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    @trooworld Somehow I missed the cause of all the moisture. Was it a leak or what happened? Ok so you have this weekend to get in those two days a week you want to exercise. Plan it into your schedule. How's the daily track of food goal coming along?

    @teresaw1020 Yes, you too, get back to tracking. Otherwise how will you know if you are on plan each day? We played the saran wrap ball game at one of the parties too. I hate that game. I'm not good. lol I'm much better at things like Taboo and charades. My favorite game now has to be Mail Call. Kind of like musical chairs but no music. lol One person stands in the middle of a circle. The other guests sit in their chairs. The middle person says Mail Call for anyone who........(example)has had surgery........then anyone who has had surgery has to go find another chair while the middle person tries to grab an empty seat. The one left standing now has to come up with the next Mail Call example. You can burn alot of calories this way spreading out those chairs. lol Kind of like never have I ever. ;) Glad your back is better. I'm still eating the leftovers of the charcuterie board. Although I have to say I like doing it. It might become a regular part of my lunch.

    @mswatson0777 Yes, learn to accept compliments with no buts.....Just a Thank you. I've really been working hard at it. or Thank You. Nice of you to notice. Dog biscuit idea sounds good. Ouch on the elbow. That literally made me wince reading it. Your relaxation time reminded me of when my daughter would finish her finals. That's exactly how she spends the break. Reading fanfiction and catching up on Netflix. Now she's working full-time and misses these school breaks.

    @renaegry Glad to hear from you. Make good choices today.

    @gemwolf110 @Trishastime Come out come out wherever you are.

    Red Day-Stayed OP 97/100 carbs Exercise Rest Day

    December goals: Step class and strength training 2 times a week. 4.5 glasses of water.
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    Good morning ladies! Well, I was wrong about them checking for moisture yesterday. Yesterday all they did was check for asbestos. :( Dryers still here at least until Thursday. I have to take a whole day off work on Thursday to deal with this, which I cannot afford but will somehow manage.

    @TeresaW1020 It is but the home warranty won't cover it. BUT...this may be the responsibility of the contractor that did the remodel of the condo, fingers crossed. Will find out on Thursday. Oh man, I'm sorry you have disappointments, too! :( It IS stressful being a homeowner. I'm glad your back was better. I hope you like yoga, I do, I find it calming.

    @mswatson0777 That's a great idea to bake homemade dog treats. Thanks, I wish that they had taken the machines but what happened was so much was going on, I got mixed up and they weren't coming out to check for moisture just for asbestos. Gah! It is frustrating. I'm sorry about your elbow, that sounds very painful. I love the Hallmark holiday movies, I know they are so predictable and cheesy but they are so sweet and I just love them! And I love Netflix's too!!! Enjoy your time off.

    @theslightedgeforever It wasn't a leak, it's TBD. It has to do with the way the windows were installed when they did the remodel OR it has to do with the way the siding is. Tracking is so-so. Honestly, as long as I'm eating what I planned on my meal plan, I'm not too worried about it for now. My priority is not losing my mind. :0 I'm so stressed and my husband is super busy at work and can't help with this, so it's all on my shoulders to deal with. Yesterday, I thought two different people were coming out so I went to work at 6:00 a.m., came home at 10:00 a.m. and waited around. One guy showed up at 12 and did his thing and then I waited and waited and finally called at 2:15. Turns out they were never supposed to come until Thursday. I drove an hour back to work and worked until 5:30. It was a stressful day.

    December goals: track 5 days a week, drink 50 oz of liquids a day, go for a walk 2 times a week, lose 1 lb
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    @mswatson0777, I did not like the yoga very much. Mostly because I don’t know those poses and when I’m bent over like a pretzel, I can’t see what the lady on the TV is doing so it was all very confusing. I tried for about 10 minutes and gave up and did a 35-minute HIIT walk on my treadmill. Ouch for your poor elbow!! Yay for finishing your finals and getting to binge on some Netflix. Do you have any special plans while you are on holiday? :)

    @theslightedgeforever, that game sounds fun! Yes, I’m back to tracking and I’m working on a New Year accountability challenge for my team on Fat2Fit and have been reading a lot of stuff from James Clear and how to transform my habits to give me the results I want. I always tend to focus on the end goal and because it’s so daunting I fail and then the process has to start all over again. But he talks about how it’s a series of habits and its consistency and repletion that will change my habits and take me to my goal. You are doing this very well and it's working! Here is what I'm currently reading from him if you're interested. :)

    @trooworld, what a pain in the butt and I’m sorry you have to miss a whole day of work. I hope this stress will end for you soon and you can enjoy the holiday. Just keep trying to do the best you can with your eating so that you don’t end up beating yourself up. And if you don’t do as well as you should then forgive yourself and start again. You got this!! <3

    Good morning! The scale is slowly moving back down but I’m still up this week and I only have myself to blame. As I wrote above to theslightedgeforever, I’m reading stuff from James Clear and find him very interesting. He has some YouTube videos if you want to look him up or read the link that I posted above. Today is my second week of 21-Day Fix and it’s supposed to be harder than week one. I hope I don’t die!! :#
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    @theslightedgeforever I do miss being a student before being an adult with a full time job on top of it. Thank goodness for vacation time or I may drive myself crazy!

    @trooworld Bummer that you're still stuck with the machines (but yay for no asbestos?). And I feel your pain on being the spouse in charge of everything. My partner is crazy busy this time of year so a lot of stuff falls on me

    @TeresaW1020 Sorry that the yoga dvd wasn't a good fit. I highly recommend a beginner class in person. We've got a studio in town that does "yoga happy hour" with $5 drop ins that was really helpful when I was first starting out (maybe there's one near your town too?). I loved having someone there to coach me through a vinyasa before I went at it alone. Thanks for the link! I've been listening a lot to Rachel Hollis about habit change and I think it's been helping to keep my mind in the zone.

    I am intensely grateful for my body today because even though I still went to class last night (probably not my smartest move since we were practicing flying armbars) I feel a lot better today. I'm still a little sore when I extend my arm but it's no longer painful.

    I have yet another holiday party tonight so I woke up at 5:45am this morning to get some elliptical time in before work. It felt good to get it done, but I want a nap and it's only 8:38am! I'm burned out on social obligations and small talk so I'm not looking forward to tonight, but I just keep reminding myself I only have to be there 2 hours before I can make a quick exit. For context, it's a networking event held by our local professional organization which probably explains my bad attitude. Wish me luck on being on my best behavior.
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    @trooworld Hopefully there will be no asbestos. That sounds expensive to remove. So keep eating your planned menus and that will be one less thing to worry about.

    @teresaw1020 The trick with yoga is to stand sideways instead of facing the TV so you can turn your head and still see the TV. I have James Clear's book Atomic Habits. Another good author on habits is Steven Guise. The best book so far that has helped me the most right now is Beck Diet Solution. It's one of my 100 day books. I have 5 days left. It's help me to retrain my thinking. Lots of good skills in it. It's a 6 week course that I turned into 12 to fit my 100 days. lol I do it with two other ladies and we have all shown success. I really think the best thing is putting together all the things I've learned about habits and my thinking. Yaay on your scale moving back down.

    @mswatson0777 I will look up Rachel Hollis. Thanks for the info. Woohoo on getting up early to make sure your exercise got done. That's the way to do it. So how was the event. Did you get to leave early?

    Red Day- Stayed OP 98/100 Walked 45 min at walking club. I made the best roasted butternut squash soup tonight along with some yummy cornbread. Only got to eat 3/4 c of it because I wanted the cornbread more. But I'm planning on having more tomorrow at dinner. I had caramel corn for lunch too. 100 carbs doesn't go very far. I'm learning to cut down my portion sizes to get a taste of all the things I want.

    December goals: Step class and strength training 2 times a week. 4.5 glasses of water.
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    @theslightedgeforever Let me know what you think! Her book "Girl Wash Your Face" is my favorite, but she's also got a special on Amazon Prime and a Podcast that are pretty good. The holiday event was better than expected. The escape room theme was actually pretty fun, the food was healthy (color me shocked!), and I actually liked some of the people there. That being said I absolutely bailed after 2 hours, I'm at my limit with social stuff. I can't even imagine getting my carbs under 100, that sounds like quite the challenge.

    So I woke up inexplicably at 3am and COULD NOT get back to sleep which means I am both extra tired and extra hungry today. And to top it off it's holiday cookie exchange day at work which means there are literally hundreds of cookies floating around here. I decided not to take part this year, partially because I don't need anymore cookies in my house and partially because I was at a holiday party last night so I had no time to bake, but people bring cookies for the group too so it's temptation city!

    I am looking forward to the weekend. I can't wait to sleep, and do yoga, and read for fun and just relax.

    Happy Wednesday all! Wish me luck for cookie overload day!
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    Still buried at work. Had to pipe in to say I'm not a fan of yoga either...have tried off and on over the years but I just hate it lol

    But I always say everyone has to find the right workout for them, so if it's yoga go to it.

    Not sure when things will slow down.

    Have been overeating a bit this week due to work.

    Sorry folks are having a hard time with househood stuff!

    I love butternut squash soup. Always throw in some red lentils too

    Hope the cookie day went well.
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    @mswatson0777 That's what I like about my carb cycling program is that I only have to do this 2-4 days a week at 100 depending on which week I'm on. Then on my 2 green days it makes it feel like cheat days since I get all the way up to 238. That is what makes this program so successful for me is that I know I don't have to avoid any foods and it's helping my weight and blood sugar come down. I never thought I would be doing this well on lower carb foods because I would always say I like bread too much and fruit. I'm just not eating them every meal like before. I always have yummy french toast and pancakes on Thursdays and Fridays. Then I just have to fit in the other stuff around that. It's a numbers game. I preplan each morning or the night before what I want to eat and then usually the carb amount is too high for the day and I start shaving the portion size off little by little until I get to 100 or less if it's a red day for instance. Today more cornbread and less soup was the choice of the day. 3/4 of a cup was just fine when before I would start at 1 c +. Because I'm doing it slowly I don't feel the effects of eating less food and it's becoming more normal. I ate 1/2 c of pasta the other day and I never thought I would see that. But then on other days I eat 1 c. I'm so glad you enjoyed the event. Even better it had some healthy food there. That always makes it easier. Best of luck on cookie day.

    @its_cleo I was surprised at how hard yoga is and I know I should really do it more often because of the overall benefits to my body as I age. It's like 3 legs of a 3-legged stool. Cardio+Strength+Flexibility All are needed for a well-rounded mind/body. I love red lentils. I make a really good soup out of that too. Plus a nice dip. So here's something to think about. Does overeating help you work any better or any faster? I'm assuming it's the stress from the overload. You just want to feel good and comfort yourself. So what can you do instead to feel good and comfort yourself while you are working so hard? It's nice to have a list somewhere already written down and handy so you can just grab that and pick one thing on the list. Instead of grabbing a cookie or whatever.

    Green Day-Stayed OP 235/238 Did not exercise but will make it up tomorrow as Friday is usually a rest day. Still need to get in that step aerobics and strength training.

    I did get into two dresses that have been hanging in my closet. I took them from my daughters clothes stash. :smiley: Wait til she sees me wear them.
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    Good morning ladies! Well, work is being done on our condo. The walls where the moisture damage was done is down to the studs, bare-bones, and hopefully, the blame will get sorted out soon so we don’t have to pay.

    @TeresaW1020 That’s too bad you didn’t like the yoga, but I’m glad you were able to switch to something you did like. I’ve missed quite a bit of work because of this problem and will miss more today and likely more before it’s all sorted out, unfortunately. :( You have given me great advice and for that, I thank you! <3 Hang in there, and thanks for the name to check out on YouTube.

    @mswatson0777 Yes, definitely yay for no asbestos, but those machines are driving me batty lol. That sucks that things fall on you, too. I’m glad your elbow is no longer painful. I hope the networking event went well. I hate those types of things, too. Lol I just read that your event went well. That’s great! And healthy food at an event like that? I’m shocked, too! Best of luck to stay out of the cookies.

    @theslightedgeforever Thanks and no, they didn’t find any asbestos, so they were able to start working. It sounds like you are learning to strike a balance to get what you want, that’s great. The dresses are a great NSV, congratulations!

    @its_cleo lol...I love yoga! But I understand it’s not for everyone. ;) Lentils in butternut squash soup sounds like a good addition.

    December goals: track 5 days a week, drink 50 oz of liquids a day, go for a walk 2 times a week, lose 1 lb
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    @mswatson0777, good for you for getting up and getting on the elliptical before work. I’ve gotten up early a few times to get my workout in and I always feel great but it sure is hard to be consistent with it. I’m glad that the event went well and that you had a good time. Ugggghhhh on the cookie exchange! I have an event on Sunday where there will be a ton of cookies calling my name. :#

    @theslightedgeforever, uh I hadn’t even thought of standing sideways! :D I will try it again when it’s yoga day and see how that works for me. I’m not surprised that you have James Clear book! I have heard of Steven Guise. I told hubby that after the holidays I want to go to the library and start checking out some books that might help me focus more on my goals and help change my habits, which I’m now starting to understand is the key to reaching my goals. Congrats on getting into your two dresses! Can you give me some info on the carb cycling? I was reading your post to mswatson and what you said makes so much sense. Plus, I REALLY miss apples and Kodiak pancakes!! I’m wanting to shake things up when we start the New Year and achieving better habits is #1 but finally landing on an eating plan that is sustainable for me is #2. Help!! <3

    @its_cleo, hey girl! Hang in there and hopefully your work will settle down soon. Yeah, I will give yoga one more try and see if I can get into it. What I really love is using my hand weights. I told hubby last night that I will be need heavier weights in the next few months for sure. B)

    @trooworld, glad that the work is done on your condo. I assume they are going to repair and paint your walls? We got a call yesterday about our HVAC noise and the maker of the system is sending a new compressor. That is a $1000 we don’t have to pay. Yayyy for warranties! :)

    Good morning! TGIF!! I’m at work right now but don’t have much to do today, so I thought I would take the time to write to you all. I’m teaching children’s church this week on the topic of Joy. I bought a bunch of little jingle bells and we are going to make bracelets so they can make a joyful noise. Their parents will love me for that! I’m also having a Christmas party for my six Sunday School kids. I bought them each some small gifts, decorated the classroom up with Christmas lights, and bought some mini cupcakes. Then on Sunday evening we have our Christmas concert with cookie fellowship following. I’m in charge of the punch and plan to make a not too sweet red punch and a green Grinch punch for the kids. Should be fun but I am really going to have to go in to the day with a game plan so I don't end up here writing to you all how I blew it...again! :#

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    @theslightedgeforever That is a HUGE NSV!!!! Congratulations on fitting into the dresses!

    @its_cleo so sorry work has been overwhelming. The holiday season is exciting, but holy buckets is it exhausting!

    @trooworld Glad to hear the machines are gone, but sorry to hear the house is still in chaos. I hope it's quickly resolved and you get beautiful new walls you don't have to pay for!

    @TeresaW1020 lol you are definitely going to be a parent favorite, but those bracelets sound super fun! I hope your upcoming cookie exchange goes well

    Happy Friday Everyone! You have no idea how excited I am for this day to be here, I need a break from everything. The cookie exchange yesterday went surprisingly well, I only had one cookie. It helps that I didn't actively participate so I only had to avoid the break room and didn't have to take any home.

    In less great news, I ended up tripping on some ice and falling down and entire flight of stairs and my backside is now VERY bruised. Between that and my hyper-extended elbow I am on a roll this week. Hopefully this weekend will be relaxing and injury free. All I want to do is lay around all day and read my book. I have gotten way better at saying no, so we only have 2 social things this weekend, which considering it's so close to the holiday, I'm counting as a win!
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    @trooworld One day this will all be over and you can go back to your normal life. In the meantime, I hope you are practicing some nice stress relief techniques other than eating too much.

    @teresaw1020 I'm more of a must have a cup of tea and sit outside first thing kind of person than open eyeballs and exercise kind of person. I am learning to do my exercise in the morning though so it usually gets done before noon. It took me loads of time to figure out that standing sideways trick. ;) And usually I'm on the floor still while the lady is standing up doing warrior pose. lol But I'm doing it and that's the important thing. It just takes me
    awhile. The one thing I want to conquer one of these days is that lunge step through and stand up after downward facing dog. I currently can't seem to do that. So I drop to my knees and get up the old fashioned way. :D

    Here's a link to the template:

    They suggest Week 1 coincides with your period. So the last two weeks before your period is more red days and that really does cut the cravings down for PMS. When I actually started this Aug 1, I estimated when my period was going to start and then I think did days 29-35 first. I have a 40-42 day cycle which is why this is 6 weeks long. You can adjust it to 4 weeks if you want. Just remove the tabs for day 15-21 and day 36-42

    Note on the first 2-3 weeks, the amounts for yellow carbs are 145-164. Then on the last 2-3 weeks, they drop to 125-150. Green will always be 199-238 and red 100.

    Copy and make it your own. I move the green and yellow days around to fit my social events as long as I keep the total number of days the same per week. That's why I included a line for appts/events. It helps me pre-plan my day.

    So remember you didn't blow it, you just made an eating mistake. Keep that mantra in your head. Then you wouldn't keep making the same mistake over and over that day. Get back on track at the very next bite.

    @mswatson0777 Woohoo on one cookie. That's awesome. I usually scan the room looking at them all then think which one would be totally worth it to eat. And then I enjoy every bite. I got the workbook that goes along with Girl Wash Your Face. It was free on Kindle Unlimited. So once I'm done with this book I'm working on, I'll take a look at it. I have a 2 week hiatus before we start our next 100 day book. We're doing Mini Habits for Weight Loss with Steven Guise. Ouch on the fall. Good news is you didn't break anything.

    Low Yellow Day- Stayed OP 148/150 carbs Exercise was 45 min walking. We went out to a restaurant and I got tomato soup and salad, but couldn't eat the whole thing because of my pancakes earlier in the day. Not enough carbs left. Plus I really wanted the two pieces of garlic bread. So I brought home the rest of the soup and I'll have that for lunch tomorrow. The waiter gave us some free salad to take home plus brought us free gelato. I did good by not eating any. My food pusher husband kept saying oh just take a bite. I'm sure he was feeling guilty eating all of his. I had two carbs left. lol We have a "phones down at the table" rule and they kept saying phone down to me. I was like, I'm figuring out how much of the food I can eat. Thank God for the MFP app on my phone.
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    Hi all. I'm just replying generally as not got much time.
    Thank you for kind comments.
    Kitchen sorted- apart from needing stools for breakfast bar & a few cosmetic touches.
    Ensuite done- needs a little paint touch up but I LOVE the new shower!.

    Had good chat with new Nurse Practitioner at ou GP as had a "liver marker" come back- I suspect fatty liver from what she said (could be anything from Vit K deficiency to cancer- but given level, told nothing serious).
    I told her about weight struggles since perimenopause kicked in & we discussed diet. She suggested dropping calories & swapping my % protein & carbs macros.
    Discussed further with Trainer & he's made suggestions how.
    With everything else I'm not doing good job at mo- just trying & making few changes.
    Any ideas or advice from Keto fans on high protein swaps for a veggie who eats fish too- welcome.
    I'll catch up later. X
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    Hello gals! Happy Saturday. I've got a busy day: grocery shopping, meeting a friend at a museum and then DH and I are going to a play later. It should be a fun day, just what I need!

    @TeresaW1020 Yes, they will put the drywall back up and paint, too (I assume!). And they will repair what caused the problem in the first place, too. That's great you don't have to pay for the HVAC noise! Woo hoo! lol...the parents might not like you but the kids will love it! I bet you are a fun teacher! Good luck!

    @mswatson0777 Thank you so much, me too! :) You did awesome at the cookie exchange, congrats! Oh my gosh, that fall sounds awful. Oh dear. Do take care and rest up this weekend!

    @theslightedgeforever I plan on it: I used to use this special mud mask by Borghese called Fango Active Mud Mask. I loved the way it smelled and made my face feel. I used it back in the early 90s but forgot about it. I ordered some and plan to use it this weekend. That, plus all the fun activities today should be relaxing. Stress eating: I did eat Carl's Jr for lunch the other day mostly out of convenience, but other than that, I am not. I am eating what I have planned. Phones down at the table is a good rule but I can see why you made the exception, it was important.

    @joannadavison I'm so glad your kitchen is sorted out! Yay! You asked for keto swaps for what? Vegetables? I'm a bit confused.

    December goals: track 5 days a week, drink 50 oz of liquids a day, go for a walk 2 times a week, lose 1 lb
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    Morning gals...I read through most of the comments. This is hard only getting on here 1 time a week. I am trying to get into a routine, but this past week some "family" things came up and I think I lost the whole week. My weight is really still in maintenance. The job is going well..LOL but still in training. We will see when I actually am out of training. Hopefully I will get back into the groove of things. Working on new routines.LOL

    @trooworld So glad it's all starting to end for you on the water damage. I pray for a great outcome for you. Enjoy the play.

    @theslightedgeforever You have found your niche!!!

    @TeresaW1020 Sounds like you are getting back your groove. LOL As I was typing this..I typoed and Grover was typed and I thought of Sesame Street...see where my brain goes?

    @joannadavison I am so glad you are getting answers.

    @mswatson0777 I think you got all your falls for the winter out of the way!! Great job on the cookie exchange.

    @its_cleo LOL I hated yoga too! I am more of a push my body to the limits and not the stretching, pretzel kind. hope things slow down for you soon..

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    I miss talking to everyone. I’m okay, just busy with work. As I said haven’t been eating great. Not too bad, but too many desserts. It is like comfort food or something because I feel pressure at work. On the other hand, I’ve been keeping up with my exercises pretty well so that is something. But I expect my weight will be up this week.
    We have a big family potluck tonight, I will probably just allow myself to eat what I want. After this the holidays will be very quiet for me, so hopefully I can get back on track.

    @TeresaW1020 I love to hear that about the weights! I love weight lifting and I love meeting other women lifters. I’m sure there are lots of dumbbell sets you can get. Dumbbells are actually better and more challenging than barbells, you will grow more muscle and it really uses the core more than barbells. I use both but I do a lot with dumbbells.

    @cbabie yep no pretzels for me! I hope the job continues to go well. Come back and tell us about it.

    @trooworld that sounds like a fun day. Glad they’re putting your wall back together. That sucks though, to have to go through that after you just bought it.

    @theslightedgeforever thanks for sharing your template. I forgot- did you come up with this cycling plan on your own? Also can I ask what you aim for in calories each day? Or even % just because I assume the grams of carbs would go up with calories. Like I think I eat more calories than you, so just trying to figure out what the carbs would be then. Or maybe not and they would stay the same? …..I am also a wake up and sit and have coffee kind of person. I meet my trainer at 5pm. On my own I like to work out late afternoon or late morning- so I can eat lunch or dinner right after ha.

    It's like 3 legs of a 3-legged stool. Cardio+Strength+Flexibility All are needed for a well-rounded mind/body.

    Yeah this is true, but I am terrible about flexibility. I’ve been trying to focus on mobility though- this is related to being able to move well with proper range of motion, I didn’t pay much attn to it but am trying to build it into my workout. I get so stiff and limited it’s terrible.

    @mswatson0777 so sorry to hear about your fall, I fell down some stairs a few weeks ago so I can relate. Just take it easy, it took a few weeks for me to feel really healed.

    Yesterday I did stairs and hill, it went pretty well. Today I went to the gym and did some arm work- bench press, rows, bicep and tricep. Tomorrow I hope to run.

    Also my goal for this week is to incorporate some special stuff in addition to my regular workouts:

    -bicep/tricep - I don't normally do this because a lot of the other lifts I do with my trainer gets these muscles but I feel like they need some extra attn because I would like to be able to do pushups and pullups better.

    -calf raises- my calves take a beating because of the stairwork I do, so I want to give them some attention with calf raises and stretching

    - soft tissue work- this is massaging with foam roller and lacrosse ball

    -mobility routines- going through some range of motion movements

    I wrote it all out on my calendar so hopefully I can stick with it. I swear half the fun for me is planning stuff out lol. If I actually do it all, that's just a bonus.

    Take care all!
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    @mswatson0777, good for you for only eating one cookie!! I hope I can be as strong tomorrow night at my cookie and punch fellowship at the church. And so sorry that you got hurt again. Yes, please rest and take it easy. Can you use your recent injury to get out of your social events? :)

    @theslightedgeforever, thanks for the spreadsheet! I put into my and so if I decided to give carb cycling a try I will have it. I am nervous about switching to fast because I still believe that Keto is right for me, but I also like having a bit more flexibility. I assume I could modify it to have more of a Keto slant with a day or two of higher carbs. Since most of my eating events are because of my church and are on a Sunday, I really like the idea of going higher on that day on purpose, which might keep me from feeling like such a failure. :D

    @joannadavison, if you suspect that you have fatty liver you can totally cure that by taking the right steps in your diet. Dr. Ken Berry has a whole lot to say on the subject and you might find some of his stuff interesting. Dr. Ken Berry on Fatty Liver
    Are you wanting to eat more protein than veggies? If so then just up your protein by eating more meat, fish, chicken, eggs and of course more bacon!! As a Keto eater, we are taught that the most important thing is to keep the carbs low and to keep your fats at least 20% higher than your protein. That is because if you eat too much protein the body will just store it as fat and we don’t want that! :/

    @trooworld, I hope you have a great day! What play are you going to see? Great job with your goals!! B)

    @cbabie, I love me some Grover!! <3 I walked the living room the other day and hubby was watching Sesame Street. I sat down and we watched and laughed for 30 minutes. I guess you are never too old for the classics. I think staying in maintenance at this time of year and with your family stuff happening is a major win so celebrate it!! I’m going to believe and pray that 2020 will be a much happier year for you. I want you to agree with me. :)

    @its_cleo, right now the program I’m doing has me using hand weights 3 times a week. When I first started Beachbody on Demand I could barely lift my 8 lb weights and today, I was using my 10 lbs for several exercises. Right now my shoulders are feeling it from the bent-over rows I was doing and the overhead flys. But it’s a good pain, ya know? What do you think I should get? 12 lb. or 15 lb. weights? They get so expensive and I don’t want to buy both sizes if I really don’t need to. :)

    Hello everyone! It’s been a calm Saturday which has been nice. I did my workout and then some so my body is already feeling the burn. I started a new 30-day challenge yesterday with my Beachbody coach and the winner gets a free T-shirt. I want that shirt!!! I am also working on tracking stuff like food, workouts, water, steps, eating on plan, etc. on this habit tracker I printed off. I am very much a visual person so I’m hoping it will help me to develop better habits by being consistent and mindful. I’m going to reach my goal in 2020!! B)
  • mswatson0777mswatson0777 Posts: 50Member Member Posts: 50Member Member
    @theslightedgeforever That workbook sounds great, and so does the small habits one. Any small habits in particular you're working on?

    @TeresaW1020 I hope your cookie social goes well! And I wish I could use it to stay home more, goodness knows the bruise looks bad enough! I hope you get that tshirt!!

    @its_cleo I bet you're doing light years better right now than prior years when you weren't keeping track. Give yourself a pat on the back since normally people gain a lot this time of year!

    @cbabie maintenance is a huge win this time of year! I'm sure once life slows down in the new year it'll be easier to stick to a schedule

    @trooworld What a fun day! I hope you have an amazing time and enjoy every minute of it!

    @joannadavison low carb is definitely not my forte, but my partner really loved cauliflower crust pizza when he started Atkins (I knew he loved me when we first started dating because I tried making it, burned it to a crisp, and he still ate it!). I hope the transition goes well for you, those liver markers sound scary!

    Happy Saturday! I started my day off running errands and picking up ingredients for my dog treat baking day tomorrow. I also hit up back to back Judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu classes to burn off some calories since we have the 12 Bars of Christmas tonight (I'm planning on DDing to hopefully reduce the calorie load too!).

    Last night we ended up staying in, making homemade popcorn, and watching Star Wars (Disney+ is my new favorite thing). I went a little over calorie wise but it was so worth it.

    I hope you all have wonderful days today!
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Posts: 1,175Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,175Member, Premium Member
    @joannadavison So glad to hear your house is getting back in order. Sorry to hear about your lab test result. Sometimes this is just our body warning us, hello it's time to make some changes. You can get this turned around. Sorry I can't be more help since I don't do keto.

    @trooworld Your journey with the house problems seem almost over too. That's good. Plus you haven't really been stress eating. Good for you. I hope you enjoy your weekend activities.

    @cbabie You'll get your routine back soon, I hope.

    @its_cleo Carb cycling- There are books on Kindle about this subject. I read one of them and used their guidelines and then added the colors on my own to help me remember what day I'm on. As for calories, I'm currently working at 1467 for Sundays and Tuesdays, 1450 for Mondays, 1500 for Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are 1660, and Friday is 1550. I don't penalize myself if I go over as I'm concentrating on the carbs, but I try to keep under these amounts. I've lowered three of the amounts by 50 calories within the last two months. I'm slowly taking my calories downward if I'm not losing like I want to because my body will need less energy the more weight I lose. Twice I have increased my exercise burned calorie goal by 25 in the last four months. Carbs stay the same whether or not you have more calories. Traditionally you are supposed to exercise more intensely on the green days and light to none on the red days. I started out that way, but it was interfering with my life so now I have a set schedule on the days I want to take a rest day no matter what color it is. I could probably use more work in the mobility and range of motion area. At times I have a frozen shoulder. One day I'll get there. I'm the same way about planning. I love to make my plans and spreadsheets. the doing's a process. lol But I'm getting better.

    @teresaw1020 Yes, make this spreadsheet your own. I purposely have my green days on Thursdays and Saturdays because most of my social events fall on those days. That's why I have set higher calories too on those days. I don't even try to tweak the calories on those days nor Fridays. So lower your red days from 100 to X, take your yellow down to whatever you want in the middle range and then keep the green days. I think it has been the consistency of me sticking to this plan that has led me to lose 20 lbs so far versus the actual plan. I get a bit of freedom on it but I'm also reined in on some days. Plus the thought of that one yellow day on most weeks means I might get an extra serving of bread or get to eat a banana/apple and not have to figure out what I'm going to give up for the day.

    @mswatson0777 I will start the mini habit book on Jan 1. This year me and two ladies did three 100 day books. The habits I will be working towards is decluttering and increasing water intake. My kids are excited about the new Star Wars moving coming out. My youngest just recently got Disney+ He and I always argue about the Star Wars numbers. Since I was around back in the day to watch the first three movies, I call those 1, 2, 3, then they made the other ones after that. His counting seems to go 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, and I have no idea how many they've made after that. I did see the last one because he forced me to go to it with him. lol When I ask him questions he will answer with, If you would watch all the movies in order then you would know things. I just roll my eyes and say Your order and my order is two different things. Now he responds with OK, boomer. lol But I love him anyway. One day karma will strike and he'll be having a conversation like this with his child. :D Fingers crossed.

    Green Day- Stayed OP 212/238 Exercise was 45 min walking

  • cbabiecbabie Posts: 745Member Member Posts: 745Member Member
    Morning gals, it was truly great to get on here and not be behind. Only bad things is I had it all typed, hit a wrong key and deleted all my typing and MY wrist hurts here goes again. I loved reading the post and seeing how we all encourage each other. We are truly blessed on this board.

    @its_cleo I laughed when I read your goals...I too loved to do weights, but now with my wrist I am not sure that will ever be again. I work for a company that does credit's really interesting.

    @TeresaW1020 Thank you so much for the encouraging words. Yes I stand in agreement with you!!! I am believing with you on your goals for 2020...This will be YOUR year.

    @mswatson0777 Kudos to for making dog biscuits..never would I even touch that for dogs. My dad used to cook chicken for his dog..LOL . I will take this as a win thank you!!!

    @theslightedgeforever I will get this!!! When things get back to normal in my life...I will try your carb cycling..I am not a person to just eat only certain things...EXCEPT Peanut Butter...I really have lived off of it these last few months. See how you are helping others!!! Your mom would be so proud...I had to watch Star Wars on Disney + with my GS and DH must be the thing right now...LOL

    I hope everyone had a great Sunday...I will be getting ready for church here soon!!!

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