Anyone trying to lose 50+ pounds?



  • Jtrinitym
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    Lost 6.5lbs in my 2 days detox, starting today the 4 Days Wonder Diet and exercise 3-4xs per week. Going to walk 20 city blocks after work 2-3xs wk, I work on the 11 floors so going to walk it down daily 2xs per day, and at home 2xs wk do 30-60mins of low impact cardio exercises.
    No Pain No Gain!!!
  • mandysfinch
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    feel free to add me anyone on the list more motivation together the better. just turned 40 and ive got 70lbs to lose
  • SaraydaB
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    I want to lose at least 60 pounds.

    17 so far

    Started at 204
    Now 187

    Feel free to add
  • KimsHealthJourney
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    I'm down 50 from my heaviest weight. I still have around 70 to go! Please feel free to add me!!! We can do this!!! One day and one step at a time!!! <3
  • Jtrinitym
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    Good Morning everyone!!!

    How's your diet & exercise plans going along?
    As a matter of fact let's not use the word "diet or dieting" but call it "Healthy Journey or Health Care".
    As we each journey thru this wonderful better you, remember to look deep inside of yourself and give yourself the best that you can, also bring out your spirituality and pray to your personal religion for the strength & support.
    God bless you all & amen!

  • cj94404
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    SaraydaB wrote: »
    I want to lose at least 60 pounds.

    17 so far

    Started at 204
    Now 187

    Feel free to add

    You exactly me but 17 lbs lighter! :smile:
  • rtwrachel
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    I started with a goal to loose 65lbs but changed that to 85lbs in the long term. Lost 30 lbs last fall, then took time off while living abroad for 6 months--only gained 5 lbs. Now back on MFP and back to my 30lbs loss. Now it's time to step it up. Would like to loose 35 to get to my first stage goal by Christmas (or by my birthday next April). Now that my loss rate has slowed, I'm gonna need support!
  • smartparker
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    I'm wanting to drop about 50-60 pounds, but I have a horrible problem with follow through and sticking with things, esp. activities that feel like a chore, such as working out.
  • Amethystwolf
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    I have about 80lbs to lose, and I am just getting started as I had a baby 6.5 weeks ago. You can add me if you want ;)
  • NR81206
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    I'm trying to lose 50-60# , I've lost 20# so far. Feel free to add me! I Could always use more support!
  • dianarh28
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    I'm down 16 of the 65 i need to lose. anyone can add me . Support is good :)
  • Jesssicurrr
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    Yesssss! I have about 55-60 pounds to re-lose again. I lost it all before, but gained it back after some hard times.. :( so I'm back on it again to lose it all and keep it off for good this time! Anyone feel free to add me! Love to have support from people having a similar goal as me and actually wanna work for it!
  • duebedm
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    Looking at dropping a total of 120-130. Always need some friends!
  • Beckybee120
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    I have 50lbs to lose exactly so feel free to add me too. I also log daily x
  • mcafton
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    my goal is around 50.... Or 40. lost like 18 so far give it take.
  • craftedbydesign
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    Can I join in? I'd love some like minded friends! I'm needing to drop 118#. I'm mama to 7 & need to remember to cook for me (Celiac with other allergies) and take time for me. With 7 kids, its busy and the 2 year old twins are BUSY!
  • Jtrinitym
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    Good Morning Everyone!
  • brentleyann1
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    I need to lose 67 lbs. I've lost 3 so far but I've just started. I don't actually have anyone in real life to keep me accountable. They all think it's fine. :( I'll love some friends on here. :smile:
  • ceejayrush
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    Just started my journey.
  • HRHJoDee
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    Hi Brandiperkey: I'm 5'8" tall and I'm not sure how much I weigh - it could be between 215 and 225 pounds. Ordered a scale on amazon and it comes sometime Monday. I want to lose 50 pounds in the next 9 months. Happy to support you and everyone else giving it consistent effort. WE CAN DO THIS! :)

    I'm planning on cutting out desserts and not adding artificial sugars in iced or hot tea, either; and cutting down on the daily carb intake too.
    No more Cheesecake Factory! No more half bag of Chica's chips twice a day!
    No more Trader Joe's almond ring coffeecake or sugar & carb laden Captain Crunch or Lucky Charms cereals!
    No more 8 ounces+ of white rice at the local Chinese food restaurant!