Looking for friends who don't eat "clean" and healthy



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    I wouldn't say I don't eat healthy, but I eat a balanced diet, which also includes some unhealthy things, so decide what category you want to put me in.
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    You can add me. I eat what I feel like eating and focus on macros. I just happen to enjoy both nutrient dense whole foods AS WELL as other so called "junk" foods. I won't judge. I have so worried about the same thing when my diary is open to friends. ;)
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    Karbum wrote: »

    Guinness is only 109???

    I'm all over that *kitten*.
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    Food is joy. I can't see it as straight sustenance, I like it too much. Particularly fatty salty food (hey there cheese).

    I'm eating healthy to lose weight for my health.

    But try to take this pizza away from. Just try. I dare you.

    And I recently discovered ranch (not a huge thing where I live) and I may be ruined for life.

    Life is about balance. All things in moderation.

    There's none worth mentioning where I live unless it's imported and outrageously expensive... It has cut down on my consumption regularly as I have to hope on people going overseas to bring me a bottle every now and then... I end up stretching it with a bit of cream to make it last longer. :wink:
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    A lot of what I eat would probably be accepted by the clean and healthy crew, but i just murdered a pastrami sandwich and a package of......OREOS!.

    That's right. Best cookie ever invented. And I'm gonna do it again.

    Come at me B)

    Bah hahahahha mmmmmmm peanut butter and jealous!

    A PACKAGE? lol. I have never done that. They are my favorite cookies. I approve. Also, they're shockingly vegan.