Holiday Challenge ( 10% off by Christmas )

Bike2BFit Posts: 9 Member
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Seeking interested folks who would like to drop 10% of their body weight for the holidays. Start date will be MONDAY, AUGUST 15th and final weigh in will be SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20TH. Who's in? I need some encouragement to do this! We can post every weekend too with photos and/or words of encouragement. We can share our losses too along with moments of struggle. The goal: to start 2017 off being healthier. Let's do this!


  • Regina4z
    Regina4z Posts: 7 Member
    Hi, this will be my first challenge on the app. I hope it will motivate me to be consistent with logging my food. My starting weight is 194. I'll round up my 10% to be 20lbs. I'll start today and report my weight each Monday morning. Good luck everyone. Feel free to friend me on the app.
  • oxygenlover71
    oxygenlover71 Posts: 5 Member
    So glad I found this one, my first challenge!
    Starting weight 161.5
    10% goal of 16 lbs
    Dec. 20th weight 145
    Being only 5"1' I am looking for 135 for final weight but really want to be healthy so pounds not so important.
    Will weigh each Monday morning as well.
  • Tara0685
    Tara0685 Posts: 3 Member
    Im in! Starting weight as of today is 189 lbs
  • MyWitchySelf
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    I am in as well...Starting weight as of a few days ago (I didn't weigh in this morning but I will tomorrow morning) was 148lbs. I have a wedding I am standing up for on Sept 10th and I need to drop a few before then and to keep it going thru the new year and beyond!! This sounds like a great motivational challenge :smile: Good luck everyone and I look forward to getting to know you all!
  • AdrieDavies
    AdrieDavies Posts: 3 Member
    I'm in! Start weight 79kg
    Goal 7.9kg weightloss by Christmas
  • desmrcoe
    desmrcoe Posts: 4 Member
    Im in. This is my 1st time doing a challenge.
    Starting weight 280
    10% loss 28 round to 30
    GW 250
  • typeitdaily
    typeitdaily Posts: 3,323 Member
    I'm in.

    SW: 257.8
    CW: 225.5
    10% Goal: 22 pounds
    FW: 140
  • jakj00
    jakj00 Posts: 97 Member
    Hello! I hope its not too late to join, but I am very interested! I will weight in tomorrow morning and post my stats!
    Good luck everyone!
  • GoldnRampion
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    I would like to join. 10% by Christmas is pretty close to my goal anyway, and some accountability would be lovely. Good luck everyone!
    Starting weight: 169.4 lbs
    10% (slightly rounded): 17 lbs
    Goal: 152lbs


  • jakj00
    jakj00 Posts: 97 Member
    Went ahead and weighed today-
    Starting weight- 168.2
    10% pounds- 17 pounds to lose
    Goal weight for Dec. 20th- 151.20
  • darvit207
    darvit207 Posts: 46 Member
    I'm in This is perfect! Just started back yesterday & my short term goal is 10%
    Starting weight 216
    1st goal lose 22 lbs
  • MyWitchySelf
    MyWitchySelf Posts: 36 Member
    Here are my starting stats

    cw-149.8 lbs
    10%-15 lbs (rounded up)
    gw-134.8 lbs

    Good luck everyone!!
  • Loribh0126
    Loribh0126 Posts: 627 Member
    I'm in . This is my first time to join a challenge.

    Here's my starting stats:
    Starting weight - 201
    10% - 20 lbs.
    Goal weight for Dec 20th - 181
  • leannavargas1
    leannavargas1 Posts: 1 Member
    I would like to join this challenge.

    Here are my stats:

    starting weight: 168
    10%: 17 (rounded)
    Goal: 151
  • StevenLaVergne1
    StevenLaVergne1 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in too.
    Current Weight: 314
    10%: 31.4 lbs (32)
    Goal Weight: 282.6 (282)