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Volume Eaters Thread

nowine4menowine4me Member, Premium Posts: 3,985 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,985 Member
I have recently come to the conclusion that volume eating is best suited for me. Eating mainly vegetarian means I can eat copious amounts of food and stay in my calorie goal. Are there others out there who do the same? Let's exchange ideas. Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast, large shake with 2 cups spinach, almond milk, protein powder ice and water. Plus a slice of flax bread with almond butter and a sliced zucinni.

Lunch - one bag steamed frozen broccoli, 2 diced peppers, sprinkle of nuts and raisins

Snack- Apple, orange and cantaloupe

Dinner- 2 large zuchinni, one large onion, two packages portobello mushrooms cooked in vegetable broth and 1tbs butter, edited to add 3oz tempeh

Dessert - one cup almond milk with 3 tbs chia seeds (chia pudding) and 1/2 scoop protein powder

This was a LOT of food and I was happily full (not overstuffed) at every meal.

I find eating this way keeps me from snacking -- or worse binging. I finally broke through a 6 month plateau.

But it does make eating out difficult unless you have a mini-meal before or after. Anyone have any thoughts on this eating style?
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  • jjpptt2jjpptt2 Member Posts: 4,919 Member Member Posts: 4,919 Member
    I've never tried it with whey, but I've heard that it just doesn't whip up as light and airy (less volume). That makes sense based on the consistency of a whey shake vs a casein shake, but again, I haven't tried it.
  • rainbowbowrainbowbow Member Posts: 7,497 Member Member Posts: 7,497 Member
    psuLemon wrote: »
    jjpptt2 wrote: »
    I also prefer large volumes of food, but I don't really eat fruits or veggies, so it is something I struggle with. Following along for, hopefully, some good ideas.

    My best addition to this thread, though it's not "real food" is probably going to be protein fluff. Basically, 1 scoop of casein, 10ish oz of a liquid, and a little xanthan gum, then whip the hell out of it... ends up having the consistency very similar to mousse or whipped cream.

    Do you know how well this works with a whey or blended protein? Because that looks good!

    I've done it with whey and while it works, i think that obviously pure casein has a thicker and more pleasant texture. You might need to use more xantham to get your to work.

    either way, despite having made this many many times... i'm actually not really a fan of fluff. it looks cool, but man it is hard for me to eat.
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