Anyone trying to lose 50+ pounds?



  • lashaegrant
    lashaegrant Posts: 1 Member
    I gave about 70 more to go and can totally use the support and insight. Feel free to add me. About a year ago I found out I had a thyroid problem which affected my weight loss journey but now it's all under control and I'm ready to get back on it
  • vilyda123
    vilyda123 Posts: 27 Member
    Hi. I want to lose 80. Feel free to add me.
  • PrincessMegan13
    PrincessMegan13 Posts: 43 Member
    Hiya! I have over 100lbs that I want to lose to be at my optimal health! I'm not doing so great at it so far. I know that I would do so much better if I had support and someone to kind of kick me in the butt and call me out. LOL! I'd love to be a support buddy for you! :smile: Or anyone else who wants to!
  • kmorgan151
    kmorgan151 Posts: 4 Member
    Is there a reason most people don't make their diary open to friends on here? I'm just curious because I like seeing what others are eating and gain ideas.
  • MaryJI2015
    MaryJI2015 Posts: 45 Member
    I have around 73 to lose add me
  • 150poundsofme
    150poundsofme Posts: 523 Member
    About 120 to lose. You can check out "Losing is Winning" group. It's a little slow now but it should pick up.
  • becomingfitxo
    becomingfitxo Posts: 9 Member
    yes, i want to lose a total of 60-65 pounds, and i'm down 20 pounds right now, so about 40-45 pounds.
  • tyrateart
    tyrateart Posts: 2 Member
    Just had a baby five months ago I'm 220 want to drop 60 pounds... I don't know how to start so many different diets and its hard to stay motivated when my son needs mommy all day
  • fat2fit302015
    fat2fit302015 Posts: 22 Member
    Yep 60lbs to lose. It's gonna take a while. I can't exercise but rolling around in my wheelchair gets my arms going. Foods playing an important part and food scales . I'm re-education myself.
  • Kinda79
    Kinda79 Posts: 239 Member
    I have about 80 to lose and would love to team up for support and motivational support! Add me :smiley:
  • sosteach
    sosteach Posts: 260 Member
    You can add me. I have lost 30 and have 70 to go before maintenance. I have logged in every day except when I was on vacation and didn't have wifi. My diary is open to friends!
  • BarneyRubbleMD
    BarneyRubbleMD Posts: 1,092 Member
    Yes, I still have about 100 more pounds to lose even though I've already lost 59 pounds since January 1, 2017 when my weight was 317. I eat 2,000 calories/day with my macros set to 30% carbs, 30% protein & 40% fat, which seems to work best for me. My exercise is limited (for the time being) to 30-45min of walking once or twice a week when it's not too hot outside (I don't eat back my exercise calories). I typically do my weigh-ins on Mondays (for the time being, but will change to Wednesdays in July) and add that info to my diary notes.

    I'm a Type2 diabetic having meals every 3 hours from 9am to 6pm and using MyFitnessPal to log my meal times, what I ate & drank, my insulin dosage & blood sugar measurements at each meal along with other notes for the day.

    Note: my diary is public & I've logged "everything" since May 22, 2017.
  • Wonderworlds
    Wonderworlds Posts: 7 Member
    I want to lose 70-85. I just need to finally make the decision and put my butt in gear.
  • PrincessRed1017
    PrincessRed1017 Posts: 12 Member
    I have about 80 to lose. Down 4. Slowly but surely it will go down. Daily logger and weekly weigher here. Helps keep me on track. Feel free to add me. I do log everything though, water, weight, exercise, daily activity (I work behind a desk all day so it's hard to know exactly how active I have been during the day). Feel free to add me. :)
  • morinerg
    morinerg Posts: 2 Member
    Currently at 209 and trying to get to 145. Down from 270. Frustrating when you eat 1200 calories a day and exercise consistently and the scale won't budge.
  • kaitkens05
    kaitkens05 Posts: 1 Member
    I am looking to lose about 60 pounds and, like you, don't have any work out buddies and need some more support during this time. Feel free to add me!
  • wanganegresse
    wanganegresse Posts: 10 Member
    Hi, I'm new here and have just started. I am losing 60 pounds if all goes well. Feel free to add me. All the support is appreciated.
  • jess_goobie
    jess_goobie Posts: 133 Member
    I am. Ideally about 100lbs. But my first mini goal is 30lbs in 90 days.