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The middle agers group. (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks)



  • awinner_au
    awinner_au Posts: 249 Member
    sdereski wrote: »
    what is your "go to" workout?

    If i need to get some cardio in because I going out to dinner I'd go for a bike ride. If im on holiday at an hotel gym id just try to get as close to the big 4 lifts as I can with the equipment available.
  • letsdothismfp79
    letsdothismfp79 Posts: 543 Member
    37 from Arizona, a teacher and a hiker... I walk average 45-50 miles a week, feel free to add
  • airforceman1979
    airforceman1979 Posts: 96 Member
    38 here all feel free to add me
  • Kari_Bear78
    Kari_Bear78 Posts: 533 Member
    Hey there people how's it going?

    Good morning!! Feeling ok but tired. I hate co workers who don't show up for shifts on time. Oh well... long day ahead of me. Lol
  • claudiaclark73
    claudiaclark73 Posts: 5 Member
    43 here... Greetings :smile:
  • Leighburns279
    Leighburns279 Posts: 21 Member
    I'm 37 feel free to add me
  • handyrunner
    handyrunner Posts: 32,665 Member
    How's everyone's evening?
  • sdereski
    sdereski Posts: 3,406 Member
    Go-to workout was the elliptical, but to much of my disbelief, I am falling in love with the treadmill.

    Funny how that happens.
  • sdereski
    sdereski Posts: 3,406 Member
    Lots of great looking "middle agers" represented here! If you are an active daily user and like to interact, please feel free to add me as a friend.

    I'm learning to love hiit workouts!

    And that will make you stronger and faster!
  • sdereski
    sdereski Posts: 3,406 Member
    37 from Arizona, a teacher and a hiker... I walk average 45-50 miles a week, feel free to add

    Wow! That is a lot of miles in a week. Way to go!
  • sdereski
    sdereski Posts: 3,406 Member
    Was away all weekend. No real exercise. Did a bit of walking and playing with my 22mth old granddaughter. She is a going concern and just too darn cute! ❤️

    Back on track tomorrow.
  • rdgfit
    rdgfit Posts: 98 Member
    42 and starting out - goal is to be healthy and keep up with my kids. All the best!
  • muffinmondays
    muffinmondays Posts: 31 Member
    45 - starting again - for the gazzilionth time!!!!! i have seen what the future may hold if i carry on down this path and that ain't a road i want to travel. So here goes -happy, healthy, fit mummy here I come! :-) Good luck everyone and all power to you
  • HappyNSmilinKaz
    HappyNSmilinKaz Posts: 80 Member
    Mike_take2 wrote: »
    Hey..big 50 for me next year...feel free to add. Kazzy (England) :)

    You do not look like you're anywhere near 50!

    You made my day reading that :) x
  • Justme_1
    Justme_1 Posts: 104 Member
    49, add me if you wish
  • handyrunner
    handyrunner Posts: 32,665 Member
    Hello there folks how goes the day?
  • itismedrz
    itismedrz Posts: 4 Member
    RxDreamer2 wrote: »
    Any suggestions for aching knees?
    -had surgery in May
    -have arthritis (ack that sounds old)
    -use knee sleeve/supports daily at Crossfit
    -use Salanpos (I smell like a locker room)
    -don't squat below 90 any longer...yet ;)
    -take glucosamine RSP supplement
    -wear awesome running shoes
    Anything I'm missing here that could help with knee pain???

    Are you using flat shoes (e.g.: squat shoes) for your squats and other weight lifting? Running shoes (unless zero-drop) will change your geometry a little putting some extra force forward, which may be felt in your knee, and the extra cushioning from a running shoe can provide some odd foot rolling which may also load the knees with some odd dynamics. Just a thought...

    All great advice and I would include adequate recovery time between heavy loads. I need more time for healing especially if going 70% or above of my 1RM.
  • itismedrz
    itismedrz Posts: 4 Member
    Rule5pt5 wrote: »
    I hate that I'm starting to fit in this group!

    You know what the only other option is right? I personally am glad you are joining this group. Welcome.