bits at a time, of the dry food and then supplement with wet.

    I called the vet, and he is away until the second week of July. So I have an appointment for when he comes back.

    @trooworld wow sounds busy. For your foot are you still trying the roller thing to help it?

    I just bought a scale a month ago, I wish I had thought to get one of the smart ones that calculates body fat etc. I always think of these things after.

    @TeresaW1020 yes it’s a shame, but healthier food is always more expensive. It’s not really fair. They came out with a new healthy food guide in Canada and then someone studied it and said most people could not afford to follow it. I splurge on healthy food and my trainer, but I’m lucky to be able to do that.

    1000 pictures wow! That’s the thing with the cameras now- it’s so easy to take a zillion pictures.

    @gemwolf110 sounds like you’re staying active. I think going through the motions even when we don’t feel like it is important. Sometimes I am motivated to do it, other times not, but it always comes back.

    @Retiredandloving it nice to hear from you. Lol re picky. When I was a kid we ate what we got. Except my little brother was a bit fussy so any kind of meat we told him it was chicken and he would eat it lol.

    @theslightedgeforever sounds like a cool scale. Sorry you’re having problems eating, that sounds terrible. And I think you deserve a rest after your trip

    I went to the Indian buffet and still stayed within calories. So it was a good week until yesterday lol. Yesterday I took my dad to a baseball game. I usually buy the tix and he usually pays for dinner. So dinner I was just tired of eating healthy I guess lol and I got a burger and some tortilla chips with guacamole. It was ok but high calories. The game was fun, the Blue Jays actually won so that was a nice change. On the way home (my father was not with me at this point) I was on the street car and some crazy guy stole a phone right of this woman;s hand. It was like 11pm I think…anyway it was kind of crazy and I was scared because she kept trying to get her phone back from him and I keep thinking -the guy could have a weapon, right, like it’s not worth the risk for a phone. They were right next to me. I got up and went and told the driver, so he would help her, and someone else intervened too. So the guy dropped the phone and took off, when the streetcar stopped.

    So anyway it ended ok but I was kind of rattled and came home and ate a little too much. Not like a binge eating or anything, but I was already over calories from dinner so having some comfort ice cream didn’t help.

    Anyway it’s a sunny day here and I am enjoying the weather, went for a run yesterday. Went to the gym today and did rows- 25lbs and chest press (single arm at a time 25 lbs). The weight is high for me. With my trainer we do a lot of single arm/single leg exercises with dumbbells rather than the barbells, because single arm/leg at a time helps to correct weakness more, because sometimes one arm or leg is stronger than the other. And a lot of exercises masks it. I did some leg exercises too so it was a good workout.

    Anyway take care all- for the Americans- I guess 4th of July is coming so Happy 4th of July! July 1 is Canada Day here. @TrishasTime does Australia have a day like that?
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    Hi, I'm coming back to MFP after a long stint with WW and trying to find a place to fit in here. I lost 85 lbs on WW but have gained some back and am trying to get started again. I count WW points but am no longer a member and have just started tracking calories on here again. In the note section, I add up my WW points so am trying to stay within that, but I have to guesstimate on a lot of things. I hope you are all doing well.
  • crazyteacher101crazyteacher101 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    P.S. I loved the picture of the VBS. Ours starts in two weeks--the Life of Moses. I am sorry to read some of you are having pet problems. I can relate, too. I had to put down my 14 year old cat this week and it has made me sad. The stress sent me off my calorie counting for a couple of days, but I am determined to get b ack on it.
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    @trooworld I hope you got in some good sleep. I'm just happy I'm finally sleeping in my own bed.

    @retiredandlovingit I hope you made it home safely and can get back to a routine. That's what I'm trying to do. For the most part I am. I always do better during the week versus weekends.
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    @gemwolf110 You sound very motivated to me to do all that different exercise. I'm assuming then you must mean the eating part. In my first 100 day book it said Motivation is a choice. Write down all the things that got you motivated in the past. Or kept you motivated. I had a really hard time during the month of March and April. I need to figure out that one for myself. I do have my list I kept at that time. Things that were working for me. So I'm going to go back to that and try each one.

    @Teresaw1020 Was the VBS a full week? That seems to have went fast. I guess not for you. lol Good for you for doing so much better on your food. Progress is all we can ask for and not perfection. That's a cute corndog song but not the one I sing.

    @trooworld How is your foot after all that walking? Imagine the walking is bringing that 57 down each time you walk. I have no idea my metabolic age. I'm sure it's way higher than 55.

    @its_cleo Scary about that lady's phone. True he could have had a weapon. We all have to be very aware of our surroundings. Although I'm the paranoid one in the family. ;) Well since you've had the comfort food fix, time to get back into the healthy eating. Great for going to the Indian restaurant and eating within your calories.

    @crazyteacher101 Welcome to the group! I recently got back from vacation and regained most of the weight I had lost during the first 3 months of 2019. So frustrating! All I can say is at least I didn't gain it all back plus more. There's always perspective. Sorry about your cat. I lost my 15 year old cat in 2014. My mother the year before. Then my dad in 2017. Now the only thing I want to lose is my fat. Let us know how we can support you.

    This has taken me forever. I keep getting distracted. Still no big stickers yet, but I'm getting closer.

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    @its_cleo Good thoughts for Griffen. I am still trying the little roller ball. It helps some, but it's only temporary relief. I'm trying all the tricks! That scale I bought it only US$27, so keep that in mind if you want to get one in the future. That's impressive that you stayed within cals at an Indian buffet. That must have been scary on the street car. Great job with the exercise! Happy Canada Day tomorrow!!! How do you celebrate it? Like we do the 4th with picnics and bbqs and fireworks?

    @crazyteacher101 Hi and welcome! I'm sorry to hear about your dear kitty. It's not easy to put down a pet. They are like family. My heart goes out to you. Again, welcome.

    @theslightedgeforever My foot hurt really bad. I got over 10,000 steps by the end of the day. It hurt from about 3:00 on until today. I just wish this plantar fasciitis would go away. :(

    Hello all. I ate fair food yesterday, but I didn't eat FAIR FOOD yesterday: I didn't eat fried food, I got a smoked sausage sandwich and a hot fudge brownie sundae (I only ate half of that). the time dinner rolled around, I couldn't cook because of my foot and my husband didn't feel like cooking so we ordered pizza. :( I did only eat 2 pieces when I would usually eat 4. So, slow progress but progress.

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    @trooworld yeah I think it's similar, we have fireworks, usually there is like picnics/bbqs at different sites. The provincial government building downtown will have a big picnic with music etc. There's usually a concert at the federal buildings in Ottawa.

    I'm skipping all of it lol, I just wanted a low key weekend. So I will be making some meals, relaxing, and watching too much tv. The weather is nice so I get out to exercise.

    @theslightedgeforever it's always nice to come home, isn't it? You will get back on track soon once you settle in to your routine again. I always think starting is the hardest part.

    @crazyteacher101 welcome, this is a great forum :) Sorry about your cat, it's a real loss.

    I'm taking it easy today. Tomorrow is the holiday I will get back to exercising then. I think I'll do the stairs and maybe go to the gym and do some core work, not alot 30 mins.
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