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If the stats on long term weight loss are so bad, why bother?

ahoy_m8 Posts: 3,053 Member
I thought this was a really nice article, thoughtfully written. Love the comments, too.


  • VintageFeline
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    I do wonder if those who use MFP (or similar) and especially those who engage in the forums and do indeed find other goals out of simply chasing a number on scale or a dress/clothing size have more success than others.

    For me it was a desire not to have both chronic mental illnesses and physical problems (though I've somewhat come a cropper there but it's not my fault and developmental). There are many drivers and I'm not sure if it being solely vanity can lead to long term success.

    But these are just the musings of an amateur.
  • tk2222
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    It should be noted that the real success rate is not the oft-quoted 5% rate, but closer to 20%.

    Source on that?