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  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,064Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,064Member, Premium Member
    @trooworld Sorry your foot hurt but good for you for getting in 10000 steps. Plus only eating 2 pieces instead of 4. Is there a possibility of keeping a Smart Ones or something similar in the freezer for those days when no one feels like cooking. Even having bagged salad handy would work. You could eat one piece (cut into two) so it feels like 2 pieces and then fill up on salad. I think the only fair food I really like is the caramel apples. Oh wait for it. Corn dogs.....

    @its_cleo Happy Canada Day. Hubby likes the relaxing do nothing type of holidays where I prefer going to the bbqs, fireworks, etc. Guess which one we do more often. :( We can actually see fireworks from our house. He says why deal with parking and crowds. Just go out in the backyard. (its not the same thing). So I've compromised and I am involved in a picnic group so on non-holidays I go on picnics and enjoy that. Enjoy yourself relaxing.

    @gemwolf110 One thing about kicking yourself and pity parties is that usually food is involved. We do it to make ourselves feel better and the yo-yo keeps going round and round. Up and down. I need to figure out my own thing. I've regained the same 10 lbs twice now within a year. Each time was when I was with my kids. That is definitely a trigger for me. Those pesky kids. lol We'll figure it out. One step at a time. I love all your active pics. I'm reading a fiction book involving wall climbing right now. Seems interesting to do. Your snacks sound good. Celebrate the fact that you are doing something about it instead of just sitting doing nothing getting bigger. Do you journal those negative thoughts? It's good to get them out of your head and onto paper. That leaves more room for happy positive thoughts.

    So I earned a big sticker finally. Met my water goal, did 30 minutes of bodyweight exercises/stretching/stayed within my calories. Now onto another one.
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    @its_cleo well, enjoy the holiday!

    @gemwolf110 from your pictures, it seems that you have always been an active person, is that correct? The vet: Louie has diabetes! :( He now gets insulin shots twice daily. So far, we are able to trick him into giving them to him. So far...

    @theslightedgeforever well, we had a bag of frozen chicken fajitas in the freezer I don't know why we didn't think of those. I think because we don't usually have something like that in the freezer? lol Congrats on the big sticker woot woot!!! You are off to a great re-start.

    Hello gals. It was hot here yesterday so I didn't get my meal prepping done, I had no energy. :( I'm going to pay for it this week. Luckily, it's a short week. I really only need meals for Mon, Tues: I can handle Weds night when I get off work since I don't work the next day, I can have coffee and stay up. Tonight's meal will be pretty easy as it is an instant pot meal. Hopefully, I can get my hubby to cook tomorrow night.

  • LULUREBELLULUREBEL Posts: 86Member Member Posts: 86Member Member
    Newly off of WW and would like some active friends on MFP. I have four kids and work full time - so life is always a bit chaotic! Please add me. :)
  • cbabiecbabie Posts: 703Member Member Posts: 703Member Member
    Morning gals,

    Yeah I just want to get on here really quick and telI know you that I am very tired Of being one-handed. My hand is really still swollen, feels like I got a vice grip around my wrist too many times. LOL I did not do so well I'm counting carbs yesterday, or today I need to find some different breakfast foods. It's also hard to cook. lol But I'm not going to give up trying because I saw the difference in my stomach. And how I felt so I know that's route I have to go.


    I will try to get better checking and every day, Too many post to try to catch up on today
    Don't feel like typing/talk typing.

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  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,064Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,064Member, Premium Member
    @trooworld I think you are right. We don't think of those things because it's not a habit. When I was at my son's house I woke up and planned out my breakfast which included eggs, sausage, and blueberries. Dh has to have some type of bread with breakfast so I went to the cupboard to get him some bread and there was a package of cinnamon raisin bagels he bought. It wasn't til lunchtime that I remembered that I didn't eat blueberries but a bagel instead. There must not have been 5-10 min between the thought of blueberries and I grabbed a bagel. I don't buy bagels for the house because I will eat all of them. So how to train our brains......

    @LULUREBEL Welcome to the group. What do you find you struggle with the most right now?

    @gemwolf110 Remember the whole when one door closes, another opportunity is right around the corner. Relationships are hard. Is this one worth saving? Imagine meeting someone who likes to eat clean food and is as active as you are. Just the new environment would add to your success.

    @cbabie Now your left hand looks like mine. ;) Minus that pink thing of course. How long do you have to keep it on? Is the cast too tight? Any tingling, burning, etc? You don't want blood circulation problems. Signed: Your nagging sister.

    I stayed within my food boundaries; did NOT meet my water goal and used up one of my rest days for the week. Little sticker earned.
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  • LULUREBELLULUREBEL Posts: 86Member Member Posts: 86Member Member
    @theslightedgeforever ty! Accountability and consistency. June was so busy... I’m looking for a major overhaul in July. WW did help clean up my diet (it was needed) and I’ve built some good habits and found great tips. But I like MFP and it makes so much sense to me. I will miss Connect tho! I don’t have much support at home so I rely on the community for that little oomph.
  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 1,021Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,021Member, Premium Member
    @LULUREBEL Welcome! :)

    @gemwolf110 I'm so sorry, that can't be easy. :(

    @cbabie Oh your poor hand! I'm so glad you popped on here, I've missed you. I hope your hand/wrist gets better soon. re: low carb breakfasts that you don't have to cook...I bought these Jimmy Dean Delights Egg'wich breadless breakfast sandwiches (the "bread" is made out of eggs), and they are pretty decent: I had the Bacon, Spinach, Carmelized Onion and Parmesan Eggwich. Easy to make, just microwave. Another idea is yogurt with a few lowcarb berries.

    @theslightedgeforever to train our brains...sticky notes???

    Hello gals. Got home. Didn't feel like cooking. Made a good choice for once: ordered PANDA EXPRESS to be delivered: didn't get noodles or rice, got the power greens for a side but I did get orange chicken + chicken with string beans. But I'm not mad at myself, I did pretty good.

    @TrishasTime where are you girl?

  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Posts: 874Member Member Posts: 874Member Member
    Good morning ladies!! :)

    @crazyteacher101, welcome! Wow losing 85 lbs is awesome! And while you might have gained some back you know what to do now and getting back on track is the most important thing. Plus a good support group like this one! ;) So, sorry for the loss of your kitty. Pets are family and you had your baby for so long. Be kind to yourself as you grieve your loss.

    @theslightedgeforever, VBS was 5 days but it felt like forever! :D I LOVE your corndog song!! Good for you for getting back on track now that you are home. You get those big stickers, lady!! B)

    @gemwolf110, thanks for sharing your pictures! You have made such a transformation and worked so hard to lose your weight! I love that you were always doing something active and not hiding away. I have not been so brave and I really admire you! <3

    @cbabie, Awww your poor hand! I pray that the swelling will go down and you will start to feel better. Did your doctor say how long you have to keep the cast on?

    @LULUREBEL, welcome to the group! What kind of overhauling are you looking to do now that you left WW? I’m still a WW member but I’m also overhauling the way I eat and always looking for a way to tweak my plan for better results. I agree that you need a community to help you along the way. That is why I love this little group! :)

    @trooworld, so what plans do you have for the 4th? I bet you are a firework watching kind of girl. Am I right? :)

    Well, I have the next three days off from work and that makes me happy! :) I stayed long yesterday and got everything I needed to do done and brought the rest home with me. I am in the process of getting all our people into a new database and it's taking FOREVER!!! :# Since VBS started my weight has been slowly creeping back up. First, it was just water weight from being on my feet so much for those 5 days but it was also that I was just eating too much. Sunday night we had a staff and deacon dinner and I gave into the desserts and had a little slice of pie and a cheesecake square. Eating that sugar immediately hit my stomach and I felt like crap! So, yesterday I fasted for 22 hours and only ate one big meal, keeping my net carbs at 23 grams. This morning my weight was back down and I'm hoping to lose a little more today for weigh in tomorrow. *fingers crossed*
  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Posts: 592Member, Premium Member Posts: 592Member, Premium Member
    Good morning everyone

    Did not have internet when I was away, but goods news - I stuck to my plan. I did not have any free scones, and I caught myself taking a bite of the last half a scone as I washed up the teas cups. I caught myself before swallowing and spat it out into the kitchen sink.

    Hello to the newbie :)

    @trooworld - Sorry about your foot, when do you get to see the podatrist? How are the injections going? I am glad you are getting deeper into your healthy food living and really, I can see how far you have come since I joined this group.

    @theslightedgeforever - How are you feeling now. It is kinda hard to get back into a routine when you come back from a big trip. Have you ordered the food shopping yet? Is there anything you can do about the choking issue?

    @cbabie - I hope you are resting that hand, doe sit feel tight when you are trying to do something with that hand? I hope that there is less pain now that you have a cast on.

    @gemwolf110 -I look at the photos and see what a pretty lady you are! Thank you for sharing your concerns about your relationship. Know that we are here to support you. It is better to realise there is an issue now rather than wait until you are both old and then the differences really stand out. Good luck with trying to work it out or moving on :)

    @teresaw1020 - Glad you are understanding what your body needs and does not need. Fingers crossed for weigh in.

    Take care

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,064Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,064Member, Premium Member
    @LULUREBEL I struggle with consistency too. I laughed at part of your username. Rebel. I have that teensy part in me that says rules were made to be broken. Go have fun. You can't have that. Watch me! So probably that's why I struggle with consistency. My goal is to be on auto-pilot in my habits so there's no choice really involved. I stagger my calorie goals for the week. I have 2 days a week on Thursday and Saturday where I allow myself 100-200 extra calories. I also need to learn to cook good veggie options.

    @trooworld Good for you for choosing the power greens over the noodles or rice. I always order the orange chicken too but realized I can make it better at home. It just takes so long though.

    @teresaw1020 Maybe that is your plan. You splurge a little and then the next day you fast and get it back down. I think it's just a matter of finding out the right amount of splurge and fasting to keep you consistently moving towards your goal.

    @gemwolf110 I have those moments where I pull inward. I don't do anything but read and sit in a chair. I don't like to post socially. For some reason this group I continue to post. I think I know it's the accountability thing and since I'm doing nothing but sitting I'm not burning many calories so I don't need to overeat. That's good that you have found a niche in your church. Always believe in someday. In the meantime I've learned we are complete in ourselves versus having a man to complete us. They are just nice companions and support. Sometimes one partner changes and the other one doesn't which can cause problems. Plus there are those days where everything they do irritates you. lol I always say believe in the process. It will work out for the greater good. Although some days are hard to believe that.

    @trishastime I love scones. Good for you for staying OP. Obviously I have more lessons to learn when I go on vacation. Those darn kids. I haven't decided if they stress me out so much that I eat or is it they just have all the foods I like sitting around. Yes, I have stocked up on good food. I've made some salads in a jar so those are ready for the week. On the swallowing thing, I'm just trying to be conscious of not taking too big a bite of meat/chicken and then chewing it to death. I'm tracking if it happens and what foods are involved so in 6 months I'll reevaluate and see if I really need to go to the doctor. I'm pretty much back into my routine although that exercise seems to be hit and miss. That's what I'm trying to work on the most.

    Met my water goal. Stayed within my food boundaries. No exercise. Little sticker.
  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 1,021Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,021Member, Premium Member
    @TeresaW1020 We are going over to my brother-in-law's apartment to eat food with him and my sister-in-law, watch a movie and that's about it. We hope to be home by 7pm before the drunk drivers are in full effect. I love watching the fireworks!!! BUT...I do not like dealing with the parking issues, so I'm hoping we can see them from our new condo. :) ((( SKINNY VIBES ))) for weigh in today! ;)

    @TrishasTime Welcome back! :) Great job, not eating the scones! I see the podiatrist in August. I take it you are asking about my dog's injections? So far, they started out well and then he caught onto us and didn't like them. So then, we had to trick him and it takes two people to give them to him: my hubby scruffles his head and kind of plays with him, and I shoot him up. lol Thank you for saying that about seeing how far I've come. Sometimes I don't see it!

    @theslightedgeforever Yeah, I really like the power greens. I hope they don't get rid of those. I love the orange chicken. I could probably make it too, but I'm too lazy. ;) Yay, little sticker!!!

    Hello all. I'm excited because I'm off tomorrow and Friday. BUT...I have to work a few hours on Saturday. That's okay, it won't be too bad.

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    Morning gals,

    The swelling is still in my handBut I know we'll go away at some point LOL. I'm trying to do this low carb thing but I don't think I can do it on a long-term basis, Not enough variety for meI think the key is tracking.

    @trooworld Thanks for the suggestions on the breakfast foods, Those were great. I hope you can see the fireworks to your condo.I am like you I hate fighting traffic.

    @TeresaW1020 I have to have the cast on 3 more weeks. I should know more next week. Glad this scale is going the other direction.

    @TrishasTime I laughedIf I would've done the same thing spit it out in the sink or wherever I was LOL. It doesn't feel too tightExcept when he gets really swollenThen I feel like I haveVice grips around my wrist.

    @theslightedgeforever Once a nagging sister always a nagging sisterBut I'm glad I have you in my life. That tingles what it's really super swollen. Because Like if I done too much..But otherwise it's not too tight.

    @gemwolf110 Love seeing the pictures what is transition Great testimony girl. I'm sorry about your relationshipAnd if it's the wrong one is better to know before you get married. And if it is gods got something better for you glad you're involved in your church it should/could be a good support system. Heck I'm met my husband in church.

    @LULUREBEL I had to laughMy sister responded she liked part of your name trouble..U2 should get along famously. lol I hope you find your community here welcome aboard.

    Sorry if I miss someoneAnd I am grateful for typingVia a voice..Even though you have toReread and correct somethingsLOL

  • TrishasTimeTrishasTime Posts: 592Member, Premium Member Posts: 592Member, Premium Member
    GM everyone

    @cbabie - The super swelling is telling you to back off and do less and believe me I know how frustrating and how LONG ..... 3 weeks are. Being right-handed and with a broken wrist made use my left more often and I think that is also a good thing. Fingers crossed for you

    @trooworld - Have you started showing off your apartment yet? It is probably a good thing, being home with our dog who is in a new environment when the fireworks go off.

    @theslightedgeforever _ I read your line re: water and food and a song by meatloaf came to mind (2 out of 3 ain't bad). I have always sensed the rebel in you :) Kids often stress us, so do Grandchildren who live with you

    Still cycling through washing etc from the trip away. Going to change phone plan providers tomorrow so I can get more internet when I am away

    Take care
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    @trooworld Enjoy your weekend and the time off! Make good choices. Sending good vibes for your weigh in.

    @cbabie Are you being too strict with yourself on low carbs so that's why you think there aren't many options? Can you open the box a little and make it bigger to include more things? Right now I'm thinking yogurt, cheeses, eggs, bacon, sausages, plus add in 1/2 c fruit. That's breakfast. Lunch and dinner could be quiche, any kind of meat you like, chicken and fish, salad, vegetables prepared in different ways. Instead of rice and pasta do zoodles, cauliflower rice, etc. Back to breakfast since that's my favorite meal, you can do the protein pancakes. Go on Instagram and find someone you like and follow them. There's tons of recipes to eat if you want to go low carb.

    @trishastime Love that Meatloaf song. I think I got a big fat zero today. Is there a song for that? Oh no, I take that back it was a 1. Now I'm hearing the song One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do by Three Dog Night. I'm really dating myself with that one. I was a little girl then I have to say.

    Well, I would have got a 2 today out of 3 but somehow I ended up bingeing on PB toast. I was wrapping up my day and my son was standing at the toaster making his. It looked and smelled good and suddenly I wolfed down two pieces. Then thought that was really good. I think I'll have two more and so of course over calories for the day. If I had just walked away and left the room when the first thought of oh that smells good hit me. I was almost at the finish line for the day. WALK AWAY WALK AWAY. Ok, so try again tomorrow. Then I sat and finished up a good book today. Went and bought the sequel and started reading that. So not a whole lot of movement on my part other than my eyeballs going back and forth across a page. Sigh!

    I did meet my water goal though. I'm liking my new water bottle where you can put the fruit inside to make it taste better. Today I did tangerines and lemons. I actually thought what would happen if I put in a piece of chocolate. Chocolate water. lol
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Posts: 874Member Member Posts: 874Member Member
    Good morning and happy 4th of July to all my American friends! <3

    @TrishasTime, Wow good for you for spitting out that scone. I LOVE scones and can’t even look at them when I go into Starbucks. :D

    @theslightedgeforever, I agree that I need to find the balance of being able to splurge and continue losing weight. I just can’t do the all or nothing mindset or I will feel deprived and that is never good for me. I just want to be able to eat my cake and lose weight too!! :p There is NO better smell than peanut butter toast! Good thing for me I don’t have any peanut butter or bread in my house! :D

    @trooworld, that would be awesome if you could see the fireworks from your new home. In my house in Florida, I had the best view right from my back yard and could just sit in a chair and enjoy the show. :)

    @cbabie, how low are you taking your carbs? If you try to keep them under 100 net grams a day you should be able to enjoy more variety. I'm doing under 30 net grams now and I’m finding that with some recipe research there are many good options. I totally agree that tracking is key! Of course, for me doing intermittent fasting also helps because I have fewer times to eat in a day. :D

    Yayyy for having another day off from work and getting to sleep in! B) So, yesterday I lost the exact amount of weight that I gained the week before and of course this morning I'm down 2 more pounds on my scale. Why the heck can't I lose that much weight on my actual weigh in day!! :# Today, I'm making pulled pork in my crockpot and yummy broccoli, bacon, and cheddar cold salad. I'm taking some of the pork and some baked beans and Stouffer's mac & cheese over to a family who just had a new baby boy. I'm planning to eat first so I'm not tempted by those yummy side dish smells! ;) Then this evening I'm going to go hang out with a couple of girlfriends and watch The Office. They are addicted and I've never seen it. They are dying to show me the joys of this show, which they quote all the time! :smiley: I'm leaving my poor hubby home alone to deal with our little dog's freak out over the neighbor's firework noise. Have an awesome day!! <3
  • trooworldtrooworld Posts: 1,021Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,021Member, Premium Member
    @cbabie Yeah, you have to find what works for you...everyone is different, as you know. We'll see if we can see the fireworks, I do hope so! Actually, I'm coming back to comment: I just read @theslightedgeforever's comment to you and I wanted to add: ketoconnect has a bunch of low carb recipes, most of them easy. They have a website and are on Instagram. has a lot of good low carb recipes, as well. Here's another site I get stuff from:

    @TrishasTime Not yet, we still have things to put away we are almost there. Yeah, our dog is terrified of fireworks, so hopefully, he won't hear them.

    @theslightedgeforever Thank you. Official weigh in on Monday. I think I will be up, but we'll see. I used to put fruit and things like mint in my water and loved it. I should start doing it again. Chocolate water...speaking of...yesterday, a lady at work let me try her chocolate HUMMUS. It wasn't as good as it sounded ;) . Actually, it tasted like nothing. Didn't taste like hummus and barely tasted chocolately. Wasn't worth it.

    @TeresaW1020 Happy 4th! :) I do hope I can see them, we'll see! Congrats on the loss. Pulled pork: I love pulled pork! I want to come over for dinner mmmm. You've never seen the Office? Are you going to be watching the British version or the American version? I love both of them! I hope you enjoy it. It is awkward and funny.

    Hello all. Happy 4th to the Americans in the group! The hubs and I are going to make ribs and potato salad and go over to my bro and sis-in-law's apartment and watch a movie and eat food. We will be back before dark before all the drunk drivers are on the road (hopefully). Have a great day!

  • its_cleoits_cleo Posts: 192Member Member Posts: 192Member Member
    I’ve been kind of grumpy all week, not sure why. One thing is I think I mentioned I applied for a management job, I don’t think I got it. I’m pretty sure they’re going to promote a guy on my team who is less qualified than me. This guy will end up being my boss. So I was kind of expecting that, but it is still disappointing. I’m just hoping they make the announcement soon so I can try to move on.

    Anyway. Happy fourth of July! I hope everyone has a great day.

    I was never a great fan of the office, just don’t like Steve Carell. However I think my new boss will pretty much be like the boss on the office except less funny and more awkward and incompetent.

    Yeah I’m bitter lol. It will pass.

    @trooworld I was going to ask you- I know you’re a member of a lot of recipe sites. Is there a couple you would recommend? I’m tired of figuring out what to make for meals lol.

    Sorry I’m not responding to everyone, I am kind of grumpy this week as I said. I am planning on flaking out today and watching baseball this afternoon.
  • RetiredAndLovingItRetiredAndLovingIt Posts: 597Member Member Posts: 597Member Member
    Happy 4th! We are back from returning gkids & hope to spend the day with other daughter & family. Haven't heard from them yet, so might have to call them.

    @theslightedgeforever -thanks we had a safe trip & I understand about the eating & traveling. For some reason when we are there (& on the trip) it seems like I am always stuffing my face. Guess I should take healthier snacks...get so bored riding for 7 hours. I think I should look up your 100 day things. I, too, need to learn to walk away! Trying to get back into some routine, but not happening yet! I think I qualify as a nagging sister, too. My sis & bro-in-law are doing all plant based, no fat, and I worry about her being so thin! But she is probably way healthier than me, lol.

    @trooworld -thanks for the info on the scale. Hope you can see fireworks..we used to be able to see them from house, but now have to go to the park. Don't mind the crowds, just the traffic jam afterwards. Last year took about 1/2hr to go the 10 minute drive home. Do you have a Costco membership? My daughter loves the frozen orange chicken & puts it with cauliflower rice.

    @gemwolf110 -wow, you do a lot of things! Makes me feel like a sloth, lol.

    @cbabie -your poor hand! You can handle another 3 weeks..when I broke my leg it was immobilized for 12 weeks!
    Worst part was relying on others so much. Love the pink cast tho, I had an ugly brace.

    @Lulurebel - this is a great group, so welcoming to anyone wanting to join them

    @TeresaW1020 - I love pulled pork! & I've never seen The Office either, lol.

    Hope everyone that is celebrating has a happy & safe 4th!

  • cbabiecbabie Posts: 703Member Member Posts: 703Member Member
    Morning girls,

    Thanks for all the suggestions on the carbs, I'm working on it. Yes I was having my window too small. Don't even want to think what my hand looks under this cast LOL I also want to get on my treadmill, afraid at the bouncing around would move the bones in my hands and I don't want surgery because now it be a bad thing that have to break my wrist again.

    @trooworld I will look up those recipes I hope you have a great fourth tonight.

    @TeresaW1020 I too have never seen the officeNever really had any interest in it. I hope you enjoy tonight with your girlfriends and I hope your husband Has relaxing time with the puppy dog. Yes all or nothing is not a good mindset I'm glad you'reOn this journey with me.

    @TrishasTime Thank you for the encouragementI know three weeks really in the scheme of things does not long.

    @its_cleo I pray they announce it quickly for your sake but maybe you didn't get it. And I'm sorry you're havingThis is in your life it's hard I have been there. They put my sister-in-law and I in the same position as a shared manager, Was not good she was angry because she thought I stole her position and said so. I didn't evengo after the position.It's just management knew she didn't have the skill set that I didAnd was trying to keep peace.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt I broke my knee years ago so I understand the braceAnd I had a horrible experienceWhich is one of the reasons I chose not to have surgery. I hope you have a good Fourth of July with your other daughterAnd that you enjoyedYour trip.

    @theslightedgeforever LOL I love peanut butter toast I would not walked away...but you got this!!I

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  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,064Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,064Member, Premium Member
    @teresaw1020 I think if you are losing weight then your one time splurge one time intermittent fasting plan is working for you. I think that's the balance.

    @trooworld Chocolate hummus. :o If I had a green pukey emoji on my computer I would have used that. lol I like the British and the American versions too of the Office. Thanks for sharing the low carb link.

    @its_cleo I hate when less qualified people get promoted. Especially a man. Probably someone's nephew. lol You deserve better.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Here's the link to a pdf form of 100 days. This is from the first book. The actual book goes into a bit more detail each day but these action steps are still the same.

    @cbabie I hope I have this. I seem to be in a having a vacation from my vacation mode right now. Eating is going okay for the most part. Just need to get my butt moving. Although I figured out tonight part of my problem. Today I downed a bag of rice chips and a mini Milky Way. Of course you know all about the PB toast. I started my period tonight. It's about 10 days early. Maybe I'll lose some fluid weight through this. :) At this point, I'll take anything. But that's why I've been so blah I think. But now time to get back to it.
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