Anyone trying to lose 50+ pounds?



  • sherondasmith919
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    My ultimate goal is to lose a total of 125lbs. Just started 12 days ago. Down 4lbs! Added walking 1 mile to routine.
  • fontoniajff
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    Feel free to add me. I'm currently 193 and my goal is at least 138. I log faithfully everyday and I weigh everything I eat. I'm determined to lose this weight and hopefully gain some muscle on the way. I would love for others to accompany me as I accompany them on their journey as well
  • dillydaisys
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    I've had this app for a few years and have never used the social side of it, I'm a bit confused how to add people :# I'm into day 10 of trying to lose 25 to 30 kg (I'm not sure what that is in pounds) and so far so good.
  • amberrosejr
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    I'm 4 weeks in and have lost 8 lbs. I have 113 lbs left. Feel free to add me. I'd love to have more "friends" to exchange support with.
  • 1sweetblonde
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    Feel free to add me on also looking to loose about 100 more
  • mtadc2012
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    I am hoping to lose 75-100 pounds. I would love to be apart of your support friends to do this with you all
  • nsmartinez1979
    nsmartinez1979 Posts: 5 Member
    I'm trying to lose right at 50lbs. I'm on 1,600 calorie diet. This is my first day.
  • churchofjinki
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    i have 100+ to lose and i'm only down 5 so far. could definitely use some friends to help motivate me.
  • CrepedCrusader
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    My highest was 189, I'm currently at 182 and looking to get to somewhere in the 130s. I figure that's a reasonable goal since at 5'3" all the charts say I should be anywhere from 112 to 135 to be at a healthy weight. I have a horrible habit of gaining and losing the same 15lbs. I lose it, then I usually hit a little plateau, get frustated and quit. Just trying to learn how to stay with it and stay positive. Hoping to find and give support to others like me.
  • marji1974
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    Please feel free to add me. I lost 65 pounds 2 years ago but then had some health issues after gall bladder removal surgery. Went back to old ways and gained 50 back. Working on losing 60 + now with healthy food options and exercise. Could use motivation and support.
  • rjlaw54
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    I have 90 pounds to lose add me as well I need support for sure :smiley:
  • GuddaB
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    edited July 2017
    I want to loose around 77 ^_^, if anyone wants to be friends. Trying to be more active again.
  • Jtrinitym
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    HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!
    Tonight I'm going to post what worked for me in losing 44lbs within 2 months last summer. I was 291 & recent 3 months been between 223 and 230lbs.
    Hopefully WE ALL in this group can follow this healthy meal plan. I'm not a Dr so consult with your medical doctor and let's all share what worked and support each other in the biweekly meal plans that we can follow or modify to your liking.
    We'll start this meal plan after the 4th July week, gives you time to buy the foods from the meal plan.
    START DATE: Sunday, July 9, 2017, on that date we'll ALL log in lbs and stories.

  • MsKellyE1
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    I too am looking to lose another 55 lbs. Down 11lbs so far. Ive noticed it's better to make small goals to make big gains. Like 8-10lbs a month. Always looking for some new buddies to help keep each other motivated. Everyone please add me!!...❤️
  • MelissaL582
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    I have about 80 to lose total. I'm down 28 so far.
  • Jtrinitym
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    The 4 Day Wonder Diet by Margaret Danbrot

    ***On this diet your lunch is your dinner and for dinner it’s your lunch; so your heaviest meal is your Lunch time, hence why you’ll lose weight **
    *** If you don’t eat meat then eat fish, salmon, tuna, any sea
    ***I modified the diet to my liking, like for breakfast I will add 2 boiled eggs or mix fruits, something light that are within the same calorie count. I didn’t starve in this diet at all, when I was hungry I had yogurt sprinkled with fiber chia or a small bowl of mixed fruits. I did 4x per week for 1hr each session low cardio or walking. Now the reason I lost a lot of weight within this diet in 2mos is because like every overweight person when you start a diet along with exercise you lose weight quickly then you stale and lose 1-2lbs per week. This why after 4-12wks I changed my diet plan and or mixed up each meal plan program to spice up & excite my food intake.

    ½ grapefruit
    Black coffee or tea

    DAY 1

    Broiled steak or hamburger
    Lettuce & tomato salad (as much as you want)
    No dressing, use vinegar or lemon juice w/pepper or any homemade dressing
    1 apple

    2 hard-boiled eggs
    1 cup of Green beans
    ½ grapefruit

    DAY 2

    1 medium sized lamb chop or any meat of your choice
    Lettuce & tomato salad
    No dressing, use vinegar or lemon juice w/pepper or any homemade dressing
    6 ounces tomato juice

    Squash and cauliflower, steamed or raw
    Green beans
    1 cup unsweetened applesauce

    DAY 3

    Lettuce and celery salad,
    No dressing, use vinegar or lemon juice w/pepper or any homemade dressing
    Hamburger patty no bun
    1 apple

    Broiled chicken
    Stewed tomatoes
    6 ounces prune juice

    DAY 4

    2 hard-boiled eggs
    Green beans
    6 ounces tomato juice ** add lemon juice to spice up the juice

    Broiled steak or hamburger
    Lettuce & tomato salad
    No dressing, use vinegar or lemon juice w/pepper or any homemade dressing
    6 ounces pineapple juice

    DAY 5 and after

    After you’ve got your head start, and if you want to lose more weight, aim for a loss of 1-2 pounds a week by eating balanced protein heavy meals. You can repeat the 4-Day, but only after 4 weeks.

    Tips to Be Sure the 4-Day Wonder Diet Works
    1.Pick the right time, not when your schedule includes a string of parties.
    2.Shop ahead. Make sure you have everything you need beforehand. Don’t get caught in a situation in which you have to eat something fattening just because there’s nothing else in the house.
    3.Ok to substitute any of the foods, unless you’re allergic to something. In that case just replace it with a similar food; e.g., substitute an orange for a grapefruit.
    4.Don’t eat any junk food between meals. There are no “free’ foods you can eat anytime. AND although you’re allowed an unlimited amount of vegetables at meals, you cannot save them for snacking later.
    5.Don’t drink alcohol at all.
    6.To integrate your diet into family meals, just add a starch and a dessert for the rest of your family.
    7.Try to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Try having a glass of water before a meal.
    8.Eat vegetables raw, steamed or boiled. It’s a good idea to eat them first so you fill up on them instead of protein which is higher in calories.
    9.Always broil all meat or chicken, no frying.
    10.Remember to remove all traces of high calories fat from meat and chicken.
    11.You may only use pepper or lemon juice to season food. (Use salt only sparingly because it tends to increase fluid retention.
    12.If you don’t already have one, invest in a good bathroom scale. It will give you confidence to watch the needle monitoring your rapid weight loss.
    13.Don’t talk about it! The less you say about your diet, the better.
    14.Keep a diet journal to record your weight and what you eat. It will help you gain insight into the circumstances and times of day when you may need to make an extra effort to stay on course.



  • Jtrinitym
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    4th July holiday over & visitors gone this past Tuesday, starting today Saturday afternoon this 4 days wonder diet, today with a kick it off with 2 days detox, then Monday day 1 of the plan.

    Ok, I'm only human but gained weight the month & afterwards of my baby sisters 2nd year memorial of her death; I ate & drank from deep sadness and when you start that emotional rollercoaster your diet efforts goes out the window.

    Today 7/15/17 @ 242.3lbs gained from last diet program was 223.7lbs on 3/4/17, total gain 18.6lbs. When you go down from 291lbs to 223lbs and you gain back weight, it actually feels like 20+ and you feel it all over your body!
    Wish me luck on this journey!
  • heygirl1201
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    Would love to help and support everyone! Looking to loose about 100+ and keep gaining and losing the same 30 pounds!
  • ZhivagosGirl
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    I have about 50 more to lose. I'm 5'11" and started in January at 300 lbs and I'd like to get to "one-derland" - I'm down 53 lbs as of this morning.