The middle agers group. (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks)



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    Add me
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    edited November 2020
    I’m not sure how all this works yet...but good morning and I hope everyone has a great day!! My name is Lisa and I’d love to be part of a group of motivated people!!
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    Welcome everyone new I have been here a while, finally after being static in my weight i have lost 3lbs so 8lbs to go to reach my target, it seems perseverance does work!
  • lisachmitchell
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    There’s basically where I’m at too. Frustrating but very doable. Just have to keep on working hard!!! Go girl!!
  • cgrout78
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    Happy Monday beautiful people!!!! Is everyone is recovered from the long holiday weekend? I didn't so much eat too much, but I know I had WAAAAY too much wine. Back on the wagon and back to tracking today.

    Stay amazing everyone :)
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    Happy Monday and attempting to get back on plan after the holiday weekend of turkey and fixings. Good luck everyone.
  • lisachmitchell
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    Somehow this Monday is almost over...beyond exhausted...tomorrow morning will come early and then back at it🤷‍♀️
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    Hear hear! Wow can't believe it's December :o
    We've been in lockdown(s) for quite a long time (but has eased a bit as per today, shops are now back open) so you'd expect that this year would have dragged, but it has just flown by!

    I've been a proper yoyo this year as well. Went up about 10 kilos but thankfully I'm nearly back to normal again, and my clothes are no longer tight. Gyms reopen today, but I'm avoiding a little longer, for now the home workouts suits me fine.
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    Well the new month around here has started out with 10-20cm of snow on the ground! Glad working from home so I don't have to drive.
  • cgrout78
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    Good morning and Happy December!!! Time to be festive and cheery and all sorts of things :) At least I have my Christmas music going!!
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    Happy December! Let there be coffee! ALL the coffee. LOL.
    Welcome to all, feel free to add me.
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    Happy December all!

    I added a few of you now I figured out how to do it! Anyone feel free to add me.
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    Hi all, hope everyone had a wonderful day!

    Just thinking... Couldn't we call this group "the fun group" or "the acquired wisdom group" or even the "mature peeps group" instead of middle agers group? :smiley: