The middle agers group. (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks)



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    Good morning everyone. Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!
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    IslandGal3 wrote: »
    Good morning everyone. Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!

    Happy new week my friend. 💛
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    Hi all
    UK based 49 Male looking to add some new friends for motivation and recipe sharing 😊
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    41 now but feeling younger lol 😂😆
  • fifibluebell1
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    Hi. Just started premium three days ago. Aged 58. Been the same weight for three years and just cannot shift it. Hope this will help me and I’d love to chat to similar people 🥰
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    Morning all, hope you're all well.

    I'm faced with the reality of a weakened lumbar region at the moment. They didn't mention this part in the instruction manual!!!!
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    Rejoined. Approaching 60 and ready to try this again!
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    Hi everyone has a big wake up call in March literally fell off the scales. Hate exercise but try and do it 5 times a week. Really hate it. 50 next year and determine to be healthier.
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    saralou74 wrote: »
    Hi everyone has a big wake up call in March literally fell off the scales. Hate exercise but try and do it 5 times a week. Really hate it. 50 next year and determine to be healthier.

    I'm 50 next March, I'm aiming to get back to how I looked in my early 40s (profile pic) before health issues took hold.

    I actually love exercise, but my health works against me. Diverticular disease and lower back issues. Damn you, middle age! 🤣
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    It might serve you well to find some form of exercise that you don't hate. Even better if it's something you LOVE. I like paddling canoes and kayaks and rowing rafts. My goal is 100 days on the water this year, but I'm behind. I love hiking in the forest; there's a local mountain I hiked up once a week this spring to watch how the wildflower display changed from low elevation to the peak over time. There's a large (about 300 acres) park near my house with riparian forests and a river; I can go walk over 10K without really crossing my tracks much. I ride a bike for errands when I don't need the car/truck.

    I used to dislike swimming, but a few years ago something changed. I do that during the winter; I generally don't get to the gym in the summer. I'm too busy outdoors.

    What activities do you already love to do that will give you exercise?

    I loaned an 8-pound soft SCUBA weight belt to wear when she walks. She thinks it will help her bone health.

    There's lots of options.
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    Hello everyone! I just joined back again and would love some new friends to kick my butt back into gear. I'm having a hard time getting motivated. Feel free to add me. I'd love some new friends. Have a great day everyone!!!
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    Hello! 53yo woman here. I need to lose between 17 to 22 lbs of fat! It is sooo hard. My desk job doesn't help! Logging my food does seem to help! Looking for community!
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    Hey there, 44 here, from London UK< been an MFP member for years but life got busy and didnt log in for some time, back now, looking to add new engaging, fun fit friends :)
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    i all, ive been on and off these forums for years, im a 3000+ streak,
    ive battled from 20 stone to 13 stone 10 today, and im currently 503 days sober,

    i want to take my transformation to the next steps, i want to seriously get in shape, ive a half marathon again next October, which is my aim to be fit for,

    throw me a friend request, and send me some tips, tricks, advice and things to not do
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    Approaching 40 and need to get this done once and for all! 89/150lbs so far, could use some friends to keep motivated
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    46 and started back at the gym 6 months ago. Feel much better and lost a bunch of weight. Now trying to stay in the healthy habit and add some muscle :)
    Feel free to add as a friend, the more the merrier.
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    Hi there. 44 years old. Need some major motivation. I've been doing keto and intermittent fasting for about 6 weeks, and have lost 17 pounds. However, I got sick last week, so I didn't do anything for my diet/exercise. Now that I'm better, I'm having a really hard time getting motivated to go back on my diet. Just looking for some friends and motivation.
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    49 years old cranky perimenopausal woman here. ;) I tried Keto a few years ago, lost some weight and then lost the motivation to maintain it. My coworkers put together a weight loss challenge for 10 weeks and we all weighed in on Monday. Been drinking my water and sticking to a lot of veggies right now to fill me up. I've taken one mile walks on my lunch break but skipped today because the weather is crappy. I have made it a point to get up and move for five minutes every hour. I typically follow a 16/8 fasting plan but I need to really get more structured about it. I'm sick of trying to lose the baby weight since my baby is now 20 years old..haha!
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    I'm 38 and looking to lose 100 lbs by the time I'm 40! I'm looking for accountability buddies so please feel free to add me
  • GenXMissusSpags
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    How is everyone doing today? Started my first fast last night at 6:30pm and am doing okay so far. Looking forward to 10:30 though. ;)