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    @teresaw1020 That's great you got in a good workout and tracked your food. Look how close you were to your point goal. You are definitely getting back into the groove. I'm all about me not getting the virus versus overwhelming the medical system. ;) But I do get your point. Here's a fun idea for your church ladies that want to get healthier before return. A quarantine challenge. You could do online teams and report in your weight once a week. Everyone agrees to pitch in $10 or whatever and then the team that wins the most weight loss once everyone is back to church gets to use that money and go out for a meal together after church at a restaurant in town. I was thinking the same thing. People will look at me and say well she didn't handle that well. We all handle it differently, some eat more, smoke more, drink more, yell and scream more, worry more etc. It all shows up in our bodies through wrinkles or fat.

    @cbabie That's good that you are taking the baby for walks. Although now that it's hot..... ;) You are still getting in some good movement and Vitamin D and fresh air. So as for that weight trend. Try stopping it in it's track and maintain for a few weeks versus gaining. That is progress. Then you can continue onto losing. That's what I'm trying to do. I've been steadily gaining since February. I have picked a meal and I'm going to continue eating the same three things for that meal for a while. Apple, kiwi, 3 laughing cow cheese triangles I do so much better with routine.

    @trooworld Woohoo! on the weight loss. Funny thing about cauliflower is that while I don't like eating it raw or just cooked and boring. I love eating my cheesy cauliflower rice. I would even eat that for breakfast which is weird for me because breakfast means breakfast foods to me. I just shredded a head day before yesterday and packed it into one cup portions for my freezer so I can just pop them out and make it. Yes it was you that shared the Gina B videos. Remember the ABBA video? I did that one yesterday. That was a fast one. Come on, get back in there and exercise even for 15 min a day to keep up the habit. Soon you will be back to work and saying I don't have time to exercise.

    @its_cleo Pineapple on pizza. :s But I love liver so there's that. One of my meals I like is plain greek yogurt with cut up apples and walnuts with some stevia. I like to layer it in a parfait glass. Sorry about the achilles. At least you have a plan B for the times it pops up to bother you. Your snacks sound good. I love brie cheese.

    Another good day for me today.

    Calories- Stayed OP 1492/1660 Exercise-39 min cardio and Bosu ball

    April goals-Drink 4.5 glasses of water o:) Decluttering o:) Burn 200 calories via exercise o:)
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    Good morning everyone! Well the WW recipe builder (this is how you find out how many points in a recipe you have) wasn't working so I had no idea how many points I was consuming before I consumed that pizza and poppers last night. Let me just say they were delicious and I enjoyed every bite however in the back of my mind, I was thinking, "I shouldn't be eating this" even though I made it as healthy as I could. Today, I messaged a coach and she said I could still use the recipe builder on the app on my phone. Well, the problem with that is I can't seem to change it from one serving to more than one serving but oh well, I made it work. My delicious dinner came out to 34 points! For reference, I get 25 points for a day. Well, it would have came out to less had I served myself less but it was 10:00 p.m. before it was done and I hadn't eaten since 11:30 a.m. so I wasn't exactly thinking straight. I hope they get the website fixed soon. :(

    @its_cleo Yeah that pizza was sooo good! I usually have an iron-clad stomach so that must have been some seriously old cheese lol. I take chances on food, too, and this time, my chance did not pay off! That's good you connected with your hiking club. That snack you tried with the brie is right up my alley. I'll have to try it. And the pizza sounds good, too.

    @theslightedgeforever could make your cheesy cauliflower rice and fry up some center-cut bacon and have a nice breakfast! That sounds good to me. Oh yes I remember now. I just didn't know her name. You are right. Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for a walk. We will be walking 6 feet apart with masks on but we will at least be walking together and talking. We are walking in a nice neighborhood. Liver? Ugh. You and my dog. He loves it, too. I made him liver treats recently and he loved them but it smelled up the whole house for hours. I'm glad you had a good day. Now, add to it. ;)

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
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    @trooworld I'm sorry you are having problems with the recipe builder. It's like the MFP website food diary versus the phone diary. I can log food in an instant on the phone but not so on the website. It takes too darn long. Ha, I just threw away some cheese the other day. I kept looking at it. Smelling it. Looking at it. lol Liver has to be made right. I wouldn't eat just plain liver. Yummy sauteed onions, tomatoes, and green peppers in it. Liver has to be sliced into tiny strips. Then add a bit of tomato paste and some cumin, turmeric, salt and pepper. Then scoop it up with some pita bread and an order of hummus on the side. But I'm probably the only one that likes it so more for me. Yaaay on your walk.

    Calories: Went over 1941/1517 Exercise: free day

    April goals: Drink 4.5 glasses of water :| Decluttering :( Burn 200 cals via exercise
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    @its_cleo Those snacks sounds delicious. I'm glad you were able to connect with your hiking club and I hope you're able to get out a bit today since there will be less crowds

    @trooworld Sorry your homemade pizza betrayed you but congrats on the loss! I also ran into a long line at the grocery store yesterday morning. I really need to start finding a new time to shop, but it feels like every time is a bad time :/

    @TeresaW1020 Let me know how the pilates program goes. I loved BeachBody on Demand when I subscribed to it for a year. I debated picking it back up with quarantine but youtube has been filling the void.

    @cbabie Hot weather in April, yuck! We've luckily had gorgeous weather since it's the only thing keeping me sane lately is going outside.

    @theslightedgeforever I hope your carb cycling goes well. Sorry you haven't been able to find eggs still, it's crazy all these shortages that have been occurring!

    @RetiredandLovingIt Iowa opening back up makes me nervous because my grandma lives there. She was social distancing before it was cool, but I'm afraid she's going to head right back to the gym as soon as it's open

    My entire weekend was house projects and yard work (I hate both of them). And of course my SO and I got into a fight over getting a power washer...seriously. Honestly it was just a crappy weekend. We did get the power washer so we can finally clean our deck, fence, and shed (they're all overdue). We also fixed a couple of things in the house, I cleaned my car, and he cleaned the garage so we're making progress. It just feels like the list is never ending. I honestly never wanted to be a homeowner and this is why. Hopefully this week is better, I feel like I got no break, but when else am I going to get this stuff done other than quarantine? Cause I'm sure as heck not going to want to do it when quarantine is lifted.
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    @theslightedgeforever I like the WW website food diary versus the phone diary too, maybe we are old school? The funny thing about the old cheese was that it smelled and looked fine. So don't go by smells and looks or you may be in trouble. ;) I've never heard liver eaten that way but I'll still let you have it. I found a new way to get water in: I bought a Sodastream machine and can make my own sparkling water now (and diet soda if I want). I bought a couple of different flavors or I can just add slices of fruit. It's working, I'm really drinking a lot of water.

    @mswatson0777 Thank you! Yes, I don't know if there is a good time to go to the grocery store...everyone seems to be off work now and ready to go at any time. I'm sorry you had a crappy weekend. I got in a fight with my spouse too. :( It must have been in the air! Yeah, now's the time to do the little stuff that needs done I guess.

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
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    Morning all, well my weight is up too much for me. However I did get on the treadmill this morning. We broke a record yesterday in temps..101..oh Yea and its only April!

    @trooworld Thanks for the wisdom on cheese. My GGD loves cheese, so with this quarantine I don't always look at I will look at what I have. I would hate for her to get sick. Great job on the loss

    @mswatson0777 Sorry you had a crappy weekend. Sounds like you need a day with a book and hot tub...

    @theslightedgeforever Yea I have to stop the weight train. I am starting to look like those old ladies I never wanted to look like. My Wonderful GS says, it's your age get over it..I say NO never!!!

    @its_cleo Sorry about your Achilles heel...but so glad you hooked up with your hiking team. Sometimes we just need to change our routines. Let our bodies rest or it says oh she is going to do this again? Well I will do this so you have to change it up..LOL I am trying to do a new recipe at least once a week too. I made a chicken rice dinner using my EO lime in the was good according to the family. I didin't eat any.

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    @cbabie, we are going to get hot here too and I’m not looking forward to the heat. Especially since we missed the spring by being stuck indoors so much. I started tearing up yesterday watching our Facebook live and seeing all my friends on who was watching too. We all want to be back to our little red brick church so badly! Soon we hope. How about you? Does your church have plans to reopen anytime soon? :)

    @trooworld, The WW recipe builder can be annoying for me. Sometimes I find it easier just to put into my tracker each item and do a good guestimate. Girl, 34 points for dinner! No wonder it was so tasty. :D

    @its_cleo, that snack with the brie with honey sounds soooo good!! Too bad I have given up snacking. Now I might have to just make a whole plate and eat it as a meal. :D The pizza sounds really yummy too!

    @Theslightedgeforever, I like that quarantine challenge idea. Even my little skinny women are complaining about eating too much since being stuck at home all day. :D Restaurants are able to reopen today if they follow the guidelines. So far the only one I’ve heard of that is opening for sure is Waffle House. :)

    @mswatson0777, today was my day one of Barre Blend, which is a mixture of barre, Pilates, and cardio. It was intense but I think I will love it. Yeah, tomorrow is our day to get out and clean the patio furniture. Not looking forward to it but at least I will finally be able to go sit without getting yellow pollen all over me. My DH and I also had a discussion on getting a power washer. What did you decide? :)

    Hey everyone! Well, I went to Walmart this morning and there were stickers on the floor everywhere telling us which direction we could shop. Like each aisle either had a green arrow telling us to shop in that direction or a do not enter sticker. Seriously! I rebelled several times since it was 9 am and not very many people were in the store. :D Then I came home and realized that they or I forgot a bag of laundry supplies, so I drove back up there and customer service let me go and get what I forgot.

    And Amazon just dropped off my newest puzzle which was a gift from my sweet husband! I’m going to get started on it right now!!! 5000 pieces of fun!! It's going to take up my whole dining room table. :grin:


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    Been awhile since I checked in. Way to many posts to check up on. Hope everyone is doing well. Our snow is finally gone temperatures around 10C.

    Had a great day today. 40 min on treadmill. 30 min 5 min jog/2 min walk intervals. Then did a 5 km walk at noon with a friend and another 4.5 km walk with another friend after work. Easy 20k day today. Also lifted weights today. Upped my weight. Did 4 sets of 6 of bicep curls, deadlifts, and bench presses. Also did a round of squats from 30 day squat challenge.
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    @TeresaW1020 Love the puzzle, my DH and youngest daughter are into puzzles and they're due for a new one

    @renaegry Nice work. I need to do better with exercise.

    Enjoyed my early morning walk yesterday, finally some sun. I ventured to the store for the first time in 5 or 6 weeks. We did curbside pickup at the grocery store. I didn't get everything on my list but it wasn't bad. Things are improving around here. I'm planning a birthday party for my mother-in law who turns 92 in 3 weeks. There won't be a lot of us there, but I think the lock down might be lifted by then.
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    @cbabie That's great you got on the treadmill. Yikes, 101? Too hot! Yeah, that cheese was a hard lesson to learn.

    @TeresaW1020 Yeah, thankfully it is fixed now so I can use it. I know, right? 34 danged points!!! I can't wait until this quarantine stuff is over, I'm so over it lol. Enjoy that puzzle, it should keep you busy for quite a while!

    @nighthazel01 It's nice to look forward to events again, isn't it?

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
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    @trooworld Sorry you're in the same boat. I think we're all getting a little stir crazy being around each other all the time

    @nighthazel01 I'm glad your trip to the store went well, and I hope everything goes okay with your mother-in-law's birthday!

    @renaegry Wow you were really active, holy cow!

    @TeresaW1020 What a great surprise present! And we did decide to get one, it just took way too much bickering for my taste to get it done.

    @cbabie A book and a bath sounds dreamy, I might do just that! Great job getting on the treadmill to help combat the gain

    Last night I took a break from house stuff and read my book, but somehow my partner and I still got into three different bickering fights over house stuff in the last 24 hours, ugh. And it's all over stupid house stuff which makes it so much worse because it wouldn't be happening if we weren't in the house all the time (which makes all the things that need to be done so much more apparent). Hopefully my household bad mood will lift today. Hopefully the rain will lift later so I can get out for a walk.
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    Morning all,

    I did not walk on the treadmill today. I will be taking baby out for a walk later today.

    @renaegry glad you snow is gone, but 10C is still too cold for me.LOL

    @nighthazel01 Congratulations on your MIL for turning 92 in 3 weeks. That is an accomplishment

    @TeresaW1020 Wow that puzzle would take for ever.. (for me). LOL.

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    @mswatson 0777 bickering is yucky, I’m sure the bad weather doesn’t help either. Hopefully it passes.

    @TeresaW1020 I was looking at that puzzle the other day. I like Ravensberger. I have one of theirs and one that is a collage of Life magazine covers from the 1930s to 1960s. I’m doing it first. Both are only 1000 pieces though. Did you ever do a 3d puzzle?

    @cbabie chicken recipe looks good. Wow 101 already!

    @trooworld never heard of a Sodastream machine, I was wondering what it is. Sounds cool!...the MFP website is definitely harder to use than the phone site. It’s really weird. I always found some of the ww features hard to use.

    @nighthazel01 glad you were finally able to get out. I guess a lot of places are doing curbside pickup now. I hope it keeps getting better there.

    My tendon is still pretty sore. I can’t jog and can only walk short distances. But I’ve been on track with calories yesterday and today so that is something.
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    @mswatson0777 So are you glad you are back on calorie counting or whatever it is that you are doing? May 1 is my target day. I'm starting my new 100 day book then too. Maybe that will help my motivation I dropped somewhere. I found some eggs. I'm thinking it was a temporary shortage in the supply chain at the beginning of all this and they fixed it somehow, I don't know. Cause who knows maybe next week it will be different. I'm just going to try and stop gaining in May and maintain. That will be progress right there. House projects and yard work. Both things that need to be done at my house. I'm the yard and he's the house. He has learned through all this that he can't use the excuse that he doesn't have time. We have a light out in the kitchen pantry and he said the light's out. No, really? I said yeah usually I have a guy that comes in and does that but I guess he's been quarantined and can't get to it right now. I miss the days of regular light bulbs. I know how to change a light bulb. These are these stupid LED lights that you have to pry out of the ceiling. Why did I let him talk me into those things initially.

    @trooworld That's great about your Sodastream machine. Now hydration won't be a problem for you. I need to go back to drinking my moonshine because I was getting in my water regularly then.

    @cbabie So what is your eating plan? Yaaay for hot April. Imagine August. So why didn't you eat any of the chicken rice dinner you prepared?

    @teresaw1020 Did you blue dot today? Notice how I turned that into a verb. I was laughing at the Walmart sticker thing. Like people are really going to pay attention to that. We had some people protesting staying at home they sure aren't going to follow the stickers. Then I was thinking about those scooters people ride around on and hog up the aisles. Then there will always be the one lady who thinks she has to point out how you're not going the right direction. :D Nice puzzles. I like turtles.

    @renaegry You are the workout queen today. Woohoo. Glad your spring is finally here. Goodbye cold.

    @nighthazel01 I was doing well on exercise and the past two days. Nada. So back at it. Even for 5 min. just to keep up the habit. Yaaay for going out. Like a bear coming out of hibernation. That's what I'll feel like.

    @its_cleo I'll have to go look up 3D puzzles. Good for you for staying on track with your calories. I think all of us are ready to hit the Play button in life again. This pause has gone on for far too long and I am not doing well with it at all.
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    @cbabie I hope you enjoyed the weather outside

    @its_cleo Sorry your tendon is acting up. It really stinks how long those take to heal

    @theslightedgeforever You're right, with COVID there are very few excuses to not get stuff done! My partner is a massive procrastinator and I'm not so this is where the conflict lies. We have time now, lets do it now so we can enjoy our friends later when this stay at home order is over. Ugh. But we're on the same page for the upcoming weekend and we already have our jobs divided so that helps immensely. And I am back to calorie counting, which is going really well! I hope your 100 day challenge goes well as well!

    So I was talking to a friend last night about how crabby I was and she asked a very important question- do I have a space that is just my own? And I don't! No wonder I'm crabby because all of "my" spaces are shared spaces, so he just walks in and interrupts my reading or starts talking to me about house stuff when I'm trying to have downtime. We talked it over and we're going to convert the guest bedroom into a "she shed" so I can have a room to retreat to when I need downtime. I think this is going to help immensely!
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    @renaegry, wow great job on getting in all that fitness! You will be swimsuit ready for sure! :)

    @nighthazel01, that is great that you will be able to have a small party for your mother-in-law. Turning 92 is definitely a reason to celebrate! :)

    @trooworld, I am very much ready for this quarantine stuff to be over with too! I told DH yesterday that we humans have very short attention spans, and this has gone on long enough. We need something new to obsess over. :D Did you get your electric SodaStream? Mine wasn't electric, which might explain why I didn't like it too.

    @mswatson0777, yeah I don’t like bickering with my DH either. Wouldn’t it be much easier if they just did what we say and be happy about it? :smirk:

    @cbabie, I’m thinking the puzzle might take forever for me too! :grin:

    @its_cleo, your puzzle sounds fun! This is my first Ravensberger and I’m already loving how thick the pieces are. It's going to go together beautifully. Sorry that your tendon is still so sore. I hope you are taking care of it and being patient with yourself. <3

    @theslightedgeforever, yes I did get a blue dot yesterday and I plan to get another one today. B) I have been going to Walmart early so the crowds haven’t been an issue. I kind of want to go there on a Saturday afternoon just to see if people obey those direction signs. :D

    Good morning! So, yesterday was day two of my new workout program, Barre Blend. The woman did this thing called the Pretzel. If you don’t know what it is look at this video!!

    Today is cardio and I’m sure she will do something else to try to kill me! :worried: I now want a ballet bar in my workout room and found one that can be made out of PVC pipe. DH is going to make it for me next month, which means that I need to completely reorganize my workout room. It was my storage room before mom moved in and has three big plastic shelves and an old dresser full of stuff. And now it also has a huge treadmill and all my weights. My plan is to remove one of the shelves to make more room for my new ballet bar and give me more space. I also need to look for a weight rack. So, that all should keep me busy, and that bums me out a little because really all I want to do is sit and put my puzzle together! :grin:

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    Good morning everyone! Yesterday I found out some people at my job will be laid off until the end of June and will find out from their managers this week. I haven't heard anything from my manager (yet) so I'm hoping I won't be one of them. I have a conference call on Friday with my department to explain our company's situation and I'm hoping that's all it is. I'm so very stressed. I had to take a sleeping pill last night to get to sleep. FitBit said I got good sleep for once.

    @mswatson0777 Yes. In my case, I'm home alone all the time with just the dog, so not so much being too much around people. Just being indoors too much and not with people enough lol. I hope the weather in and outside your house lifts soon. :)

    @cbabie Enjoy the walk.

    @its_cleo It is a carbonation machine, you can make your own sodas, carbonated waters, club sodas...etc. anything with carbonation. I had the non-electric version and hated it and returned it for the electric version and now I love that one. They fixed the WW site, thankfully. I'm pretty good navigating the site until it breaks lol. I'm sorry you're in pain.

    @theslightedgeforever Hahaha! Moonshine! Are you serious? You drink moonshine?

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
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    Think I need to hide scale for a month. Down last week to 153.6. Been within cals all week. 154.4 today. Grrr. Think I need to eat more protein and veggies. But really haven't been that bad (except finishing kids noodles yest lol). Also been hitting my steps everyday except Sunday and lifted weights 2 days. Well today’s a new day. Helping out at the grocery store today unloading truck. Will also get in a walk this evening plus 30 day squat and ab. Then treadmill and weights tomorrow.
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    Hi all..sunny day here but wow!! is it ever windy!! We have gone for a walk outside the last few days, but don't think we will today, so back to the treadmill! Sure the pollen is flying around!!

    @renaegry The up & down on the scale is why I average my daily weights per week. Easier to see actual trend that way. Good job with all the exercise.

    @trooworld Hope your job is OK. Glad you were able to get some sleep. Dd says her company is sounding like they might not open the office up for a long time. I said look what you are saving..gas, no dressing up, etc. She was not impressed..I think she would rather be around people too. Said too hard to get problems resolved this way. I've wondered about a SodaStream, if I would like one.

    @its_cleo Sorry about your foot. Hope it feels better soon.

    @theslightedgeforever Ha about the Moonshine!! Hope your new 100 day book gets you going. You always seem to do well with them. I'm sure your ds has said about Iowa opening up for 77 counties. I am kinda glad we are in the 22 that aren't, but downside of that is this is where all the virus activity is. :'( Hope it works out well for the ones that are opening.

    @TeresaW1020 I think I am going to have to try Walmart or one of the stores early. I am getting tired of being home! But then, I am one of the ones that wander through & look at everything, so maybe better if I don't, lol.

    @mswatson0777 Good job on getting some of the house stuff done! I am planning to go out to start painting the white trim on the house. It looked Ok when we moved in 2 years ago, but now looks terrible. I think they puttied over the nails & now it has spots all over it. We were waiting for Lowes to be less busy so we could get some paint, but we actually found some that the previous owner left, so now I don't have any excuse, lol. But not today...tooo darn windy!

    @cbabie Nice that you are taking the baby out for a walk. I really prefer that to the treadmill. Dh & I are pretty funny walking..if we see someone, we take to the street or other side of the street. I also carry my little mask, just in case I can't avoid someone, lol.

    Well, really should get busy & do something. Think I will switch the summer & winter clothes. Feels like we should be OK with it now.

    Dd & gkids stopped the other day. Monday was our 46th anniversary, so they brought us some banana bars & cards that the kids had made. Just can't bring myself to wear the mask when we see them, but we do stay at least 6 feet apart. Our other dd wants to bring the gkids up here around Memorial Day & then they all stay for about a month. She thinks we could help keep them entertained while she is working, since she figures she will still be working from home. Not sure if our part of the state will be open yet then, and I am not sure how I feel about it. They can come...just don't expose us to anything! Dh doesn't see a problem, & I guess it would be like when my sis & bil still babysat with gkids while their parents had to work, you do what you have to do & pray for the best. Oh well, not thinking or worrying about it now, that is still a month off, a lot could happen in that time.

    Hope everyone stays well!
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    Hi all. Well found out I'm on unpaid furlough from May 18th until the end of June. :( It could be worse, I could have lost my job. So, I guess things will be okay. We just have to survive until the end of June.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt I'm sure all that pollen is horrible for your allergies. Thanks re: my job but as you probably read, my job not so much. I did not sleep well last night, tossed and turned most of the night. If you do get the Sodastream, get an electric one. I love mine but hated the non-electric one. Happy anniversary! How wonderful!

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day